How to Write Great Instagram Captions

How to Write Great Instagram Captions

Instagram might be all about the visuals,
but without a scroll-stopping caption, your
post won’t get the engagement you want.
And you need those likes and comments.
Because the more engagement your posts get,
the more visible they will be to your followers.
So pause before you hit post, and channel
your creative copywriting skills.
Captions should be brief.
While there’s a 2,200 character count limit,
your viewers will need to click “more”
to view anything after the first 125 characters.
Make those first three to four lines count.
Leave hashtags, mentions, and any extra information
for the end.
Brevity might not always be an option though.
Sometimes you have a story so great, you need
a long caption to do it justice.
Add line breaks to create clear, easy-to-read copy.
Simply press the “123” button on your
phone’s keyboard,
and you’ll find the “return” key.
On Instagram, you should adopt a lighthearted
tone and avoid the hard sell.
This is a platform where you can be clever,
fun, and even a little silly.
One way to add some personality to your posts
is to include emojis in your captions.
It’s sometimes the only copy you need.
Now, if puns and punchy one-liners don’t
align with your brand’s voice,
stick with a tone that’s relatable and consistent.
Once you’ve perfected your caption, add
relevant hashtags to get found in search
— but no more than five unless you want to appear spammy.
Drive engagement by including a call-to-action.
Ask viewers to double tap if they agree, tag
a friend, or comment.
To drive traffic to your site or another channel,
include a “click the link in our bio” CTA.
Use strong action verbs to encourage a response
from viewers.
Finally, always check for spelling and grammatical
errors before you share.
So before you upload your next Instagram-worthy image,
spend a few minutes writing and revising a compelling caption.
Your followers will be sure to reward you
with likes and comments.

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  2. Interesting because there seems to be different beliefs on the amount of hashtags used. Some say max of 5 and others say use the max of 30. Confusing

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