How to Tell If Someone’s Bluffing: Body Language Lessons from a Poker Pro | Liv Boeree

How to Tell If Someone’s Bluffing: Body Language Lessons from a Poker Pro | Liv Boeree

When it comes to body language, it’s never
an exact art.
The things I’m going to suggest, they’re all
But that said there are some certain things
that as a poker player I’ll look for.
And the most important thing is, first of
all, to get a baseline of somebody.
It’s impossible to tell whether the behavior
someone is showing is meaningful or not if
you don’t know how they naturally behave.
So the first thing I’ll do when I sit down
at the table is look at what my opponents
are doing when they’re not in a hand: are
they naturally quite gregarious, are they
confident when they interact with the waitress,
or are they naturally quite quiet and shy?
How do they sit?
Are they naturally closed off?
Are they very languishing”—that kind of
And once I’ve got an idea of their baseline
outside of a hand then I look to see how they
deviate from that when they’re actually in
the middle of playing or in a tense situation.
In general what you want to look for in both
poker—but also when you’re trying to figure
out if someone is lying—is their comfort
level, if they seem authentic.
As a rule of thumb, humans are actually quite
good at picking up authenticity or if someone
is being disingenuous.
So that’s the thing to look out for, and there
are some like classic behaviors that I’ve
noticed people do at the table where—if
you see them suddenly making a point of making
themselves bigger, where they’re naturally
sitting like this and now they’re sort of
puffing up, that’s more often than not a false
confidence that they’re trying to show.
Most people do try to stay very constant.
So you really do notice a behavior, particularly
against someone who seems to play quite regularly,
the chances are that they’re aware of their
behavior, so they’re probably trying to mislead
But another rule of thumb that I like to follow
is: the first thing you learn as a kid, usually,
when you lie is “liars won’t look you in
the eye,” so what do kids do to overcompensate?
They’ll look you in the eye.
And similarly people are very aware of their
faces, this part of their body, if they’re
trying to be dishonest, but what they’re not
thinking about is the rest of their body.
So the lower down on the body that you’re
looking at, the more reliable the information
So if you think about when you’re excited
about something, generally speaking you’ll
bounce around and you can’t keep still, and
we call it “happy feet” in poker.
The feet are often the most reliable thing
to look at on your opponent because they might
be completely stoic in their face but their
feet are bouncing around—it’s usually a
sign that they have a really strong hand.
But similarly if they’re sort of smiling and
chatty but their feet all of a sudden tuck
themselves around the table or around the
chair legs, something’s up there.
So as a rule of thumb, look for the rest of
someone else’s body more than their face if
you’re trying to figure out if they’re telling
you the truth or not.

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  1. Effective altruism is an incredible movement. Totally inspiring to see a professional gambler take life by the balls, if that's the appropriate expression.

  2. Definitely useful especially for everyday life since most people are not trained to notice such a thing

  3. god damn i love intelligent chicks! shes so hot both physically and mentally. apologize if comments are too forward, but damn shes beautiful!

  4. Great, I now know wether someone is bluffing or not… In poker, which I don't play because I'm not a gambling idiot.

  5. That's why I approach the game with a completely different strategy: keep my lower body as still as possible, and just run my face through a fluctuation of random emotions for the entirety of the game. It works 60% of the time, every time!

  6. "Big Think" seems to be turning into "Vague Little Speculations," lately. First the game theory guy tells us basically that game theory exists, in the vaguest possible terms, and now this person says to watch people's feet because something may be up.

    They should put me on. I can talk about how saltier foods are often tastier, and how some foods might taste better without salt. Put me in, Coach! I'm ready!

  7. I wonder what it means when a person crosses their arms like a petulant child and threatens to kill millions of Innocent N. Korean women men and children on national television…?

  8. Love it. I create content along the lines of self improvement through high awareness, let me know what you guys think. Also I'm not lying. Or am i

  9. Importantly most people some times act like they are bluffing when they are bluffing, so they can then act the same way when they are not bluffing. Is the acting like they are bluffing a bluff?

  10. Oh Liv..Liv..Liv… You are such a fucking babe. Like… FUCK… So goddamm hot and smart.. This chick even goes to Burning Man.. Freaky AF 😈

  11. A yuge percentage of these "How to know if someone's lying" or "body language reading" videos are soooo uninformative it's pathetic. I wish YouTube had back its old notification system where if someone commented on this my comment specifically, then I would be notified, and then I could return here and perhaps comment on your comment. But they changed it, they broadened it, and if anyone comments on anything, then I'm notified…. which I promptly ignore. Forever. Because we are all commenting too often.

    But if the former were again possible, then you could answer my question, followed by me returning here.

    And my question is: is this another one of those idiotic uninformative body language vids? Follow up question: give me a few specifics of why I should or should not view this video. Please. And thank you.

  12. I find it rather ironic that people who are so obsessed with determining if other people are lying have no problem lying their asses off themselves to achieve their ends. It's a rather predatory and offensive behavior, and it pisses me off to no end. Pretty typical behavior of people who prefer manipulation and control over trust and friendship. Makes me want to punch motherfuckers in the face. Assholes.

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  14. I found Liv’s channel and she’s on it saying brilliant things in a bikini, I guess I was learning to read body language, thanks Liv, no really, thanks. :o)

  15. And when someone is constantly looking beneath the poker-table there's a good chance they're trying to see if you're bluffing so try to be subtle!

  16. This might be true for some people but not applicable to most people. Behavior is learned and after some time practiced. I've seen people do the most stupid things that are certain to have a very bad outcome with confidence and the reverse.

    She must get caught with her pants down a lot.

  17. this lady is so fucking hot, and her accent helps too. She has some, interesting photos, just like sarah silverman. This woman is good at poker, must be a terrible partner. Hence why she is still single. She must have some X-men power that makes her a good poker player, but a terrible lover.

  18. Poker needs almost no skill why are popstars.. rich people… billionairs in the ''high level'' tournaments? cause they are rich, they are no poker pros, because that game doesnt need much skill, you just need luck and a bit of a poker face, thats all.. really sad, i liked the game, but since its so unskilled and so luck based i really cant see myself playing this game for long.

  19. I have adhd. When I'm at the table I try to sit in a comfortable manner. My legs are naturally bouncing around and I'm always shuffling chips and keeping my hands busy…due to it being hard for me to sit still. That being said I have my ritual for when the cards are delt to me and I never deviate from that. I look at my 2 cards then flip them around and look at them again then I cap them with a chip and put them in front of me. Then continue to shuffle chips.

  20. So is she telling me to keep looking at womens breast and guys balls while playing poker and not their faces? Well ok then it's going to make me look like a creep but worth a shot. 😆

  21. This actually does help a lot for low stakes live cash games. Where people are pretty transparent with their body language. Thanks!

  22. I like to smoke a lot of crack before a big game of poker, and trust me no one can tell anything of anything Lol …in fact a lot of them leave the room in fear

  23. Could have used someone with a less scalding voice. And maybe use someone who is actually good at playing poker. Switched off the second I heard her talk 🙁

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  28. Useless pseudoscience use your time and energy to make sure you are reading your own hands right and picking up peoples rhythm in their play. Going out of your way to 'read' people is how you end up walking into traps. If you're prepared and you're a high ability player you don't need this. This is why so many top level players have quirks and personality, they aren't concerned with reading you they read the situation and pick up your tendencies organically.
    The final point against this is that a high IQ person will be aware of who is watching them and can conceivably use that to their advantage to read you who is trying to read them.
    Thank you for attending my Ted Talk 🤓🤷🏾‍♂️

    PS: IQ as in Poker IQ

  29. So I tried this and I looked under the table to see the guys feet that was in the hand with me. He was sitting in seat 2 and I was in seat 8. But a lady at the table thought I was trying to look up her skirt and I got kicked out of the casino. I tried to explain that I wanted to see the guys feet but the security and the floor man just kicked me out. The lady was probably a regular so they just took her side and threw me out.

  30. That's funny u say to watch the lower body. Cuz at a poker table u cant see someone's feet! These tips are all so vague. Not useful whatsoever at a real poker table

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