How to reduce ping in 🔥Free Fire/PUBG!!!💥 🔥100%working💥 🔥

How to reduce ping in 🔥Free Fire/PUBG!!!💥 🔥100%working💥 🔥

hey this is Najmul from vibe2tech
today I am going to show you how to reduce ping and free fire or PUBGG or
any online game see my ping rate is very poor but after using the trick my ping
rate will be below 100 millisecond so let’s get started first go to the
Play Store and search for any VPN in case I am using inf. VPN before opening
the VPN check your game region open your VPN and connect to your game
region server in my case my game region is Singapore so I am connecting to
Singapore server trick is done let’s check our ping now see now my ping is
under 100 millisecond I am 100% sure of this trick will work for you thanks for
watching this video have a good day

26 thoughts on “How to reduce ping in 🔥Free Fire/PUBG!!!💥 🔥100%working💥 🔥”

  1. Thanks for this videos I'll play freefire and my ping last day 200ms in above but when I download infinity VPN now my ping is 100ms below thanks for sharing this video.

  2. brother! Thanks​ it works !!!
    i had 600+ms before and now with Singapore server i have 180-ms yay! love u and subs u!

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