83 thoughts on “How to Stop Lag on Any PC Game”

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  2. I have Windows 7 I play Starcraft 2 and it's fine at first until theres allot of units running around then it starts to lag I have a 1050 2 gb graphics card

  3. Make sure you have a hand just go to system 32 click delete than your pc is awesome better than win 10 evrything is free no virus amazon things are free

  4. Hey it's not working for me it keeps lagging and shuttering even if I play games like Assassin's Creed Black flag so please help me.

  5. I have an Asus
    -1060 6gb
    -16gb DDR4-2666 RAM
    -i7-8750h 6 core 8th gen

    Ive tried every solution on youtube still no luck with even clean resetting windows

    My FPS will stay between 85-90 fps then quickly drop to 10-15 fps every 5 seconds to the point it is unplayable.

    Please help before I return this PC and go back to console gaming which I don’t want to do 🙁 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  6. It didn't work for me.
    I opened a game from WINRAR, I, then, opened the program, but nothing showed when I tried to minimize

  7. why the fuck its not like yuors my fps is just when i look down in prototype 1 its like 14fps when i look infront of my its like 3fps

  8. This right here is exactly why I am going to stay playing my games on the PlayStation I don't give a f*** I spent two weeks fixing download or lag and everything cuz I don't know a damn thing about computers finally got it fixed because I stream online all the other game seemed to work fine but I get Tom Clancy the division 2 when it lags so bad and I I just wanted answers on how to fix it for free I didn't know that it's was going to cost money a month everything for the computer cost money and that's so ridiculous to me I would much rather stream from my PlayStation 4 games then do anything else because that's this is just getting to be ridiculous I lost three weeks out of my time the stream trying to figure out how to fix lag only to be back at square one I don't got time for that b***** it's back to PlayStation for me

  9. i dont trust this guy cus he sounds like he doesnt ctrally know what hes talking about

  10. Thanks bro, hope this works on RE:ORC. My laptop has 4GB RAM, AMF A9-A9420 3,6 GHz, graphic card AMD RADEON R5 M420 2GB, but it still lag 😤

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