How Trump Blew Up Presidential Debate Traditions | NYT News

How Trump Blew Up Presidential Debate Traditions | NYT News

“Why do you lie?”
“Donald, Donald.”
“Why do you lie?
That’s wrong.
That’s wrong.
Totally wrong.
Oh I know, you’re a
tough guy, Jeb.”
“You’re never going to be
president of the United States —”
“You’re a real tough,
Jeb, yeah —”
“by insulting your way to
the presidency.”
Well let’s see, I’m at 42
and you’re at three so,
so far, I’m doing better.”
“Doesn’t matter.
Doesn’t matter.”
“Terms were laid out.
I wrote about that in —”
Trump: “You called it
the gold standard.
“Well I —”
You called it the
gold standard of trade deals.
You said it’s the finest deal
you’ve ever seen.
So is it
President Obama’s fault?
Is it President Obama’s fault?”
“He has consistently
denied what is —
“— a very clear fact.”
“Before the invasion,
he supported it.”
“I would not have nominated —”
“You pushed him.
You pushed him.”
“I supported him —”
“You worked with him
and you pushed him.”
“For five years,
you perpetuated a false claim
that the nation’s
first black president was
not a natural-born citizen.
The question is:
What changed your mind?”
“Well, nobody was pressing it.
Nobody was caring
much about it.
I was the one that got
him to produce
the birth certificate.
And I think I did a good job.
This guy’s a choke artist.
And this guy’s a liar.”
“But what we want to
do is to replenish —”
“Such a nasty woman.
You are the
single biggest liar.
You probably are
worse than Jeb Bush.
Nasty guy,
now I know why he doesn’t
have one endorsement.”
“The New York Times published
three pages of your
1995 tax returns, but you
have not answered,
though, a simple question:
Did you use that
$916 million loss
to avoid paying personal
federal income taxes?”
“Of course, I do.
Of course, I do.
And so do all of her donors,
or most of her donors.”
“He has a long record of
engaging in racist behavior
and the ‘birther’ lie
was a very hurtful one.”
“I got to watch, in
preparing for this,
some of your debates
against Barack Obama.
You treated him with
terrible disrespect.”
“There is a tradition
in this country,
in fact, one of the
prides of this country,
is the peaceful
transition of power.
And that no matter how
hard-fought a campaign is,
that at the
end of the campaign,
that the loser
concedes to the winner.
Not saying that
you’re necessarily
going to be the
loser or the winner.
Are you saying
you’re not prepared now
to commit to that principle?”
“What I’m saying is that
I will tell you at the time.
I’ll keep you in suspense.”

100 thoughts on “How Trump Blew Up Presidential Debate Traditions | NYT News”

  1. Just playback things he has said in the past about the question he just answered, he always contradicts himself. That way you can reply back to every single thing he criticizes with something he already said.

  2. The G20 summit is important enough to garner ALL of Trumps’s effort in representing the history of the United States of America as a leader in the free world, the democratic world 🌎. Why the devil does the media supplant and divert attention from that noble leadership where he FAILS MISERABLY? By not keeping the focus on his great failure you encourage him to weigh in only on domestic issues with cheap, salacious, and tawdry antics that only really interest those who are like him. Where are the moralists? Where is the Church amidst all the grabbing of women? Is that what they yearn to do too? Is that why he appears to be their hero? Get a grip before Russia does and Putin becomes your comrade-in-chief!

  3. Even though he is not the best leader nor likable, you have to admit that he won probably in all debates.

  4. There needs to be on off switch on Spanky's microphone so as to help him with his lack of class , manners and never ending talking over people .

  5. The Democrats don’t debate. They pander for more votes, using the free government subsidized stuff.”

  6. Everytime I listen to the debates with Clinton my heart shatters. It amazes me that even though she won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes she isn’t allowed to represent the people. And I know that it might be hard to get perspective of how many 2.9 million people are when you have a population of more than 330 million people. But 2.9 million votes is as much as 45% of all votes cast in the Swedish election in 2018. I think it’s, to put it simply, crazy!

  7. You lost me at 00:53. The birth certificate thing was racist somehow? Because black people don't have birth certificates or something?

  8. Good for him! Look how the media mistreated obedient Andrew Yang. NBC silenced his mic while not to others. Disrupt the corporate establishment media!!! ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🇺🇸✨

  9. He fooled everyone with his Make America Great Again! When was ever Great? His insults, his outburst his criticizing and lies about Mexico will pay for the wall. While he was in the debate he was colluding with Russia he's such a crook.

  10. And despite all the facts that you failed nyt brought to us, he won by landslide nd the biggest fakenews journal couldn’t predicted his win

  11. Step 1 politicians, do not attempt to say anything about Trump. He’s a good teaser, gets everyone all frustrated and makes them look like cry babies.

  12. We all remember the badly brought up and most unpresidential son of Queens being permitted by the amateur moderators to stalk around the stage during his “debate” with Hillary Clinton at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, on Sunday 9 October 2016.

    His tiger-in-a-zoo performance should have been stopped, but bizarrely it was not. (The bone spurs on his heels must have been causing him agony.)

    Anyway, the world wonders what kinds of predatory behavior the (better chosen? better trained?) moderators will permit the current undocumented part-time squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to indulge in during the “debates” for the 2020 presidential election.

  13. well thats a businessman for ya- ruthless and cut throat,- trump has changed politics… btw that is not a compliment but an observation

  14. Dominated the debates. Dominated the Democrats. Dominated should of been one of the sections in this video.

  15. What a joke. He blew up Presidential debate traditions by not saying whether he'll accept the results… and yet most of the dems out there STILL haven't accepted the results

  16. lol they pretending Hillary didn't act worse than him. I'm not a Trump supporter but come on stop pretending.

  17. just an idea but if he keeps interrupting like this then pull them all off the stage and do it on a one on one basis… that way he can not play this stupid game ! please spread that idea as log as we let him do this he will and the messages that others have will get lost.

  18. Hes making America Great again and yall americans are crying that russian interference in the presidential debate is a hoax.. smh

  19. It obviously wasnt bad , HE WON

    And will win again. Tbh , it was the best 18 months of tv ive ever seen. The man is the best comedian going at the minute. Politics will never be the same again post trump! " the loser concedes to the winner " , and we are all still waiting on them conceding. Ironic

  20. I bought your paper today hoping to get some good reporting about our President crossing over to the NK border…your article and whole paper sucks and I want my money back

  21. He blew up the other candidates! Why is NYT publishing this now? A cover up for the failed democrats debate?

  22. Trump could have been a rap artist. This guys a choke artist this guys a liar🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. He is the common people's answer to the rich,costal leftist elites. No wonder elite NYT is cringe and frustrated lol

  24. “Racist controversy” wtf is that? That hr thought obama was born in kenya? Is that racist? How? Just because obama happens to be black does not mean its racist.

  25. He was strong, went in against the odds and mopped the floor with them. Angry lil liberals. Enjoy 4 more years. Love you ❤️

  26. When it’s a candidates turn to speak they should have their microphone turned on and when it is not their turn to speak they should have their microphone turned off

  27. He is just a showman. I actually find him funny sometimes when he tries to pretend he is smart. What I really dislike are those who support him. They should be held accountable, as ultimately the responsibility of a lot of his misdeeds falls with them. And they are a big chunk of America but numbers don’t matter. You can be part of a big mob and you’re still a fool.

  28. I have it figured out.trump is so ignorant so stupid.that his supporters have to be even more ignorant more sturdier because they actually think he's smart.they actually think he tells the truth all the time.a bunch of delusional ,ignorant people out there.I guess thats the norm for being a Republican.

  29. Dinosaur msm taking clips out of context as usual in a desperate bid to remain relevant.
    You aren't news anymore. You are the enemies of the public & only produce tabloid hit pieces & propaganda.

  30. So cool how Trump sticked up for Ben Carson, These 2020 debates shall be fun. He always makes everything entertaining, knows hows to run this country better than everybody else to.

  31. Trump has never had a rating above 50 % as the only president in modern
    time. In many european countries it is around 10 % (contrary to Obama's
    80 %).

  32. Trump has never had a rating above 50 % as the only president in modern
    time. In many european countries it is around 10 % (contrary to Obama's
    80 %).

  33. For all the Jesus-followers, it is very helpful to be sure of the relationships with others through understanding the story of Good Samaritan from Luke: 10 :25-37: 1 the good Samaritan-those who are kind and sympathitic to you, know God but their knowledge on God is imperfect or even polluted;; these people Jesus asks us to treat as good neighbors and then to love them like loving ourselves; 2 the robber-those who are cruel, aggressive and violent, Jesus here has no words on him, but in the whole Bible, there are many Biblical teachings on them, which help us to know how to treat the relationship with them while knowing their doomed end if they never repent; 3 the priest- those who have well-knownly correct knowledge on God but scarcely practices this knowledge, even Godly love-the core of this knowledge on God, yes, they are hypocrite; Jesus curses them very much but teaches us to follow their words, not to follow their deeds; 4 the staff of the Hotel-those who are normal business persons striving for their bread with no thoughts on God, better than robbers but worse than the good Samaritan; they account for the majority of people; Jesus hope us to tell them good news although He does not speak this here.

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