How To Take Advantage of Player’s Club Benefits at Casinos

How To Take Advantage of Player’s Club Benefits at Casinos

hi and welcome to our instructional
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I’m going to explain how to take
advantage a Players Club benefits at
now before we begin I do need to mention
that I will only be dealing with benefits
that can be earned from playing gaming
machines such as slots and video poker
if you wanna know how to get benefits
for playing table games
then be sure to watch my other YouTube
video titled
casino comps how the system works but if
you’re a slot player
or video poker player then you’re in the
right place to learn
how to get players club benefit for your
play so let’s get started
whenever you visit a casino you should
always join the Players Club before you
start playing
any machines joining is always free and
the process is quite simple
just go to the registration desk present
an ID
and will be issued a plastic card which
is similar to a credit card
some casinos will give you a gift or Fri
machine credits just for joining
and as a club member you’ll be on the
casinos mailing last
and you’re probably receive some good
money saving offers in the mail
plus many casinos offer discounts to
their club members on hotel rooms meals
and gift shop purchases once you have a
card when you walk up to a machine
you’ll see a small slot but you should
insert it before you start to play
card will then be used to track how much
money you play
and then based on the amount you put
through you will earn free benefits back
from the casino
in the form of cash and/or cops the word
compass is short for complimentary such
as free rooms free food free shows
or anything else the casino will give
you for free course the more you gamble
the more comparable earn
but you really only want our comp for
gaming that you’re going to do
anyway and never risk losing any extra
casinos usually won’t give you cash back
for playing the table games
but virtually all casinos will give you
cash back for playing their
machines did not return is calculated as
a percentage of the money you put
through the machine
and a basically varies from as low as
point of 5 percent
to as high as 1 percent this means that
for every one hundred dollars you play
for machine
you’ll earn a cash to repay have
anywhere from 5 cents
up to one dollar this may not seem like
a great deal of money
but it can add up very quickly
some casinos will sometimes have
promotions where they offer two times
three times
or even up to 10 times points for
specific time periods
any point will accumulate much more
quickly usually a casino would tell you
how many points you need in order to
earn a certain amount of cash
such as 500 points equals five dollars
but many
won’t tell you how much cash you have to
put through machine in order to turn a
this can make it difficult to compare
players got benefits for different
but there is a way to figure it out on
your own just insert your card and play
only one dollar at a time
as soon as you see a point added to your
start counting how many dollars have to
play through the machine
until another point is added want you
know this number
you can then calculate the cash back
percentage sup
let’s say you see that you need to put
two dollars and earn one point
and as in our previous example 500
points equals five dollars in cash back
therefore you can calculate that you
need to play one thousand dollars to a
slot machine turned five dollars
which is equal to a cash-back great
one-half of one percent
and you can now compare this to the
rated other casinos to see where your
well earned the best cash back
an important thing to note about
cashback is that the vast majority of
to offer a lower cash rebate on their
video poker machines
than they do on their slot machines
generally in the raids about 1/2 what
the casino normally pays on its slot
the reason for that reduce trade is that
video poker is a game of skill
and knowledgeable players can achieve a
greater return on video poker games
than they could on slots since the
casinos make less money on video poker
they’ve reduced their cash rebates
another point to make about cash rebate
is that not all clubs
will allow you to get your cash back
immediately in atlantic city for example
virtually all the casinos will send
about her to your home address
but you must bring back to the casino
usually within 90 days
to receive your cash so you should
always make it a point ask if your
cashback from the sock club
is available immediately if not you may
find yourself being male the voucher
that is worthless to you
if you can’t make it back to the ACA si
no in time to get your cash
and if your cashback is available
it’s usually a good idea to redeem it at
the end of your stay
rather than saving it for a future trip
because most casinos
to automatically erase your point if
they aren’t redeemed within a certain
time period
such as ninety days six months or year
one final point to No about cashback is
that it will actually be given to you in
the form a free play
rather than actual cash it’ll have to be
played through a machine before being
cast out
for example let’s say you are given a
fifty dollars in free play
generally you take your player’s club
card any slaughter video poker machine
in the casino
inserted into the machine put in your
PIN number
and then the freeplay can be downloaded
as credits on the machine
you then have fifty dollars in credit on
a machine but it can’t be immediately
cashed out
instead you have to play the entire
fifty dollars through the machine
at least one-time and whatever’s
leftover is yours to keep
while not every casino slot club will
give you back cash
it is standard for every slot club to
allow you our incomes for your machine
once again comp to short for
complimentary is it means various things
and you can get for free
of course the cops you learn is based on
the amount of money you put to the
but it is usually at a higher level than
you would turn for cash back
after all the real cost to a casino for
a fifteen dollar meal is much less than
giving back fifteen dollars in cash
so the casinos can afford to be more
when it comes to casino com policies
they basically fall into one of three
some casinos and clubs that allow you to
redeem your points for either cash at
one rate
or cards at a reduced rate that will
cost you fewer points
in these clubs for example you might
have a choice a redeeming your one
thousand point for either ten dollars in
or twenty dollars in cups another option
is for the
casino to set a redemption schedule for
each particular Cup
for example practices 800 points lunches
1200 point
and interest 1600 points these are
popular programs because players know
exactly what is required to earn their
at the other extreme is the practice of
some casinos
to base their comp when your total
machine play but not to tell you exactly
what’s required to achieve
at these casinos you’ll earn cash back
at a set schedule
but you never quite know what you need
to earn a cup
you just have to go to the Players Club
presenter card
and ask if you can get a cop such as a
perfect the staff and either give it to
or they will say you need more plan your
cart before the condition you
that food cup and which casinos have the
best players clubs
well that would really depend on what’s
most important to you
if you’re visiting from out of town you
would probably wanna Players Club
that’s more generous with room comp so
you could save money on your
however if you’re going to be playing at
a casino near home
you might be interested in which casino
offers the best cashback great
and food cops’ whatever the situation
be sure to give the most ever play to
the casino it offers the best benefits
for you
and once again just be careful to never
risk extra money just earn some extra
otherwise that free buffet the cost you
an extra hundred dollars
might not taste too good don’t forget
that you can see more of our educational
gaming videos on our YouTube channel
just go to

13 thoughts on “How To Take Advantage of Player’s Club Benefits at Casinos”

  1. I've never understood why they value free play at so little – I think I heard from the Wizard, although I can't find it, it was as low as ten cents to the dollar. Surely its price to them is 90+%. I mean, granted, the majority of patrons probably keep at it after they've run it through – but weren't they pretty much going to anyway?

  2. The value of the free play is equal to the expected return on the game you are playing. If penny slots, the expected return would be about 88% of the face value. If 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker, the ER would be about 99.5% Of course, there is a lot of variance, especially if the free play is a low amount, but you can use those numbers as a long-term expected value of the free play.

  3. I mean to them – you say "they can afford to be more generous" – but even if most players take them to slots with a 10% edge, how much more generous can they afford to be?

  4. with the free slot play I put it in and every time I hit on it I cash out I get what I hit for so if its 1 dollar or a 100 I hit cash out it works I might have 1 or more cash slips but I have there money in hand and don't risk losing it. Two weeks ago I was sent 100 in free play from maryland Live and did the same as Above and walked out with $150 of there money using this system some times i might only get a buck or so but if you hit cash out every time you hit a winning combo

  5. Should Blackjack card counters use club cards to earn extra money? Or identity is more important therefore should never use club cards when counting cards?

  6. You can't lose money if you are given free play and cash it out after playing it through one time. However, unless you keep playing the casino will stop sending you the free play. It may take a few months, but the amount of free play they send you will be less each month and eventually it will stop unless you keep playing.

  7. Ideally, you would want to use a player's club card when playing blackjack to earn benefits. However, you probably need to play for several hours before you could earn anything. The problem is that the longer you play, and the bigger your bets, the more closely you will be watched. Some players prefer to do a "hit and run" where they visit a casino and only stay for a short time. They wait for a good positive count, make some big bets, hoping to win quickly and leave before being discovered.

  8. That's what I'm always doing, wonging. But should a consistently sit and play person use his card? Let's say playing single deck game in Reno.(No mid-entry)

  9. If you aren't concerned about being barred from a casino then I say you should do it. If you don't play with a card and they ask you to stop playing, or to leave the casino, there is no record of your identity. However, if you are playing with a player's card, under your real name, there will be a record of your identity and you could be permanently banned from entering that casino, as well as any other casino owned by the same company.

  10. Concerning about long term EV, I think I should never use a card no matter playing single deck or 6 deck. Even though the single deck comps are really attractive. Thanks you very much! If I got barred by MGM Grand at Las Vegas, i also can't play at Grand Sierra at Reno no matter I use card at Grand Sierra or not.

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