How to Win Pick 3 with the 12/21 Strategy!! 2019 Lottery Strategy

Hey everyone, Kate here bringing you a new
Pick 3 strategy that you can apply in your
I’m going to walk you through it and show
you how you can use it, whether you are just
starting playing the lottery or you have been
playing for years.
This is a great one to apply either by itself
or combine it with another strategy.
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Alright, so I’m going to start with this example
of our new strategy.
This is from South Carolina.
Their draw on the 21st of January was 189.
So the first thing you’re going to do is look
at the previous draw for your state, in this
case it’s 189.
You’re going to look for the front and back
With the 189 I’m going to use the 18 and 89.
You would not use 19, just front and back
So I’ve got the 18 here, 89 here.
And you can see I’m adding 12 to each number.
In this strategy you’re either using the number
12 or 21.
I’ll get to the 21 shortly but for this example
with South Carolina I’m just using number
So I’m adding 12 to 18, that gives me 30.
I’m adding 12 to 89, that gives me 101.
In this case you’re not using lottery math
where you would drop a number.
If you get a 3 digit number, that’s ok just
right out the 3 digit number.
And over here I’m using those front and back
pairs again, 18 and 89, and I’m subtracting
So that gives me 18 minus 12 gives me 6.
And when you have a single digit number like
that put the 0 in front.
And then 89 minus 12 is 77.
So once you have those numbers from those
equations, you’re going to line them up in
chronilogical order as I’ve done here.
And then you’re going to use them like a lottery
You would pick your combinations of numbers
to play based on this set of numbers that
you get from those equations.
Now this is where it comes in handy if you
want to combine it with a rundown or tic tac
toe or any other strategy you like.
Or at the very least, look at your hot,cold,overdue
numbers and see which of these numbers you
could combine with those.
After the 21st, their draws had 633, you see
the 6 and 3 in there.
031 right here and 016 right here.
So all of these combinations came from that
set of numbers.
But also I want to point out that 031 were
also the hot numbers for that week in South
Carolina so that’s why it’s always good to
compare these with your hot, cold, overdue
numbers because that can help you pick combinations
from that set of numbers.
So that’s how you do it with 12.
Its’ the same thing with number 21.
The difference is just that some states work
better with number 12, some states work better
with 21.
Just flipping those numbers, something with
the algorithm makes that more relevant to
some states than others.
So when you backtrack, as you should do with
any strategy, try it both ways, 12 or 21.
In Idaho they work better with 21.
The way it works is the same thing with the
front and back pairs.
So 276 was their draw on the 21st.
So I’ve got 27 here and 76 here.
So I’m adding 21 to each number.
That gives me 48 and 97.
And here I’m going to subtract 21 from 27
and 76.
That gives me 06 and 55.
So again I just wrote out those numbers that
come from those equations.
And you would use the lottery wheel strategy
to come up with combinations.
They had 877, 505, and 895 which all came
from here.
Also I want to point out that often times
when you see a double like this 55 that’s
an indication that a double is going to be
And here they had the 505 so that’s where
that 505 came from, from the 55.
So this is a good strategy if you like playing
doubles because it can help predict those.
But again, you just need to figure out what
works better for your state, the 12 or the
21 in the equation.
Because it’s different with each state.
But then I’ve got South Carolina and Idaho’s
numbers for the coming week with the 12 and
21 respectively.
Their draw in South Carolina was 204 last
evening so you break that up into the 20 and
04, front and back pairs.
Adding 12 to 20 gives me 32.
12 + 4 is 16.
20 minus 12 gives me 8.
And then here you don’t want a negative number
so I wrote it this way so it wouldn’t be confusing
with the front and back pair but you’re actually
subtracting 12 minus 4 so that you don’t get
a -8.
But the 8 would be your equation answer and
then here you would have the numbers spelled
out as far as what numbers you’re choosing
to make combinations with.
Like I said you always want to look at your
hot, cold, overdue numbers.
So these are the combinations that I came
up with for South Carolina for the coming
week if you’re using this strategy.
Then for Idaho they had 105 yesterday for
the night draw.
And here I’ve got 10 and 05 for your back
and front pairs.
So I’m adding 21 here, adding 21 here to get
31 and 26.
And then here I put it 21 minus 10 and 21
minus 05.
It’s the same thing with the 10 and 05, I
just put the 21 on top so it wouldn’t be confusing
as far as getting negative numbers.
But that would give you 11 and 16.
So the numbers that you would have from these
equations would be 1,2, 3, and 6.
So you come up with combinations from that.
And these are the numbers I’m choosing for
Here, the 11 is why I’m playing a double,
131 for the double ones there.
So let me know in the comment section if you
have any questions about this strategy.
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Good luck everyone!

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