How to Riffle Shuffle with Bridge like a Pro for Beginners

How to Riffle Shuffle with Bridge like a Pro for Beginners

Hi and welcome to Work Life Magic. So,
I’m very excited because today I’m going
to show you how to shuffle a deck of
cards with the so-called in-the-hand riffle
shuffle that looks like this. So, check this out.
The in-the-hand riffle shuffle consists of four major steps:
The first one is riffling the cards. The second one is flipping the cards over to the left one.
The third one is riffling them together.
And the fourth one is creating the bridge and then square the cards. Just like that.
So for step one: You take the cards with your right hand.
And in a deeper biddle grip – that means with your middle joints – you grap the cards at the outer edge
and turn the fingers around to hold them like this.
And in order to riffle those cards, take your index finger and put
it on the back and press it to flex the cards. Now we can start to riffle with your thumb.
And you have to really practice to riffle the
cards one by one. That needs some
exercise and some practice. But
eventually you will really create this
feeling the thumb how to riffle the cards properly.
Now step two. You take the carts and riffle until the half of the deck and hold your hand like this.
Then, you just swap over
the cards and hold in the thumb. Just like that.
And your are really mirroring the right hand
Step three.
You riffle the cards, flip them over, and now, you just mirror the same movement as with the right hand.
You take your index finger, put them on the back,
press it to flex those cards, and now riffle
those cards.
You have really to practice to riffle to riffle
one by one. So one left, one right, one the left one right.
Then you can really increase the speed, and so on.
And then you can come closer with your cards, and then, one by one, overlap those cards.
Just start slowly.
And you can just pull the cards like that, just to repeat.
And eventually, you become faster with that.
Then it should look like thise
So maybe, when you just start out it, then it will look like this.
Not really even. Try really to do it one by one.
So, and how much should those cards overlap?
It’s really quite not much. So maybe five
Millimeters, I would say. So really not much.
But you will get the feel out of it.
Now step four.
You riffle the cards,
flip half of it over, riffle both with an overlap. And then,
take your index finger, come over the edge and press your thumb here on top of those
cards at the edges. And bend those
cards inwards.
Now, when you flex them,
and release with your fingers, then the cards will fall down and square up.
I’ll try to do it slowly.
Release it one by one. They automatically will fall down.
You see that?
So in speed, that looks like this.
And this concludes the tutorial of the in-the-hand riffle shuffle.
I hope you enjoyed it. And if so, give it a like and subscribe.
And please, also share your progress of doing the in-the-hand riffle shuffle down below in the comment section.
Put a link, a comment, a picture, whatever.
And if you have some problems somewhere, don’t hesitate to put the comment
down below in the comment section.
I’ll try to answer as soon as I can to help you go a step further.
So, enjoy learning it and have a great day.

100 thoughts on “How to Riffle Shuffle with Bridge like a Pro for Beginners”

  1. Hi Thanks for the great demonstration!
    I am 72 and want to surprise my grandson one day with the riffle!
    He is always playing card tricks for me but so far no riffle.
    And maybe I can impress him instead!
    Maybe my finger muscles will get stronger as so far I can only hold the cards on the table as they whoosh off in all directions at the moment!

  2. Thank you for the tips and tutorial. I wasn't able to to the bridge because of the wrong position of thumbs, but your tips helped a lot! But yea, you need to practice practice practice, especially for me it's lot harder to riffle down the cards with left hand.

  3. You'd think after playing Magic: the Gathering for 23 years I'd know how to do this, but noooooooo. Thanks for going slow and showing steps. I've got some cheap old M:tG cards I'm trying to wear out and "break".

  4. I can't fucking do the beginning shuffle. Either hand draws like 5 or 6 every time. Might be the card themselves but I fucking destroyed them.

  5. Any tips for riffling with the non dominate hand?? Can't seem to get it down with my left hand(seeing how I'm right handed)

  6. What kind of pressure do you apply with the thumb when you riffle? I keep getting a chunk out off when I start.. how do I get the first card out single?

  7. Great. So many tutorials out there and this was the one for me…. I just started magic so today’s the day I learnt the riffle shuffle. Sti

    A bit shifty when I do it but hey I can get to a top level in a few months.

  8. Can't seem to riffle the cards any finer than clumps of about 10 in two handed step, the previous is okay tho. Hmmm.

  9. i cant do the bridge part… if i bend and release my other four fingers… the pop up because i cant control my thumb going up. and when i do it slowly keeping my thumbs down, i release my fingers and the cards go it to a pile

  10. Suggested titles for this video:
    How to shuffle and ruin your cards immediately!
    How to never be asked to shuffle cards at game night!
    How to get banned from game night FOREVER!

  11. I did it 🤩🤩

    Well I can't do it fast enough to do that clicky sound when they fall yet, but it's totally happening!! :O

    Now maybe grandpa will let be shuffle on game nights without making fun of my 'kiddie' shuffle

  12. This video's been really helpful… but my left hand is really awkward and doesn't quite riffle like my right does! D:

  13. How come when I'm holding cards it always feels like the front and back are bigger than the rest(& pointier)? No matter what cards are in the front or back, they all ways feel different.

  14. I can’t do the bridge because the card games I play(Pokémon) the cards are sleeves and the sleeves make it harder

  15. feels like i dont have enough room to grip the bottom, index the back, or thumb the top properly; i have to sacrifice room for one or the other–do i get bigger
    hands? lol

  16. I practiced the bridge until my finger hurt now I'm just chilling, I am able to control the bridge but can't get the speed of it to be precise🤣

  17. Thank you so much embarrassed to say this been doing card illiousion for years and I never learn to bridge thinking my hands were to small to perform it. this tutorial help a lot.

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