How to Train a Parrot : Training Games for Parrots

How to Train a Parrot : Training Games for Parrots

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I am speaking
on behalf of Expert Village on parrot training.
And what we are going to do is a game that
I call follow the leader. What follow the
leader is, is that if you are dealing with
a bird that doesn’t like physical touch and
stuck inside of its cage and doesn’t want
to have anything to do with you. You are going
to start teaching them how to follow a lead
to get the behavior that you want. For instance,
I am going to teach Missy bird how to approach
this little ball to get a treat. So if Missy
bird sees this ball, the second she approaches
it, I tell her ‘good’, use the bridge, and
give her a treat. Next time, we do the same
thing, and what I want her to do is actually
touch this ball with her beak. So again, I
will show her the ball, as she approaches
it, ‘good’, she got close. So I will give
her another treat. You want to make sure that
when you are using treats, that they are very
small. If you give them a big treat, they
get full too quickly, and they are also going
to take too long to get between behaviors.
So again, the same ball, ‘good’, she got real
close, didn’t touch the ball, but it was close
enough for me to give her the bridge and show
her the treat again. So I am going to show
her the ball again, so nothing. This is going
to happen, they are going to back track, so
you just keep showing them the ball and keep
going back to the activity and eventually
they will figure out what it is that you want.
There is nothing here but me and the ball.
She is trying to think that well maybe if
I beg or look cute, we will get past to what
I am trying to get her to do. So good, she
figured it out again. So she will get a treat.
This will take some time. Again, some times
you will have to do two or three sessions
in a day, for a weeks time before they really
figure it out. The nice thing is this allows
you to bridge other behaviors, such as going
to the other side of the cage or stepping
onto another perch later.

57 thoughts on “How to Train a Parrot : Training Games for Parrots”

  1. u'll be bitten at least in the beginning if u want to train it. i got some wounds on my hands from Congo african grey. There's no way to aviod bites completely if the bird doesn't trust u. Think this way, ur bird won't take a finger out of ur hand, so it's ok to get wounded XD.

  2. First off, you need to not to scared when you approach your bird. The reason why other family members can handle the bird without being bitten is because they're not scared, so your bird can trust them more. You need to be confident and calm when handling birds, because they'll pick up on it otherwise and not feel comfortable with you. Try doing things with the bird that don't require you holding it until you feel comfortable, like target training or offering treats.

  3. it isnt always because they are stressed or depressed lol. sometimes they are bored sometimes they dont like the color of the wall , sometimes it is a chemical imbalance or even a feather desease. so many reasons! but even if they look like that they can be the happiest birds! i had taken in a few cockatoos that looked like that and they were happy and healthy!

  4. Its neither. When birds are sick, or very bored, they pluck out their feathers. Its not abuse, its very normal in parrots. 🙂

  5. when you train a bird, can you teach them several things in a day, or fully complete one trick before moving to the next?

  6. I used that techn on my afric grey. He would not let you handle him at all. He saw me pet/kiss the dogs, the cat, make a huge fuss over my other bird. He wanted that attention too. So slowly he got used to my touch. Of course I was bitten every day for over a yr. But in the end he stepped up, let me pet his head, body, chin. He was a fantastic bird in the end.
    He was terrified of the trng stick. I couldnt even pick it up 7ft away from him. I had to use my hand.

  7. Birds are not supposed to look like that, they do that when they are stressed or unhappy, she's probably stressed from having things like the ball thing that frightens her stuck in her space

  8. @Doggius437 there is actually no evidence that feather plucking is down to stress or depression, it can be a number of things including poor diet, calcium defeciancy and lots of other things but no one knows for certian. i have seen people with very happy birds that are loved and cared for still pluck their feathers.

  9. @pinkie2323 Birds love attention and that ball is everything birds love about interaction with people: treats and attention. …seriously don't talk if you don't know what you're talking about.

  10. @HardcoreSerious I actually do know what I'm talking about. A happy bird would not pluck themselves like that. I didn't say anything about birds not liking attention and treats, I have my own bird, she gets attention and treats every night. The difference between my bird and that one is that mine is happy. I'm also not saying that this owner is abusing the bird just that it is obviously unhappy or stressed in some way.

  11. @razzaldazzal13 it depends where you live,if you live in famous cities like chicago or los angeles you would probably find one near a local pet store.

  12. whats a good bird treat? I'd like to start training my SunConure. I heard training sessions help increase your bond with your bird and decrease their shrieking habit.

  13. my yellow sided green cheek won't come close to me what do i do shes only 14 weeks old i got here about 2 weeks ago pls help.

  14. Thank YOU… Its so wonderful to finally see videos that really show the right way to handle, care for, and train, birds… I will be sharing "ALL" your vids with my customers…
    Sheila ~:}

  15. This is an umbrella cockatoo who looks like she/he does because of self inflicted pulled out feathers due to stress, boredom, etc. Not uncommon. These are VERY smart creatures who need a lot of stimulation.

  16. lady !!!
    did ya get a head injury?
    the bird looks like piranhas got it….
    Obviously the bird has phschotic problems….
    and you look dumb and cruel with it. like you beat it if it doesn't comply…

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