How to win a lottery by using winning lottery numbers

so I wanted to talk to you about
something unusual here on let’s talk to
you about the lottery and it’s not the
sort of thing you’d expect to see on
this channel for example I mean you
can’t make money at the lottery there’s
no defined strategy that says well if
you do this you will make money now on
sports trading that’s definitely the
case and all many other forms or other
things that’s the case but the lottery
is completely random and it is very
little that you can do to influence it
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trial so you may think it’s unusual I’m
talking about the lottery because it’s a
random event and I can definitely
confirm that it is a random event
you can’t influence the outcome of a
ball dropping at random from a random
machine by random draw by random person
on a random day there’s nothing you can
do you know the fact it’s appeared five
times in the past doesn’t mean that it
will or will not appear on the next
floor there’s nothing you can do to
influence others no runs this you know
when they do lotteries they make them as
random as possible and if you analyze
all of the stats of the number of balls
that have dropped in the number of draws
and variants thereof and they’re in it
does conform to that process it is
random and there’s nothing you can do to
overcome that well actually there is you
just buy more tickets that gives you
more chance but the chance of winning is
so small so tiny that you’ve got no
chance of winning anyway so you know
let’s get that out of the way first but
there is a way of entering the lottery a
bit more logically so if you run a
syndicate or you do something a bit more
different than nipping down the road and
picking up a ticket and filling it in if
you do something a bit more logical and
you have a bit more money to use you can
actually do sensible entries you can do
more logical entries it doesn’t increase
your chance of winning the only way of
doing that is to buy more tickets but
what it will do is it will guarantee
that you win a lot more money if you do
actually win so yeah you know it makes
sense to do a more logical entry into
the lottery what am I talking about
what’s he going on about well I’ve been
fascinated by combination
and the influence of people on
combinations for a number of years I did
it first of all when the football course
came around because I noticed that
people tended to enter the same patterns
on football pools than they did in terms
of the the chance of a draw occurring so
I tended to cluster and move my
selections around on the football pools
to avoid that and you can do the same on
the lottery what I’ve actually done is
I’ve reverse engineered all of the
drawers and the prizes so that I can
actually work out which numbers people
tend to select more often and if you
enter a ticket in the lottery and avoid
those numbers if you do win and of
course the chance of winning is the same
as if you choose one set of numbers as
another then you will win an awful lot
more and I’ve got Pierre proof of this
which I will put up on a on a graphic in
a second but the interesting thing is
when you actually look at which numbers
are written down there is a way of
reverse engineering to figure out what
because I don’t have access to the stats
on what entry people are putting on
these things I just don’t I have no idea
but you can reverse engineer it from all
of the stats that are available so I can
tell for example that the most
frequently ticked crossed filled in
number on the lottery is have a guess
it’s number seven so you know lucky
number seven is really interesting
people tend to choose that very
frequently you can see that in the stats
it’s the hottest number that people pick
if you look down I this was a surprise
to me because I had no concept of this
but if you look at the next most picked
number it is number 23 and when I saw
that I thought well that’s an anomaly
let me check my data and but it was it
stood out like a sore thumb I was
thinking 23 23 I don’t understand why 23
would be picked and it turns out there’s
a whole cult around the number 23 I had
no idea until I googled it but check it
out have a look and see but number 23 is
written down very very frequently third
most frequently number written down
according to my stats is number 17
not sure why that is there’s probably
some significance there whatever and
then we’ve got number 12 and so on and
so forth but if you actually go down
this list the first thing that you
noticed is that there are hot numbers
and cold numbers so the hot numbers are
clustered the draw at the moment it’s
going to changing but the draw goes up
to 49 numbers but the cold nerd the hot
numbers rather are clustered between
numbers 1 and 31 so obviously people are
using birth dates or dates and/or dates
anniversaries deaths divorces whatever
to select the numbers you can see that
all of the hot numbers are clustered in
those rows and then as you get beyond to
the number 31 people just generally
don’t select them so you know the best
bit of advice is to ignore all those
numbers below 31 because if a cluster of
numbers come in within that grouping
then you may win but you may have to
share your prize with a lot of people
and the interesting thing was that this
did occur once very early on in one of
the early lottery draws were 133 people
won the jackpot so you can imagine all
these people going oh hey I’ve won
fantastic I wrote down the number seven
and all of these lucky numbers but so
did everybody else so they didn’t win
any money and that must have been a bit
gutting really but of course you know it
doesn’t make any sense to do that
because you have to share your lottery
win with other people so you choose the
numbers that are cold the ones that
people don’t or unlikely to choose
because all those cold numbers will be
the ones that when they turn up you will
win all of the money millions and
millions of pounds hopefully so yeah but
if you look at cold numbers as well of
course you know what is the most common
or one of the most common cold numbers
have a guess you know what number is
always referred to as being unlucky
yeah it’s number 13 people don’t choose
the number 13 so that’s an exception to
the rule of of hot numbers lower than 31
but the funny thing is there is one hot
number above 31 that occurs regularly
people keep on picking time and time
again can you have a guess at what that
number is a number above 31 but lower
than 49 that is very hot that people
choose very regularly any ideas
the number is the answer to life the
universe and everything 42 so people are
choosing 42 because of the douglas adams
book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy
it’s remarkable but you can see it
within the stats but the message that I
give to you generally is to avoid all
those numbers below 31 I’m going to
bring up a graphic that shows you all of
the numbers their positions and whether
they’re hot or not and you can have a
look at that but basically most of the
cold numbers sit in that range further
up from 31 onwards and I’ve got several
versions of this which I will put onto
the video but basically you can see
fairly clearly that all of the cold
numbers are in the 40s so I suggest that
you choose sort of you know 33 37 40 43
I almost said 42 don’t use 42 47 48 and
also humans have this terrible tendency
to not be able to replicate randomness
so randomness could be 38 39 40 41 42
but when humans see a sequence like that
they don’t think it’s random so it’s not
ridiculous to think that you would
actually choose a string of numbers
above that level as well that would
probably work quite as well there is a
whole nother thing I can talk about
which is optimal covering combinations
but that’s too extensive for this sort
of video so maybe if there is interest
in what I’ve said on this particular
video and the charts that I’ve been
posting up are of interest to you I can
talk to you about optimal covering
combinations as well because it’s a bit
of math it doesn’t improve your chance
of winning but it will give you the
maximize the entry that you’re putting
into there so will basically maximize a
set of numbers that you decide to choose
but anyway I thought that may be of
interest to you these are some of the
weird things I get up to I analyze all
sort of things hurricanes
hurricane season I trying predict every
year numbers are you know I just enjoy
that sort of thing and so I thought I’d
share this information with you about
the lottery if you’re interested in
learning more about that angel visit bet
angel calm and download a free trial

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