How To Sound Like The Beatles Using Modern Guitar Gear: Part One | Reverb Potent Pairings

How To Sound Like The Beatles Using Modern Guitar Gear: Part One | Reverb Potent Pairings

Vox AC30, canal normal Guitare 12 cordes, doublée avec une acoustique et un piano Utilisez deux compresseurs, et doublez avec une guitare 6 cordes AC30, canal Top Boost en son clair AC30, canal Top Boost en son saturé AC30, canal Top Boost en son clair Utilisez un looper pour doubler vos parties

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  1. Out off all classic rock the Beatles will always be my most loved band ! George Harrison is the reason why I play guitar and reverb help me in so many ways learning how to sound like him . Thanks so much , what an AWESOME VIDEO

  2. You should do Here Comes The Sun, The End, and in addition to that, here’s another idea; what about doing each Beatles’ solo work? Paul McCartney’s sound with Wings (also including Jimmy McCulloch and Denny Laine), George Harrison’s solo work and stuff with the Traveling Wilburys, and then some John Lennon stuff!! Great video too!!

  3. For some of the comments, the title says "How To Sound LIKE The Beatles USING MODERN GUITAR GEAR", not how to reproduce The Beatles using the exact gear.

  4. nowhere man was the first recording that featured the strat that later became rocky – it was set on the middle pick up selecter setting .

  5. If you like early Beatles sounds, the solution is pretty simple. You're going to want a Rickenbacker with vintage toaster pickups and a Vox amp. That's 90% of it right there. If you want to do A Hard Day's Night then use a 12 string Rickenbacker

    The Beatles weren't really into gear so much, that makes it easy. It's expensive to replicate but simple. This video misses the mark, these all sound really compressed

  6. Everyone knows that the solo on Nowhere Man was recorded with two brand new Strats that had just been given to John and George

  7. Genuine question here. Why the need for the compression pedal in every instance when the Beatles clearly never used one?

    Is this a) because there would be analog tape compression/some squashing coming from the limited number of tracks

    Or b)
    The ac30 used in the video is more modern voiced and cant achieve the same level of tube compression as perhaps one with an alnico blue speaker?

    Actually very interested in why you use it because I personally never use compression unless using it more as a specific tool, playing a particularly rhythm/lead-in-one style of guitar or for more attack (like graham coxon or john frusciante for example)

    I feel like you usually just end up with noise and a lack of dynamics

  8. I want you (She's so heavy) is a very dark and dismal song, and i think it must've been the influence for Paranoid Android by the legendary Radiohead

    great video!

  9. Check out the JangleBox pedal. Absolutely nails Beatles studio sounds, as well as Byrds and other 60's bands who utilised valve compressor/limiters (sometimes in a chain for a "double compression" sound) in their recordings.

  10. color box is not needed : i have the same kind of sound without this expensive pedal, second with my hifi system lol but not an advice:)

  11. I love all these punters saying oh, John played this, not that. Or, you can't hear the congas in the song..HA! I'd like to see you do better. This is freaking great. Period. Well done!!!

  12. Great stuff….here's a guy who did his homework!
    Good job! This is inspires me to get with my guitar
    Again! Thank you!

  13. I love these Reverb videos because they show you exactly how NOT to sound like the things they say they sound like. But you get some unusual tones instead which is great! Thanks

  14. A $3k AMP and Gear! Not exactly what you call bargain basement! Great video BUT to sound like the Beatles! SPEND A FORTUNE! bit of an understatement correct?

  15. Think For Yourself was played wrong.

    A Hard Day's Night its with a 12strings and a Piano… not a Acoustic Guitar.

    Nowhere Man its a Fender Stratocaster… not a 12string with a 6 string guitar.

    You need to search more….
    Always a good video….

  16. If you want to get the paperback writer and taxman tones you should get lumpys lemon drop, a pedal that emulates the obscure vox amp that George was using at the time.

  17. Team up with the guy from the make your drums sound like Ringo video and start a Beatles cover band pls

  18. Anyone noticed there's a flange-style sound on Paperback Writer? Is that from the amp alone or was the mic placed in an interesting position? 1:00

  19. "How to sound like The Beatles using pedals" ?
    Compressors & fuzz because those were the only effects available at the time !! 😆👍

  20. A Rickenbacker guitar & even a Thomas Vox gets you a blatant Beatle Sound … after that you're just jerkin' yourself off

  21. Wait, was the I Want You riff played on bass?? By Paul or George? Hmm. I must investigate! Anyway, nice vid, and of course it doesn't matter really who played it or what the instrument was – you nailed the sound well.

  22. I love these potent pairings videos! I want that Tone Bender!

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