How you’ve been making tea WRONG your entire life – BBC

How you’ve been making tea WRONG your entire life – BBC

I’ve always been told that there is a proper way to make a cup of tea and it looks like this: loose leaf tea…
…porcelain teapot, a tea strainer and some patience but…
…96% of us make a brew using a tea bag.
So what are the golden rules when making a cuppa using a mug and a bag?
An expert in the science of tea making, Dr. Stuart Farrimond has three top tips.
We’re starting with the takeaway tea we’re all familiar with, brewed in a Styrofoam cup.
Cheri, good to see you. Nice to see you, Dr. Stu.
First off I want you to make a cup of tea with a teabag as you would do normally.
Boil some water.
Teabag… in.
(Sing-song voice) Lah lah lah lah.
That looks good to me.
Leaves a lot to be desired Cheri.
(Stage whisper)How could you say that?
What is wrong with this cup of tea?
You’re using a Styrofoam cup, which is a particularly bad…
…way of making tea.
Styrofoam absorbs flavor molecules reducing the tastiness of the tea.
So Stu’s first tip is: choose what you drink from wisely.
There’s a lot of psychology behind when we taste things. So here we have a nice red mug. I love that color
That’s actually the same color as my mug at home
The same drink out of a red mug will taste sweeter than one out a white mug
So our brain is a huge factor in how we taste.
Research shows that we associate certain colors with certain tastes: red suggests ripeness and sweetness.
What else don’t you like about my cup of tea?
Type of water that you using.
That is hard water.
Now what happens when you use hard water to make a cup of tea is sometimes you get that scum on the top.
Got the scum.
Lovely, so what’s happening is some of the flavor compounds…
…are reacting with the calcium and then they form this gummy layer.
So you’re actually losing flavor. What you’re seeing on the top there, is actually some of the flavor that’s being lost in that scum.
Tip 2: if you have hard water, filter it before boiling.
This removes some of the calcium and magnesium residues…
…and you’ll get a tastier clearer cup.
Now I’ve got my cup and my water right, Stu is ready with his most important top teabag tip.
I would like you now to make yourself a cup of tea, but we’re gonna leave it longer.
Five minutes.
Cheri: Five minutes?
Cheri: That’s a long time.
The amount of time that we steep…
…our tea bags for does make a difference.
Cheri: Surely the tea will be ruined.
Try and see what you think.
Tea bag in.
(Clicks start timer) Here we go.
I mean I would never have the patience to brew my tea this long.
Stu: It is a long time but it’s gonna be too hot…
…to drink anyway, so you’ve got to leave it.
There’s more (of) the flavor coming out and also the more caffeine comes out, the stronger the tea will be.
There’s also more (of) the antioxidants coming out.
Tea is a great source of antioxidants and these are natural substances that our body uses to help fight disease.
So it is important that you leave it to brew.
Three two one, quick get out!
Okay, right
Dr. Stu can show me the difference a five-minute brew makes to levels of caffeine and antioxidants in tea.
A UV spectrometer measures the light the caffeine absorbs revealing its concentration.
So we’ve analyzed that data and we found the amount of caffeine in the two cups of tea, so in your cuppa…
…just 30 seconds, there was 35 milligrams of caffeine in that cup whereas in mine…
…we’re coming up to 50 milligrams of caffeine.
If you’re a bit more patient, you get more bang for your buck.
Stu: You do indeed.
And it’s not only caffeine that increases with that longer brew.
Antioxidant levels more than double.
Leaving it for that extra period of time you’re getting a lot more of the health benefits that are in the tea.
But does any of this actually make any difference to taste?
You tell me if you think it was worth it.
This actually has flavor and tastes.
Delicious. And it makes this taste like…
…hot water.
So the mug…
…the water, the color, the flavor…
It is…
…without doubt…
…the perfect cup of tea.

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  1. i find that pouring boiling water is a bad idea as it will burn the tea and the bag… gives a strange taste.. i wait thirty secs after a rolling boil to pour the water in… much better taste

  2. I'm Brazilian and here tea is more like 'medicine'. Anyway I used to drink tea at night and normally follow some rules: never get the water boiled- it only has to be hot enough to make a good infusion, never add any other things like sugar or milk and drink it in a mug.

  3. It's funny we as Arab and British people are obsession about tea but the people in my city they took it tonext level in drinking tea, they create new flavors and compete with each other which one's who make the best tea drink tea all the time

  4. I feel sad when people say they don’t like tea when all they have had is commercial grocery store black tea. There is a whole world of tea out there. Water for tea ☕️ should not be at a boil rather just under.

  5. The reasons we pushed The Brits out of our country:
    1. They introduced us to tea.
    2. Made us addicts.
    3. Forgot how to make it anymore.

  6. You are British – you should know better. You have been making tea INCORRECTLY your entire life. Ya been making it WRONG is very ‘merican

  7. I warm up my mug with a bit of hot water before placing tea bag in. I boil my filtered water in a kettle on the stove. Depending on the type of tea I am having I will brew anywhere from 5-10 min. I also like to cover the mug with a lid while the tea brews.😉☕

  8. what is point to add milk?
    do you drink tea or milk?
    you spend fortune for excellent tea and then you destroy him with milk???
    so barbaric :O

  9. There are some tricks for making tea, without any actural rules, laws:) or consititutions:)) 茶有经无道

  10. What?..I always drink my coffee or tea from my favorite Dart Vader helm mug…It's taste good, at least for

  11. I think the mug thing only works if you don't know what your tasting. And I've drank my tea in many different cups and guess what it tastes the 100% same each time, even in Styrofoam why? because i know what tea frigging tastes like. Now if i tried a new type of tea maybe it would be different, but i prolly think not. I think the color thing only effects a percentage of people, and by the way tea its maximally brewed for 3-4 mins but no longer than 5.

  12. Ask the Somalis how they make the real tea which we call Dhake jabiye, AMA Baraad ,,, the milk we use are fresh out of the camels 🐪 for adults and cows 🐄 for the young or those who want to gain more fat

  13. Tea bag, water temperature, mug infusion, milk … feel also the wrong way to make excellent tea, sorry mr.scientist :/ Think about loose leaf instead of dusty/broken leaf in most bags (it'll be not bitter and can re-infuse), using smaller teapot (tasting set about 4 oz are pretty cheap, practical and not too weird for co-workers. You use only 2 g of loose leaf and can re-infuse. Smaller amount of water is better because the taste diffuse better than huge amount of water). It's a good beginning.

  14. Firstly, who the fuck takes the tea bag out after 30 seconds? Hell, I just leave mine in while drinking it. Secondly, boiling hot water? You're gonna burn the tea that way. With black tea, it does have the be brewed between 180-212 F (82-100 C), but it starts boiling at 212, so you should definitely let it cool a bit before burning your tea as it will definitely be above the boiling point if you immediately pour it in after boiling it. Lastly, the creamer should be added either before adding the water, or after the five minute period, not right after pouring your cup. This is because if you add it immediately afterwards, you are cooling the water and could potentially lower the temperature below the threshold required. Adding it before, while heating the water, lets the creamer approach room temperature and you're heating the creamer as opposed to cooling the water. An added benefit to adding the creamer before is that the tea will absorb more into the creamer, giving you a better taste in my opinion.

  15. The real way to make tea:
    1. Take a tati
    2. Take a James charles.
    3. Put them together.
    4. Watch as the miracle unfolds

  16. Actually brewing any tea 5 minutes would be a mistake. The time of infusion depends on the color of the tea.

    Generally :

    3’ and 75 degrees for green tea
    4’ and 85 degrees for black tea
    5’ and 90 degrees for Pu Erh tea
    6-7’ 95 degrees for oolong tea
    8-10’ and 85 degrees for white tea

    Also don’t use tea bags. Leaves need space to reveal their aromas correctly. Of course no milk nor sugar.

    You don’t have to use a red mug haha… Just use a tea cup that you like (glass, porcelain, iron, clay)

    If you wanna go further, you also can infuse your tea with traditional methods (Gong fu Cha, Kyusu teapot..)

    But using boiling water on a tea bag, brewing it 5 min and calling it the best way to prepare it ? All wrong man.

    Peace, tea lovers !🍵

  17. Lol I never had tea in my life 🤣🤣 but wtf I thought you just put a bag with water in a cup into the microwave? Or am I truppin

  18. a great cup of tea is a perfect drink after a perfect good meal but also try a different type of coffee. click the link to find out how strong coffee is made of:

  19. arrrr….too good.

  20. Oh no. Didn't wash off the tea leaves before the first brew. Also, the temperature! This was boiling, not the ideal 70-80 degrees (depending on the source and type of tea).
    I actually prefer 3-4 minutes for a sweeter taste. At 5 minutes I find my tea develops more bitter flavours; which also happens at a 100 degrees btw (because the tea leaves get burnt). Honestly the boiling water was pure shocking

  21. Now a days there is a procedure for everything but I go by something call indigenous procedure 😂. And I don't need a lab..come to India,you will still find good tea without this following this procedure.

  22. Can this time be applied to all sorts of tea? Because if you leave some for as long as 5 minutes, the flavor gets bitter and it´s not pleasant any longer, taking into account that I´m talking about prestigious brands.

  23. I keep making my teA with Columbian grounds , it seems ok to me

    Post Script: you also drive on the wrong side of the road, you'll kill a scottsman eventually

  24. She made it wrong, she used green top instead of red top, green top makes everything taste milky and shit, red top makes it taste a tiny bit salty also there's less fat.

    Once when I was in college I decided to make hot chocolate how I do at home exactly the same way but with green top and it tasted horrible nothing like the twining hot chocolate at home.

    I used red top on another day and it tasted exactly the same as my twinings hot chocolate.

    I don't know whether triangle tea bags are better than circular tea bags but I have grown up with Tetley my whole life.

    She didn't use a teaspoon and tablespoon to squeeze the tea bag.

    That guy in the labcoat doesn't know what he's on about, as soon as I have made my tea I can drink it, I boil the water to 90 degrees and yes the waters filtered.

    This is how I make my tea.

    1. Boil water to 90 degrees
    2. Get red top milk.
    3. Open food bin.
    4. Get brown sugar
    5. Place tea bag in cup on top of a sponge next to the sink.
    6. Pour water, if you use red top you pour less water because it has less fat.
    7. Get a tea spoon and table spoon and make sure to squeeze till all the tea comes out of the teabag, when it starts to split throw it away.
    8. Pour red top in and keep stirring with tea spoon.
    9. Your looking for a brown-grey type of colour.
    10. Put in how much sugar you want (I use 1 tea spoon of sugar) which is 6g, if you try and flatten it you get like 4g.
    11. Stir for 30 seconds (I don't know why but I like to)
    12. Hit the tea spoon 3 times on the cup (I don't know why but I do it all the time unconsciously when I make tea.)

  25. As soon as water boils add milk, then add tea. 1tsp per cup. Simmer for 5-6 mins. Add sugar after. Your perfect cup of tea. Dont boil water for too long.

  26. I just love tea with honey. Any kind of tea. I have mugs for tea. I don't have equipment to measure the hardness of the water. That's OK. In any degree of hard or soft water tea just tastes good to me.

  27. What a joke BBC, was expecting better quality content from yall.
    do some research u lazy bums.

  28. Uncle: "This tea tastes like nothing more than hot tea-juice!"
    Nephew: "Uncle… That is what all tea is like…"
    Uncle: "How can a member of my own family say something so… Outrageous?!"

  29. I'm not even British why am I watching this with great interest? Any British people wanna tell me what I'm missing out on by not drinking Tea?(I'm American)

  30. 5 minutes?! M8 the tea will be steve austin(Stone cold) the trick is you have to squeeze the tea bag like 10xs and stir well

  31. 🎶 ☕️ But there isn't any ROAR when the clock strikes FOUR… Everything Stops for Tea! ☕️ 🎶

  32. I wouldn't have boiled the water that hard though. I turn off the gas when tiny bubble form. I also use a cast iron sauce pan to evenly heat my water which I also use to heat up the milk. Milk will blend better with tea if it is also warm IMO. I haven't tried mug or cup colors but I do know this a typical mug has more insulation than bone white china which cools off faster. This can affect taste as the mug being ceramic will stay hot longer. In many ways the tea continues to cook. I love tea so there isn't much time for the tea to sit around. I also agree with steeping longer. I go 5-6 minutes. About the only thing I could improve upon is to filter my water. I have in the past and it can be night and day. Whatever you brew will taste cleaner.

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