How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh

How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh

How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh. If you dream of entering the exciting world
of Yu-Gi-Oh, these tips will have you playing like a pro in no time. You will need A Yu-Gi-Oh starter deck An opponent
with a deck An official game mat A coin Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs (optional) Additional players
(optional) and an official rulebook (optional). Step 1. Study each card and become familiar with every
monster, spell, and trap in your deck. Collect booster packs to custom create your
own unique deck and tailor it for each duel. The key to a good deck is diversity and balance. Step 2. Locate an opponent to play with, such as a
friend or family member. While you only need two people to play, teams
of several players can make each duel more challenging and fun. Step 3. Shuffle and cut each deck and place them face
down on the game mat. Step 4. Flip a coin to decide play order. The winner can choose to either receive or
challenge. Step 5. Draw your first five cards and begin the duel
by placing the cards face up and deciding a winner based on the card’s information. Since the number of possible play combinations
can number into the thousands, an official rulebook may be needed for beginners. Step 6. Determine the winner by scoring backwards
from 8,000 for each player. The loser is the first to reach zero points
or run out of cards. Did you know The comic book Yu-Gi-Oh! began
as a regular feature in the magazine _Shonen Jump_ in 1996.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh”

  1. I would not say "like a pro" because your telling these future pro players that they need a starter deck. Also these are really the bare minimum rules.

  2. I’m sorry but if you use a straight out of the box starter deck, well let’s just say you won’t want to play yugioh anymore after a few games

  3. Woah woah woah. Stop!
    First of. The manga is called "yu gi oh", not the card game. This game is called magic and wizard. So please correct it and stop spreading misinformation.

  4. You don't need a game mat. Honestly if you are familiar with the board then you should know what it looks like.

  5. You don't win by slapping cards on the board. If you put a card down doesn't mean it deals damage automatically and doesn't mean it has more attack points than the other players monster.

  6. How to play yugioh: watch the anime it’s how I learned,but the anime breaks a couple rules you’ll learn by playing with a friend who knows how to play

  7. I don't think I'd ever understand the rules of Yu-Gi-Oh if I spent hours studying the rules. Traditional Cards would be easier to understand.

  8. The last time I saw the book and its written as 'It release and do not appear in this starter deck'

  9. How to learn about yugioh and not play it
    Step 1:get an opponent with a deck
    Step 2: get your own deck
    Step 3: learn about your deck
    Step 4: know that it was in a magazine

    Congratulations, you know how to play

  10. Quick question everybody…if i run out of cards in my deck can i use the last card of my deck or i automaticly lose?

  11. I am a pro  do not Need a yugioh starter deck just buy a random set of 70 cards or less to build off of that's what  I did. OH! you also do not need an official mat for yugioh you need sleeves card sleeves I prefer red and black.

  12. T…Thi…This is m…my soul my childhood everything mine was writes on my cards . And my father took them from me . He took everything . This video make me cry . But this is not over yet .I will have them back , I must or I will die.

  13. You know. I was wondering why it was just 1:39 to explain how to play the game but as you can see, they just described the entire plot of the show

  14. Im so confused that you didnt show the defense, attack and other positions, this video just depended on the rulebook.This is just messing in my head on how you REALLY play yugioh..

  15. all i know is that you need a friend and cards and beat the hell out of etch other and who ever loses has to throw there cards on table i learnt so much


  17. You literally spent the whole video giving directions obvious directions and then never actually told us how to play yu-gi-oh

  18. This literally just told me what materials I need. And seriously (someone else commented this but it’s true) I watched yugioh as a kid and that’s how I know, and I know all the complex rules too, maybe from bingeing all 200 something episodes of yugioh Sexam in one weekend.

  19. You know I used to ask you like that game but I don't anymore. First you have old school, then they threw in Synchro XYZ and pendulum, everybody whine and complain but it wasn't that hard to figure out, depending on the combination of cards you can hold your own with any deck, then they add the Links, now many decks are absolutely worthless. ultimaya tzolkin one of my favorite monsters is absolutely worthless now you can't use it special ability without a link. Yes there are still ways to do it but its just pointless. Konami was trying to slow the game down, but in the process they killed a lot of decks. I didn't like pendulum it first, I didn't like all these Decks that do nothing but banish all your cards from your deck in your hand in one turn basically ending your game anyone turn that's not dueling. Monarch is the most inherently unfair deck on God's green earth. It's not unbeatable, but unless you have very specific cards no matter what board you build it completely wipe you out in one turn. I created axe that works very well against monarch but it's the most boring damn deck on God's green earth. First they make Decks that half of far too many abilities, and now with link summoning it's often just about spamming the board. I play sometimes still but I've pretty much close to quitting. It's not dueling, its effect decks so powerful that unless you have specific cards in your hand you will lose, it's Link monsters they have killed dozens if not hundreds of combinations. It's just not fun anymore, they changed the rules and change the game so much every year that I can't keep up

  20. Oh, so i need a deck and an opponent with a deck to play yugioh. Thank you very much for this lesson😉😉😉👍👍👍

  21. How to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Dual Monsters
    Step 1: find someone to dual
    Step 3: play a powerful monster in attack mode
    Step 4: attack on your first turn
    Step 5: screw the rules
    Step 6: if your Yugi then you automatically win
    Step 7: make a long and none-reasonably speech about dualing and friendship

    Now you know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh!

  22. 0:41 I just do this to random people, sometimes they point back but sometimes I get kickeded in the groin

  23. i'm just watching this because i got a stack of cards (don't ask how) an was just like:

    "what do you expect me to do with these??"
    here i am now
    watching this video

  24. In this video we will not mention:
    Link Monsters
    Pendulum monsters
    Fusion pendulum monsters
    Fusion monsters
    Xyz monsters
    And logic
    Optional: MR4

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