“I Am Jesus Christ,” a Ridiculous New Video Game | The Daily Show

“I Am Jesus Christ,” a Ridiculous New Video Game | The Daily Show

Have you heard the good news
about Jesus? Yeah? Now, have you heard
the bad news about Jesus? NEWSWOMAN: This might
actually be the Holy Grail of new video games. It’s called I Am Jesus Christ, and it lets gamers play Jesus– to heal a blind man,
make fish appear in a bucket, and end a thunderstorm. The New Testament-inspired game
has not been released yet, but it is expected
to launch soon. (groaning, jeering) Okay, this… this is extremely offensive. Especially for me–
someone who has already accepted Super Mario as my video game
savior. I mean… And I say unto you, it’s-a me! -(laughter)
-Look, I’ll-I’ll be honest, I don’t want to play
a video game about Jesus. However, I do want to play
as Jesus in other video games. Think about it. Yeah. When Jesus was alive, he rolled
with sinners and prostitutes, so he’d kick ass
in Grand Theft Auto. He’d be amazing.
Or even better, I’d want Jesus to be in Madden
as a quarterback. Be like,
“What’s the play, Jesus?” “Hail Mary, same as every play.” (laughter) -(applause)
-Or… -(whooping, cheering)
-or… I’d want to play Jesus
in Mortal Kombat. Yeah, just ripping out
dudes’ spines, then immediately healing them. (deep voice):
Ressurrect him! So look, I don’t know
about this video game, but if you are gonna play it
and you do get stuck, at least we all know
the cheat code– it’s gonna be up-down-up-down-

100 thoughts on ““I Am Jesus Christ,” a Ridiculous New Video Game | The Daily Show”

  1. Come on at least make him brown, he’s not white. Also did he have a power meter? What happens when it runs out 😂😂

  2. Let's play Jesus inaccurately speaking English and looking "white."
    Would Jesus say this game is blasphemous?
    Up down up down left right A B

  3. Really???????
    Well ,Geez I'm glad that every religion is now worthless to the video game industry[
    Has every smart person now run out of ideas or what?

  4. To make a "game" out of Jesus' pain, suffering and ultimate sacrifice is outrageously sacrilegious, and speaks to where this world is right now. Smh

  5. This is stupid Trevor. Especially when such a thing is from a boy from Africa where religion has a great deal it hurts.

  6. As a long time gamer myself, I agree. Jesus is kind of boring as far as Religious figures go, but putting him in other games is an untapped market that needs exploring.

  7. No, but I heard the good news about you, little African boy… You're not a citizen… You'll be heading home soon with whatever cash you can stuff in your underwear…

  8. I hope that you know that this blasphemy and very offensive for any true Christian. Please do not carry on with this.

  9. Trevor I am very disappointed in you. I never for 1 minute thought that you would associate yourself with something so blasphemous. That is our Lord Jesus Christ our Creator!

  10. The avengers turned him down.
    He doesn't like trans people so the X-Men wouldn't accept him.
    The legion of doom was like, nah bro.
    And don't get me started on the DC universe.

  11. All religions are made up stories just like Santa Clause, but we finally tell kids that Santa Clause is a lie. Go figure !

  12. Great new!
    Overwatch is releasing a new test game mode
    There’s are a lot of new characters in every category
    But the add release shows a this New Support character who heals instantaneously, can walk on water, and got three special abilities one of which is called ruler of death
    The other two haven’t been public yet

  13. If I wanted to play a game with Christian religious overtones I'd just play Actraiser again.
    This would be the point where I'd ask why the hell the games never got a remake, but given that Square Enix also left Einhander behind in favor Final Fantasy VII, it's not a question that's difficult to answer…

  14. It looks like you go up to a thing and press a button to perform whatever context sensitive action is set to occur. Fun.

  15. I hate it when this guy makes Jesus jokes. So irreverent. I am a fan from South Africa, but I find it disgusting and in utter bad taste. Not funny at all. Just offensive. Jesus has given millions of people the reason to hope for a better world. Deserves respect.

  16. I cant believe this make believe- make believe Jesus game got this much news coverage. The game is like most hollywood movies the only good parts are in the trailer. I bet the rest of it is bible studies.#notevenarealgame

  17. There was a game like Madden with J.C. – it was Madden 2000, the first one that had the Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning @ QB, Edgerrin James @ RB & Marvin Harrison @ WR… if you knew how to run the offense, Manning was basically a god!

  18. TBH nowadays this is one of the only ways to get younger ppl to learn about Jesus. So if anything, Christians should be happy. Because their religion is dying out.

  19. I think it about time the Christian stop rejecting gamers and return with a good game about a powerful healer, the story of healing any illness and making food from nothing turn water into wine walking on water.

    I don't think you need to even be Christian to enjoy such gameplay and it will show a side of Christian that being lost in translation due to Trump fake worship of god.

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