How To Save Your Job | Lele Pons

How To Save Your Job | Lele Pons

>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : All right, Lele come in.
>>LELE PONS : Okay.
>>LELE PONS : Sup boss.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : There is no easy way to say this but, Lele —
>>LELE PONS : Shut the — up.
>>LELE PONS : Continue.
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : You are fired.
>>LELE PONS : No I’m not.
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : You have been working here for five years —
>>LELE PONS : Five months.
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : And you haven’t made a single sale.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : And, you’ve been
wearing the same outfit for five years straight.
>>LELE PONS : Okay you know what Ms. Philippine,
>>LELE PONS : I’ve been working hard every single day here,
>>LELE PONS : And I have —
Honestly, I am super tired,
>>LELE PONS : And I don’t get any credit for everything
I do, okay.
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : Well, let’s see if
that’s true.
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : What did you do
>>LELE PONS : Hello and welcome back.
>>LELE PONS : Today, we’re going to use the kitchen as fashion, okay.
>>LELE PONS : Okay, first off,
>>LELE PONS : Here are my lovely models.
>>LELE PONS : So, just saying,
Why do you want a brush, when you can use a fork.
>>LELE PONS : Yeah right, so okay
my first model come here.
>>LELE PONS : You can easily do
what the Little Mermaid did,
>>LELE PONS : And just uh,
>>LELE PONS : Yeah okay, so we
just gonna —
>>LELE PONS : Oh, it’s kind of stuck.
What is this, a hair nest?
>>LELE PONS : You got to put it in
the hole, but be gentle.
>>LELE PONS : And so yeah,
look how pretty it looks.
>>LELE PONS : Look how ridiculous she looks.
Okay, great.
>>LELE PONS : Next one.
Um, why do you use a hat,
>>LELE PONS : When you can use a plate.
>>LELE PONS : Come here baby,
look how beautiful she is.
>>LELE PONS : Isn’t she beautiful?
She is, right?
>>LELE PONS : Oh my god.
>>LELE PONS : All right so, um.
>>LELE PONS : What we’re gonna do is,
we’re gonna,
>>LELE PONS : Let’s see.
(slamming plate)
– Oh my god!
>>LELE PONS : It broke!
>>LELE PONS : Last but not least,
why do you use a razor,
>>LELE PONS : When you can use a knife.>:)
>>LELE PONS : Okay so, looks like she’s the
unlucky one today.
>>LELE PONS : So what you do is,
you cut it like a cucumber.
>>LELE PONS : Everyone count it with me.
>>LELE PONS : One, two.
>>LELE PONS : Three.
>>LELE PONS : That was an accident.
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : She’s in the hospital, Lele.
>>LELE PONS : But she was —
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : She’s not coming back.
>>LELE PONS : She’s a great person.
>> FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : And she’s suing us!
>>LELE PONS : Okay you know, this was the only time,
I wasn’t focused,
>>LELE PONS : Except, her leg was in the way,
but that’s it.
>>LELE PONS : I’ve always been focused —
I promise you, yes.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : The only time.
>>LELE PONS : Yeah.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : Well then, what about,
this time?
>>LELE PONS : Boxes, you think you know them,
but you don’t.
>>LELE PONS : My friend here is going to
show you, what to do with unfolded boxes.
>>LELE PONS : Take it away.
>>DANIEL ZUREIKAT : Uh yes, so you could use
this as a bench.
>>DANIEL ZUREIKAT : You could also
use it as a punching bag.
>>DANIEL ZUREIKAT : Who’s gonna buy this stuff.
>>LELE PONS : He sucked.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : Even though I quite like this one,
You should’ve never left a model,
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : To do the show by themselves!
>>LELE PONS : Okay, you know that was a
very important call.
>>LELE PONS : My dog walker
stepped on gum.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : She stepped on gum.
>>LELE PONS : Yes, she can’t walk my dog,
with gum.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : It doesn’t even matter.
>>LELE PONS : Does that?
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : No it doesn’t,
because you are fired, Lele —
>>LELE PONS : You know what,
you know what,
>>LELE PONS : Before you actually fire me, um,
what about this one?
>>LELE PONS : I worked extra hard on this one.
>>LELE PONS : So, why buy a car,
when you can buy a scooter.
>>LELE PONS : Scooters are the new thing.
It’s beautiful and it’s a great workout.
>>LELE PONS : Whoa.
>>LELE PONS : You don’t have to pay for parking,
>>LELE PONS : You can even sleep with it.
You can even go to the bathroom with it.
>>LELE PONS : Like yeah,
you can skip traffic.
>>LELE PONS : Stop lights,
>>LELE PONS : Basically, you never have to walk again.
>>LELE PONS : There’s no brakes,
you control the situation.
>>LELE PONS : Despacito.
>>LELE PONS : You can be your own radio.
>>LELE PONS : If you don’t have one of these,
then you’re missing out.
>>LELE PONS : So buy it now.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : We lost money on this one.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : You know what, it doesn’t matter.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : The point is, you’re fired.
>>LELE PONS : Before you fire me,
do you have a husband?
>>LELE PONS : Got kids?
>>LELE PONS : Does your family know, that
you’re cheating on your husband.
>>LELE PONS : Agree to my conclusion,
>>LELE PONS : For the past 15 minutes,
I’ve been observing a lot of things, okay.
>>LELE PONS : You see, when I was waiting there,
I saw something very disturbing.
>>LELE PONS : And uh, you were, with
a, the model.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : Alright Lele, come in!
>>LELE PONS : You are a cheater.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : You got no proof.
>>LELE PONS : Slow down tiger.
>>LELE PONS : So, are you gonna fire me?
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : You are not fired.
>>LELE PONS : I want one thing from you.
>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA : And what is that?
>>LELE PONS : And we’re back.

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