100 thoughts on “How we handle AWKWARD Situations (LET’S PLAY It’s Blunderful)”

  1. I know this is a brand deal to play the game as written, but you guys should come up with your own answers to the prompts. Much more personality driven.

  2. Oh it's my favorite show:

    "The Board Game show"
    "Valleyfolk play board valley boardvalley"
    "Board Valley"

  3. What an amazing group! Only person I would like to see added is Whitney. But these 5 are great (Also I just love Trisha so darn much 🙂 )

  4. Board to death?
    Dice valley?
    Roll playing?
    Friends Playing a board game but eventually it gets weirdly serious and we all have to stop (FPBGBEIGWSWAHTS)?

  5. Interested to see if this “SourcefedNerd” style is the direction the Valleyfolk is going to continue in and do the more abstract sketches only once in a while. Not a critique, however I wasn’t sure if these game videos plan on bridging the gap until they return to sketches. I’m just concerned they are going to try so hard to distance themselves from past styles that I think some, including myself, enjoyed just to provide a distinct line of separation in their videos post-Lee. Guess all we can do is watch and see.

  6. Joe and Trisha ain’t fooling me like they don’t know they body swapped! 😉 Do a backflip if you’re really Joe TRISH!

  7. Trisha just casually showing the world you can be a talented, beautiful female… And NOT use an iPhone! Had to rewatch that first 5 seconds just to make sure it wasn't an 11 in a case!

  8. This is super fun, like you guys playing games. Can kinda tell it was filmed when you were stressed a little bit but v funny and liked it a lot.

  9. Strong Sourcefed nostalgia going and I'm good with it. Would love to see some form the later gens get an invite to play. For the record I count the OGs to Meg as the Originals, Will to Maude as the Next Generation, and everyone after her as Deep Space 9.

  10. you guys should call it "Let's Play This Game" or LPTG for short. just play the clip of when steve says it every time the show starts lol

  11. Not trying to kill the mood or sumthin, but as a long fan of the og sourcefed, kinda weird watching this with trish as a guest, but without lee being there

  12. Is there going to be another announcement for two new additions? I won’t be surprised but I can’t say I’ll be 100% happy with it…

  13. Lets jump back to the part where Alana said "Steve, how many times has door dash come and I had to throw something on to go get it?"

  14. Alana you are beautiful, funny, goddess of a woman and i know you were just excited but please.. the screaming hurt my ears

  15. Please do a segment titled “The Uncanny Valleyfolk”!!! I have no idea what it will be about, but the name is sooo good.

  16. I would love it if a unanimous agreement from your friends against you means that you're wrong about yourself, lose some points, and everyone else gets points 🤣

  17. I'm very confused about Steve's second round score. Shouldn't he have 25 or 30? Unless they actually counted the practice round or cut a round.

  18. You win a national competition in your chosen field. Do you:

    a) Enjoy the experience with your fans
    b) Strengthen your team and soldier on
    c) Kick out the girl and explain nothing

  19. Should call the show "Valley of Board-dumb". Or maybe just Board Folk…
    Board Walkers?
    Damn, naming stuff is hard.
    Keep it up though, my favorite episodes of Sourcefed was all of you playing card games and the like.

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