How to Play Xbox One Games on PC

How to Play Xbox One Games on PC

Hey guys I’m ThioJoe
and if you’re like me,
you’ve probably wondered, if it was all possible
to play a console game disc on your PC.
It sure would be nice and for a while I thought it was impossible
but recently I figured out there’s a way you actually can do it
and it’s really easy and that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in this video.
I’m going to show you how to play a Xbox One game on the PC.
Now obviously Microsoft does not want you to know how to do this
and they don’t even want you to know it’s possible.
But it is possible with a little bit of know-how.
You see, game discs are just computer programs but they are
protected from “DRM” licensing software
that sort of thing, to make sure that they are only playable on their respective consoles
it will be really bad for business if you could play a game disc on any console
because then you wouldn’t have to buy the respective one and make more money for the company.
But there is a way for your computer to actually bypass that protection on Windows
so that you can play it like a normal game and it completely ignores any of that protection
and runs it just like a console would.
And it’s important to note that we are not going be damaging the disc it’s still going to be usable on your console
we are just disabling the protection on computer side
so we are no changing anything on the disc at all.
So let’s go to the computer and I will show you exactly how to change this setting
It’s surprisingly easy, only takes a couple of seconds really.
and I will demonstrate how you can boot into a Xbox One game right from your PC
Okay, so I am at the computer right now and you just want to go to wherever it shows you all the discs and that sort of thing.
It’s called “This PC” in Windows 10
It’s called “My Computer” in previous versions
This doesn’t really matter.
I have the Xbox One game disc inserted already
And it is “Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag ™”
This is what you would see, it doesn’t really show anything.
because obviously it is not meant to run on PC.
If you double click it to try to run it, nothing happens
You can’t really see any files in here, just a couple of images and that sorta thing.
This is what you would see before you changed the setting.
Now, what you need to do is actually right click once after the game disc is installed on the disc drive it is in.
You go to properties after right clicking,
then you go to Hardware then you go down and find the disc drive again and go to properties
then you go to Details and this is where we are going to find the setting to change.
Now you want to go to Capabilities and then the is the default setting that is selected already, it is just a bunch of gibberish, it doesn’t do anything
what we want to select is CM_DEVCAP_RAWDEVICEOK.
Now this basically is going to allow the disc to read the raw data no matter what type of disc it is
it is going to bypass any protection, it doesn’t even look at the type of disc so
just reading the raw data doesn’t care that it is supposed to be for Xbox One
So make sure that is selected and then click OK and then OK again.
Now if we go to double-click it to run it.
The game boots up, alright, so let’s make sure that it’s working.
Okay, so, just in the menu, waiting for it to boot up.
Maybe get a game started, it is actually letting me use the keyboard which is surprising
Some might let you use a keyboard, most probably will require a gamepad.
Alright, we can actually boot into the game, it is starting to load.
Alright, so seems to be working okay
And yep, alright, so we’re actually in the game. It’s going alright and it’s working fine so that’s all there is to it.
Alright, so, as you saw it plays fine, and you can now boot your Xbox One games on your PC
and play it like normal
Now it is important to know that this is a console version of the game so
You are not going to be able to have access to as many settings
Like framerate, resolution maybe even graphics setting because those are usually fixed on the console.
This is basically like playing a pure console port on the PC
and you may have to actually use a gamepad that is plugged in through either Bluetooth or USB
or else the game might not allow you to control it with a mouse and keyboard
Sometimes games actually do have a PC version that allows for keyboard built in from a port
but that isn’t always the case so you might have to take note of that and just have a gamepad ready.
But,other than that, I hope you guys really enjoyed this video
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I am looking forward to hearing from you guys either in the comments section or on Twitter
So, thanks for watching, I will see you next time.
Have a good one.

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