How to Set up RetroArch on PC (And Capcom Games too) (X-men vs Streetfighter etc)

How to Set up RetroArch on PC (And Capcom Games too) (X-men vs Streetfighter etc)

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  1. This brings back a lot of memories about my childhood, reminds me of all the time spent with my uncles it was the time of NES, SNES, N64 and Sega.

  2. Lately I've been looking into retro PC's and games. Want to give virtual box and dosbox a go. Mainly for dos games, but there could be some PlayStation games I would like to play. I would really love to build a retro machine, like 386, 486, 586, Pentium, Pentium 2 and 3. Issue is I have nowhere to set it up right now. Thanks for the links will give these programs a look. Maybe I can reuse an old i5 2400 as a emulation machine.

  3. I use Lakka (OS) which is essentially a standalone retroarch and an old Celeron soc box that's good enough to emulate up to ps1. Takes some work to get it going, but it's worth it

  4. Retroarch isn't the prettiest, but the interface is easy to navigate, it has excellent controller integration, and save states work flawlessly as long as the rom supports it.

  5. Yup. Try a budget build that also emulate newer gen consoles. I curious to see how the 3rd gen apu emulate those consoles

  6. Please help !! hi im getting lag spike on my pc im using a fx 8350 with a r9 380x strix 4gb ddr5 16gb ddr3 the gpu on any game will go from 0% to 100% up and down and random ?? i've updated the drivers and bios i've tried the msi afterburner with the tick box on the unified gpu usage the cpu will be stable but gpu will go up and down the temps are fine running at 65 on load and 30 idle if anyone could give me some advice will be a help .

  7. I'm also building a HTPC/retro arcade machine right now. The parts are arriving in a few days:

  8. Cool use for a 3400g! I was thinking of going the same route, but different case. I so love playing older games, as I played a ton of them back in the day, so yeah……….MAME would be getting a heck of a lot of use out of something like this, along with every single classic console. 😉

  9. I love RetroArch. Ive used it for making a RaspBerry Pie 3 tiny retro gaming pc. I made my nephew a little Nes with like tons of game on it for different systems.

  10. Cyclops and SaberTooth x) Thats one of my least favorite xmen and my favorite xmans arch rival x) I always liked to pick Wolverine & Ryu. Maybe Spidey, Venom or Gambit also. That was on Marvel vs Capcom.

  11. You should try launch box front end its amazing and uses retro arche and other emulation software to do so much more

  12. Yo Brian, if you put the work (or get someone else) to make a full sized arcade machine with double arcade sticks and a pc like this underneath, I'm sure it'd be even a better hustle with cheap pc parts and such.

  13. Guys, I have one question. I just got a sapphire hd 7950 for a really good price and I use it atm and test it out, but I just can't overclock it whatsoever. Everytime I even do +20 MHz on memory or core, it just starts flickering like crazy. I cleaned the card up, changed the thermal paste and I doesn't go above 63° C, never, even with +20% power limit. Can someone help me maybe?

  14. Thanks for the video. I tried this retro thing for mac and it does play some good re games but i need a better machine the video card too old and is 256MB LoL. However I'm still getting use to the Graphical stuff….

  15. For that purpose would be better a Linux based machine, completely free-open source OS without the Microsoft crap.

  16. Launchbox is the way to go but Hyperspin is the greater challenge. You could get a good side hustle selling Hyperspin machines…no.roms of course.

  17. I might have missed it but what was that little monitor you were using? Im making a little desktop emulator box to put in my original asteroids machine and that looks good and about the right size judging by its surroundings.

  18. The case could fit like a 1050ti tho.. Maybe a good place to put older hardware for a gaming pc like an old dual core or phenom

  19. Awesome video!!!! Super Nice Build!!! But… I think you went WAY-OVERBOARD on the cooling. There is no way any old-school emulations is going to cause a CPU or even a GPU to overheat. I still like the build though. I setup a retro system as well. A couple years ago, I started with a 1st gen PI. That works great until you start getting into PS1/PS2 emulations. That old PI just can't handle it. So… Last year, I just built a used AMD X4 system w/ 4GB and a GTS-250. Everything was free except the GPU ($40US).

  20. Kudos for that Hori Stick V3, is a really good entry point!
    Nice Build my mate, even this can get some "Arcade games" from the Dreamcast, PS2 and Wii to work! You should try Out Marvel vs Capcom 2 too my brother

  21. Thank you tech yes! I have been so bored but you inspired me to build a old pc into a commodore looking pc with an arcade control

  22. You need Fightcade 1 or 2 if you're serious about retro fighting games. Or arcade emulation in general. It dumps on any and every other emulator and runs on GGPO.

  23. Bar top Arcade cabinet !!!

    Do it !!!

    Bar top Arcade cabinet !!!
    Do it !!!

    Bar top Arcade cabinet !!!

    Do it !!!

    Bar top Arcade cabinet !!!

    Do it !!!

  24. Arcade games are not hard to run on modern HW with emulators, it's the Win98 and XP games, that are hard to run on W10.

  25. Your issue with MAME emulators is due to the date of the ROM. Many MAME versions requiere an UPDATED romset/biosset in order to be playable. And that's why some ROMs become unplayable when you update the MAME versión. Many arcade romsets are updated for EVERY new MAME version released. It's a pain in the butt but yeah, the romset must be compatible to you MAME version.

  26. @techyescity I want the controller that you are using, anything that you can recommened. Im not going to Japan,, lol

  27. I love this video!

    I used to play Marvel vs Street Fighter a lot, i might say, during my college days. I use Omega Red and Shuma-Gorath for life-steal combos.

  28. It’s already been mentioned but LaunchBox is the absolute best and easiest front end for Windows. The premium version includes BigBox, it’s worth every penny.

  29. Indeed, gaming with a joystick is superior, at least with the old school games!

    Makes me want to look at RetroPie again (which I discovered at Microcenter, although this setup here is cheaper).

  30. killer instint 1 and 2 on mame because the windows version of the rebooted KI doesn't include them the way the xbox version does.

  31. Yay retro emulation stuff! Batocera (a free Linux distro) has everything built in ready to go. For a purpose built emulation machine, it's pretty awesome and no windows key purchase required. Might be another one worth looking at. Launchbox is another windows one I like but there's more to it instead of the grab and go Batocera dedicate done.

  32. Xmen vs street fighter. Mvc 2 where my all time favorite fighting games. When 3 came out I was so sad a lot of fighters where gone. When ultimate came out I was devastated…….

  33. I recently got onto a web based dos emulator and revisited my childhood. Testdrive 2 wasn't the same without the green mono monitor but commander keen was a ball. Dune 2…. OMG! It brought back memories of serial doom head to head and the emergence of warcraft.

  34. I'm working on a arcade cabinet right now…lol I'll post some pics on Instagram. I grew up playing arcade games this was my life in the 80s and early 90s.👍

  35. i just use my Raspberry Pi inside a NesPi with retroPi ..far cheaper that way i found . Regardless, this is a cool build and your not limited to just that (retro games) , which to me is better in many ways . I will try out this software Thanks M8 for bringing this to my attention as im not much into doing this stuff but i always look for better stuff to use and or things to try out for learning fun and shits n giggles . cheers

  36. I like seeing builds done in old original xbox cases or something similar. Maybe if you could find a broken console and try a build in it. I know you usually dont get that into the builds but then again it would be cool.

  37. I've come across some 'company' on craigslist on more than one occasion making one of these out of old dell optiplexs and asking for 500-600 USD. The poor souls who pay for this when you could just go on youtube..

  38. I know this is on another platform (sort of) but you should try Evoland 2. It's a mix of old school and modern RPGs.

  39. retro arch v1.7.8 was just released – new feautures and the GUI has been updated as well I think. As for XMVSF not working, it looks like you are missing the Capcom ''bios'' files for that game to work under MAME and retroarch

  40. step 1: buy old computer that is like $50 no gpu required
    step 2: download and install coin ops forgotton worlds here
    or here
    step 3: play games your done 😀

    Oh and just a little secret on the DL the "packed" version has thousands of roms included

  41. there are cute sized gpus made by zotac my friend has a gtx 1050 ti zotac mini i think it will fit that case and it has low power consumption

  42. Why not use lubuntu or something based on linux and then use retropie instead. That way you can make this work on some core 2 duo systems too and it can play 1080p video just fine, so basically very cheap and works just fine for emulation and basic usage.

  43. i Bet Thy Will demonitize ya for this video..But Thanks for macking it any ways ! Im Glad Some One Still Has The Ballzz To Do It,The Retro Games Are So Frikn Bad As#

  44. I Still Say Some One Should Link The Roms..I Have Them Downloaded Some Wher On The 24Tb Server Or My 12Tb Pc Storage..I Just Havnt Found Thm

  45. Makes me.want to get back to doing my portable arcade rig using and old laptop, a 24 lcd and an 8 button setup on dc power in a pelican be case.

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