How to Shuffle a Deck Of Cards

How to Shuffle a Deck Of Cards

How to Shuffle a Deck Of Cards. Impress your poker buddies by learning how
to shuffle and deal like you do it for a living. You will need A deck of cards and a table. Step 1. Learn how to do the classic shuffle, which
is called the riffle shuffle. Split the deck into approximate halves and
put them face down horizontally on a table. Step 2. Grab the deck so that your thumbs are on the
edges facing each other, each index finger is bent at the knuckle in the center of a
stack, and the three remaining fingers on each hand wrap around the far edges. Step 3. Position the stacks at a slight angle, so
that the top edges form a “V.” Step 4. Holding the edges that form the bottom of
the “V” against each other, use your thumbs to start releasing a card or two at a time,
alternating sides so that the ends of the cards become entwined. Step 5. When the last card has fallen into the now-shuffled
pile, use your fingers to push the two halves together, forming one deck. Step 6. Repeat several times. Step 7. Practice until you can shuffle in one quick,
fluid motion. Did you know In 2007, Canadian David Farrow
won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records when he memorized the exact order
of 59 decks of shuffled cards!

100 thoughts on “How to Shuffle a Deck Of Cards”

  1. I was hoping that this would show how to do the bridge when shuffling. I already knew how to do the frist part of the shuffle.

  2. I can't do it. I think I must have a mental condition. I mean I literally position my fingers the EXACT same way and I still fuck it up. And FUCK ALL OF YOU when you say it's EASY! FUCK ALL OF YOU!

  3. man I agree with you, I´m not really sure it is a mental condition, but I believe it's something with genetics and how our fingers work, we are fucked man. If it makes you happy according to my genetics teacher we'll live longer 🙂

  4. It's not genetic or mental. You can't do it because you're doing something wrong. Every time you try this, you're doing te same thing wrong, so the results are the same. Obviously, I've no idea what it is that you're doing wrong but there must be something.

    It doesn't matter exactly where your fingers are. What matters is that you bend the cards a little and allow them to spring together, as shown in the video. Put your hands wherever lets you do that.

  5. This is not a good shuffle — you're flashing far too many cards. Starting with the cards cut on the table as at 0:27, lift up just the two corners in the middle, closest to you. Angle the two packets slightly into a V and riffle the corners together, then push the two packets together and square the deck. The shuffle shown in the video is much showier but flashes a lot of cards.

  6. I doubt your impress any of your buddies using this kind of shuffle, and btw Las Vegas doesnt use this kind of shuffle. It exposes too many cards to clever or opportuniest players!

  7. This doesn't actually shuffle cards. Shuffling is randomly re-arranging cards whereas the "riffle" keeps cards together. It's easy to test for yourself – put 4 aces together and riffle a couple of times and then see where the aces end up and how far apart they are. You usually end up with the 4 aces within 6 or 7 cards of each other and a couple of aces together.

  8. @YourWiseSage i don't know how to shuffle like this, you have to start somewhere. if you're looking for something better than this you should change your search preferences or something. dumbass.

  9. @YourWiseSage It's not my fault I never play cards nor own a pack of cards nor have any interest in cards. LOL. You click a video names 'how to shuffle a deck of cards' and expect what? haha jesus, people like you.

  10. im coming out with a good video on how to shuffle soon this way will be easy to catch on to and you will get it right away it will be on monday

  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NVM I GOT IT! You kinda have to bend the tips of your thumbs in otherwise itll slip really easy!!! 😀 YAY

  12. Alright so I got the first part down pretty well but how do you do the second part. I can do it, but not reliably like the one at 1:04

  13. I have this problem as well. And I'm a girl at that, so my hand are barely big enough to hold the cards right.

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  15. lmfao faiil, i tried doing the thumb thing and the cards went flying into the air and i made a mess, i lost 10 if hearts

  16. Man! Every time I try to shuffle, my cards get mixed up so that some cards are facing each other (eg. In the middle of the deck, the 7 of clubs is facing the 5 of clubs) what am I doing wrong?? Help me other YouTubers!!

  17. I came here to learn how to do the thing after the main part of the shuffling and they didn't even teach us. It was so fast that I had to slow mo it. When I rewind part 7, the cards in my hand went into the water. How cast SUCKS.

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