How to REALLY make Windows 10 Super Light for Gaming

How to REALLY make Windows 10 Super Light for Gaming

If you are stuck with a low-end PC one of
the most frustrating things is to see how
Windows 10 becomes more bloated with every
single update at consumes more and more of
your precious PC resources, the same ones
that you usually need to run programs or in
the case of this channel play games.
It is no wonder that a video optimizing windows
itself is very very high on the list of most
frequently requested topics.
Before that. Let’s start with what we are trying to achieve here.
In most cases a game will not
run with the desired performance because of a
GPU bottleneck, and as far as I have measured
modifying Windows will not affect GPU performance,
especially in FullScreen mode.
However, Windows, even while idle
uses a significant amount of RAM and has random
spikes of CPU usage.
For example, I checked my Athlon 200GE computer
on a fresh and fully updated install of Windows
10 and 1.6 Gb of RAM were used with nothing
else open, along with the expected random spikes
of CPU usage.
8 GB can already be low for certain games
when 2 of those are used as VRAM for an integrated
GPU and almost 2 more are used by Windows.
On my video, for the GPD Pocket 2 I explored
a more critical case where half of the RAM was
taken by Windows already.
But I decided to go even further. This Intel
Stick with only 2 GB of RAM!
This Intel Atom PC uses Windows 10 32 bit
to save up on some memory
but even with that it still it uses 1.2 Gb of RAM, which
is more than 60% of all available memory.
So. What can you do if you want to minimize that?
Option 1 is to install an older but still
supported OS like Windows 7… which is tricky
because it does not initially support certain
components like the eMMC memory of the Pocket
2 making installation very difficult on newer
super thin PCs.
Option 2 is to install Windows 10 light, a
VERY unofficial hack of Windows 10 aimed at
using as little resources as possible which
means possibly downloading an OS from a very
unsecured source and having some programs
do not work correctly.
I go into more depth on that option on my
GPD Pocket 2 video.
This video is for option 3, taking your existing
Windows 10 installation and removing everything
we can to make it lighter.
Let’s get started with:
Decrapifying Windows 10!
Let’s discuss the conventional stuff first.
There is a set of tips that I have seen all
over the web a million times when the topic
of Windows optimization is searched such as
disable all notifications, go into the visual
properties of windows and select the best
In all my gaming test these do close to nothing.
So I am going to focus on the ones where I
could actually measure some difference.
For example, disabling the Game bar on the
options… the annoying overlay Windows 10
has for games, making sure Game DVR, the Windows
software that records game footage, is disabled
and the typical Power Plan change into high
This is especially useful on Laptops which
tends to be a bit more conservative on power
You probably have heard all of this before.
The still common but still not mentioned enough
is to check your task manager to make sure
you minimize the amount of suff that starts
every time your PC boots.
This is going to be especially important now
that we are getting a million launchers for
every game and you do not want all of those
autostarting every time your turn off.
Also, make sure you hit run and then msconfig
and check which services start with Windows
as well.
Hide the Microsoft services and try to remove
as many as you can from what is left.
Do be wary that some of these services are
Steam will not run if you do not start its
service from boot and I have seen a couple
of anti cheats fail as well so take note of
what you disabled and if a program fails to
start to see if you need to reenable it service.
Ok, we are done with that, you have likely
heard those before too.
Let’s get to the good stuff.
This debloat Windows 10, a set of scripts by
Github user Warhack designer to remove as
many services and as many default apps from
Windows 10 as possible.
Now, let me make this clear.
This technique does not support creator update
and technically
it does not support Windows Home
and is technically for Administrator that
know what they are doing.
I have tested this on a fully updated Windows
10 home with good results however for the love
of god create a restore point before doing
this, back up your files, you are doing this
on your own risk.
Step 1.
Go to settings and update windows, hit that
update button and install everything until
Windows is Updated and there is nothing more
to update.
This is generally good practice because Windows
might be updating in the background while
you play a game and making your PC very slow
without you knowing why.
Believe me, every time an update is issued
I noticed because all my test PCs suddenly
go super slow.
And on this case if you run these script while
Windows is updating bad stuff can happen
so… make sure you are updated.
Step 2: Download the set of scripts from the
github linked in the description.
Extract it and put it on a folder on a location
you can remember easily, like C or you can
leave it in downloads and struggle to navigate
it to it as I did.
Because Step 3: you are going have to open
Window’s Power Shell as administrator by right-clicking
it, and here is where things get interesting.
You need to navigate to the folder called “scripts”, inside the folder you extracted.
If you have never used a command line before
you can simply change directory by using the
command CD.
“CD ..” takes you one folder up from the place
you currently are.
You will like start on Windows/System 32 so
if you do “cd ..” you end up in the windows
folder and then “cd ..” to navigate to the
main C driver.
You can also use CD to go into a folder accessible
from where you are located by doing “cd nameofthefolder”.
Use this to navigate to the scripts folder
that you extracted.
In there you need to do this command to enable
all scripts
and these two commands to unblock the scripts
in that folder.
You will have to press Y on a prompt to confirm
If you use the “ls” command you will see a
set of scripts with very descriptive names
that you can all run.
And you run it simply by writing its full
name with the extension and pressing enter.
You will occasionally have to follow some
instructions and type R to run a script.
These scripts no only will disable a lot of
background telemetry services but remove a
ton of default apps from the system.
One of them will disable windows defender,
which can use a fair bit of background power
but be aware that you will be basically without
an antivirus so… only use it if you know
what you are doing and not downloading stuff
from unknown sources.
It will take some time to run each script
and the windows manager will reboot when you
run the last one.
There is also this code snippet by GitHub
user matthewjberger that does overlaps some
of what we have already done but also disables
some extra services as well.
This one is easier, all you need to do is
to save its contents on a .bat file, then
open a command line as administrator and navigate
to where that .bat is stored and write its
That was a mouthful but the results are good
You will notice that without search the start
menu is a bit harder to use so I will also
link to a program that substitutes that for
the classic start menu of Windows 7.
And the numbers speak for themselves.
On my base 8 GB PC usage dropped from
1.6 all the way to 1.1…
Woa, that is going to be useful for VRAM.
The more extreme case of the intel stick usage
went from 1.2 to 0.7… which means we have
more than a half the RAM for games!
How good is that?
While the effects of the lowered CPU usage
are going to be harder to notice due to the
fact that anything we play on this is going
to be severely GPU bottlenecked we can still
see how now we have more room to avoid
running out of memory or how CPU spikes
are greatly reduced
Tomb Raider running on 800×600 is a good example,
I applied the changes
documented in its own video and saw a resulting
average of over 30 fps on the benchmark, limited
bu the tiny integrated GPU of this thing.
However, keep in mind that when using integrated
GPUs the regular RAM is also used as VRAM
which increases the overall memory used by
a game
and when we jump into actual game with actual
combat you start seeing that memory usage
climb closer to the all the memory available
and yet the game does not crash or stutter
so this is a great example of how that extra
memory gained from windows is proving in handy.
A harder example is Rocket League.
As time goes on as many multiplayer games
do, I have noticed that this game has increased
its ram usage quite a bit.
So much that even after executing all these
scripts if I ran the game with afterburner
it would exit with out of memory error, as
I discovered on the test stream for this video.
Oh god. I am have not played this game in a while. So fun, but…
OK. We are doing fine. This is an excellent beginning
Thankfully by closing afterburner and relying
purely on the in-game FPS meter we did actually
manage to free up enough memory to actually
play this game for a full hour without any
crashes during the matches that I all streamed
here on YouTube.
I did have to lower the resolution dramatically
using the internal scaler on the file, as
explained in a video I did a fair bit ago for this game
but apart from the GPU bottleneck, there was
definitely enough RAM to play the game.
Most of the time.
That actually worked. Wow, and the game hasn’t crashed.
Nevermind. HAHAHA
I had to talk didn’t I? Hahaha
There was still a possibility of the game
crashing while unloading after a match but
after decrapifying windows and removing afterburner
it did work and did not crash in the middle
of a single match and that… if anything
is a sign of how these changes can help you.
Oh we are going to have a much harder time with this one. Oh come on…
It is so easy to understand yet so hard to actually play competently… and I am dead
So take note of these scripts, maybe you can
customize Windows to get the best out of your
low-end PC, and with all that newfound space
left by that cleanup, what should you install?
Maybe something for your security?
Maybe install Dashlane.
That was a good transition.
Ok, for real.
Dashlane is the second thing I install on
any fresh OS install at this point and quite
honestly it is a godsend.
Did you hear that
2.2 Billion passwords and email combinations
are floating in the dark web these days?
I have been checking some of the websites
monitoring the leak and there are several
instances of passwords associated with the
email that I use for my youtube channel.
If I had continued using the same password
for everything as I used to do years ago I
would be screwed.
But I am not!
The way Dashlane works is that it helps generates
a safe password for your accounts and puts
them in encrypted storage.
So you only need to remember your master password
and nothing else.
Not even dashlane knows your master password
so even if they get hacked your passwords
are safe.
Also, basic Dashlane is free!
You can get premium, which as I have said
in the past I personally pay and use every
day, which means your encrypted storage get
synced between devices so you can also use
it in your phone, use an exclusive VPN for
public connections
or my favourite service dark web monitoring
that tells you one when one of your passwords
has been leaked online like those, terrifying
If you want to give it a try 200 people to
use the code on screen get a 10% discount.
Seriously it is less $5 a month.
If you work online and a password leak could
literally mean going bankrupt it is nothing
for a zero effort layer of security.
Thank you to them for sponsoring this video
and you for watching this… and stream…
and not spamming the chat with video request…
and understanding that I am just a guy making
videos and not some game service for you to
yell at…
I should take a break.

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