How to Redeem Free Code on Google Play (Android Game Key)

How to Redeem Free Code on Google Play (Android Game Key)

hello and welcome if you received a
Google Play promotion code or key
because you want for example one of my
giveaways then you can just easily
redeem it to get your app on it’s a bit hidden on the
left you can see the redeem button just
hit it and you will have to be signed in
once you did sign in and you press
redeem then you will get this field and
into this field you can copy the code
this is easily done when using a
computer but you can also do this on
your smartphone or tablet for example
let me show you how so I’m not gonna
press redeem here instead we’re gonna do
that on the phone so here I am on my
phone and what we’re gonna do is just
enter the Play Store and just click on
this icon at the top left and if we
scroll down we will again see a redeem
icon so I’ll hit that and then here you
can paste the code again and once you
did that just hit redeem all right let’s
install that thing
and there we go and we can play it
so if we try to redeem the same code now
in Google Play then it still accepts
this I guess because I’m using the same
account but if I try to redeem this on
another account then it will tell me the
code you enter it has already been
redeemed by someone else
so I hope this helped now you know how
to unlock one of these keys to get your
free app from one of my giveaways make
sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any
of these goodbye boys and I hope to see
you in the next one until then ciao

28 thoughts on “How to Redeem Free Code on Google Play (Android Game Key)”

  1. Nice didn't know that. Btw have you seen me give away 5 games in the #secret channel on discord a few weeks ago? 😀

  2. Hii sir o have purchased a Google pay code card when i have go to redeem option it says that
    Your code could not be redeemed.

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