How to: Top 4 Kyrie Irving Finishing Moves | NBA Basketball Moves

How to: Top 4 Kyrie Irving Finishing Moves | NBA Basketball Moves

Hey Coach Collin Castellaw with Shot Mechanics
basketball and today I’m going to teach your
the Top 4 Kyrie Irving Finishing Moves. Alright
so Kyrie Irving is one of the best finishers
in the NBA so today what we want to do is
breakdown his four best finishes that he uses
once he gets into the paint to score with
these crafty finishes. So the first one that
I like is the one hand finish, so as Kyrie
gets the ball at the top of the key here and
as he’s getting ready to dribble drive he
has his man in front of him so it all starts
once he beats his man it could be with the
pump fake it could be with the dribble whatever
it is he’s getting by his man getting his
hips into the paint just like this. Now with
the one hand finish its going to be a little
bit different because you can extend it away
from the defender without having to gather
and go up so what happens a lot of times with
younger players is they get in the paint with
their man on their hip and they gather to
go up when doing this it enables the defender
to go up and block it just like that. So what
the one hand finish what you can do is use
your off arm to protect the ball pick it up
with one hand then finish out right here so
now if the defender wants to block your shot
he has to come through my body to come get
it. So the key here with the one hand finish
is not neccesarily to finish up as much as
you are wanting to finish out right, if you
can just out and away from the defender it
will make it that much easier. Now you want
to make sure you can finish with either hand
because lets say on the drive maybe I come
this direction I want to be able to pick it
up with my left hand and still hold him off
and still finish so if you can do that it’s
going to be a really easy way to get a bucket.
So next we have the up and under finish now
this is one of Kyrie’s signature finishes
and it great because you really don’t have
to be that athletic to use it. So it all starts
the exact same you can up fake shimmy whatever
it i that is going to help you get by your
man and now you and now you are attacking
the hoop now the up and under works great
if you are coming at it from a good angle
if you are attacking at a flat angle little
more towards the baseline this is a great
one. With the up and under we are looking
for a couple of keys number 1 you want to
show the ball high so the idea is that if
you have shot blocker someone longer and more
athletic guarding you is that they are going
to want to come and get the shot right? So
what you do is show the ball high first and
then its going to make him want to go for
it and then your wrapping the ball underneath
finishing with the reverse lay in on the other
side. If I just show it by my chest it doesn’t
look like I’m going up as much so I want to
get it by my forehead if at all possible get
him to leave his feet. Now really athletic
players can jump up and under while they are
in the air and finish for younger guys its
a little bit harder so what I recommend you
do and what Kyrie Irving does a lot of the
time is shows the ball while he is still on
one foot that way when he jumps he’s already
wrapping it up and under and it doesn’t require
that much athleticism so once you get to the
other side its perfect cause the rim and the
net are in the way of a shot blocker and they
can’t come across and get it and you basically
get a wide open look. So with this you want
to work on finishing at different angles sometimes
your up and under might be really flat sometimes
you might be coming along the baseline a little
bit sharper as you come across this way the
key is to keep the defender behind you show
high and finish on the other side. Now the
next finish is super similar to the one we
talked about earlier this one is the inside
hand finish. So with this one you beat your
man but the idea with this one is that he
is a little bit behind you so you want to
be able to finish with your inside hand at
the basket growing up a lot of times we are
taught that you need to finish with your outside
hand every time right? Your coaches tell you
there is a string between your knee and your
elbow just like that, but that doesn’t necessarily
always work especially for smaller players
right if your a smaller player and you are
constantly finishing like this bigs will come
out of no where and swat your shot a ton so
this inside hand pick up is nice because I
can time it get it off early as the defender
is behind me and now my body is protecting
the basketball Gibson can’t come and get the
ball because I am extending out with my inside
hand. Now if I come out with my outside hand
he has a much better chance at getting to
it so it’s kind of like the first one where
we extend out rather that up, but instead
its with out inside hand and we are protecting
the ball with out shoulder on this back side
if you can do that you will get a lot of easy
looks. Alright next we have the body contact
finish this is a great finish if you are a
smaller guard or a shorter guard or maybe
if you aren’t as strong as some players it’s
a great way to initiate contact and that way
you can get an open look and sort of stun
the defender so it all starts the same you
beat your man. So now lets say he’s riding
your hip a little bit more and you don’t have
an open lane to the hoop instead the best
way that I like to do it and the way kyrie
does it is getting contact high with his tri-cep
on the defenders chest or upper body. As soon
as I come in I want to create the contact
high with this off arm so even if it gets
knocked down it gets slapped I can still finish
with my right so the idea is to create the
contact first before they are ready to jump
if gibson is getting ready timing his jump
if I come in and try to create contact it’s
going to be off balanced and I’m going to
knock me kind of off balance a little bit
so what we want to do is the exact same thing
but I want to create contact before I jump
and jump off of that contact right if you
can create the contact first its going to
make it so he cant jump and your going to
get an open look at the basket and possibly
an and 1 so from there all you have to do
is create contact first boom jump off and
finish high off the glass for the easy finish
again work on finishing with both hands. Because
you never know what situation your going to
be in. Alright so if this video helped you
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Alright again I’m coach Collin Castellaw with
Shotmechanics basketball thanks for watching,
and until next time Splash on.

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