How to Win at Blackjack –

How to Win at Blackjack –

Hey everyone! Welcome to our video tutorial.
In this video we’re going to teach you some basic blackjack strategy. Blackjack is both a game of
luck and a game of skill. This means that using strategy, one is
able to greatly increase his or her winning chances. Let’s launched a new
round to show you the first strategy we’d like to teach you. The first trick we’re going to teach you is
to always hit when the dealer’s up-card is a high-value card such as a 9,
10 or Ace. This is because in these cases the dealer has a very low
probability of going bust and a high probability of finishing his hand
between 17 and 21. In these cases we should hit even if we
are somewhat close to 21. So let’s hit. And as you can see
the dealer came really close to 21 and he didn’t bust. But
fortunately we hit 21 and won. Let’s play a new round. The second strategy we’re going
to teach you is to always stand when your hand value is above 14 and
the dealer’s up-card is a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. This is because in these
cases it’s statistically proven that it’s very likely that the dealer will go bust.
So let’s stand. And like predicted the dealer busted. This
is because the dealer is forced to hit until 17. Starting with a low
initial had value the dealer is forced to hit many times to reach 17,
increasing his chances to bust. Let’s play one final round. The last tip we’re going to give
you is to double down when your initial hand value is either 10 or
11 and the dealer’s up card is a low value card. So let’s double down. And we won. This strategy is very
similar to the previous one because it assumes that the dealer will be forced
to deal himself many cards to reach 17 and as such increase the chance
of going bust. And that’s all for this tutorial. Remember these tips next time you play
blackjack and you’ll surely notice a difference in your bankroll.
Thanks for watching!

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