I Am The $640M Mega Millions Lottery Winner!

I Am The $640M Mega Millions Lottery Winner!

Heya playas, guess what. You are looking at
a millionaire! Yea, I won the lottery is what everyone who played it wants to say but chances
are if you spend your money on this, yea that probably went to waste. A dollar and a dream,
they say that’s all you need when you’re willing to take a chance in playing the lotto. It’s
amazing to see how people can get sucked into things all because the focus all around them
revolves around that one thing. When I heard the lottery numbers were climbing I really
paid little to no attention to it but it seems that within the past week it’s been popping
up everywhere. On the front of all the newspapers, on my Facebook news feed, hell, even my friends
were constantly talking about it. It got to a point where yea, I spent that one dollar
and suddenly my focus shifted as well. The more I thought about it, the more I began
to believe that some how, some way my chances of winning were increased. Statistically you
have a 1 in 170 million chance of winning, that includes every possible number combination
you could make. Tens, twenties, hundreds, thousands. People were willing to spend so
much money just to increase the odds of them winning. One NBA basketball player even spent
$10,000 on tickets cause you know, a salary of $20 million dollars a year just isn’t enough.
What’s so amazing about the lotto is that collectively people were spending millions
and millions of dollars a day to win and when they don’t, that just increases the stakes
higher and higher. So how do you increase your odds without having to spend millions
and millions of dollars? Well, join a lotto pool. A lotto pool means that each person
gives in a certain amount of money so that if one of those numbers win, they all win.
So if my numbers don’t win but his does, hell, I get a piece of the cut. Why is it that as
people we fall into this hive mind mentality? I mean, do we really care that much about
never having to work a day again in our lives? Do we really cherish the idea of being rich
that much that we’re willing to waste even one dollar, one dollar of our hard earned
savings to win the lott.. to win the lott.. to win the… sorry about that. I ask myself
this, if I had won the money, would my life really change all that much? I mean I’d have
to get a lawyer and a financial adviser because let’s just face it, I just don’t have enough
shoe boxes to hold $640 million dollars. Everyone has some idea of how they would spend this
huge amount of money. Whether it be to take care of family and friends, to go vacationing
or to just reinvest it. But I’m not like that, you see here’s what I would have done had
I won the money. Oh what a beautiful day to be me. Greetings my fellow Americans, as many
of you know I am now a multi millionaire. And guess what, the money doesn’t only belong
to me, it can belong to you too. That is, if you want it to. Spread out all across the
country I’ve hidden $640 individual bags, each containing $1 million dollars. The question
that comes next is this, are you a bad enough dude to solve the problem and claim your prize?
Subscribe to my channel and leave a comment below to get your individual clue. But hurry,
there’s only $640 bags to go around. Yea, I’m crazy like that. Like this video if you
are crazy rich enough to do stuff like that. Leave a comment letting me know, had you won
the $640 million dollars what would you have spent it on? And subscribe to the channel
to see my thoughts on all the other crazy things that are happening in today’s day and
age. As always guys, love and peace. Yup that’s right. I want every copy of the movie Twilight
bought and thrown into a fiery pit. I don’t care how much it costs, you get me that private
jet and have my genitalia drawn on it! No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want Korean hookers,
I want Thai hookers. They make good wives.

16 thoughts on “I Am The $640M Mega Millions Lottery Winner!”

  1. I'd save the money. I'd still work and only use the money when its super important. Sure, I'd probably use a million or two visiting friends, buying fancy and fun things, but why use it all at once?

  2. I'd probably invest some of it into buying Marvel's lease on the Avengers and make an Avengers movie tripling my investment. *cue Josh's evil laugh*

  3. Hey Josh! I dunno if you've done a video on this (I can't see one, I'm probably not looking hard enough) but making new friends, like I have been at my new job for about 2 months and have a few friends there but I hardly talk, I dunno what to talk about, I don't really have confidence, then again, I hardly ever talk, and most of the time I don't feel like I fit in, I'm going to College in September and the thing that worries me most is making new friends, because of all of the above reasons.

  4. Hey Josh! I stumbled on your channel two days ago and I'm really glad I did! I think your videos are helpful as well as inspirational. Please, keep the videos coming; I'm looking forward to the next one you upload. 🙂

  5. As far as your question is concerned, it's funny because I was thinking about that same question earlier this week. If I acquired that amount of money, my family would be taken care of first. My parents house would be paid off, my parents would get new cars, my sister's boyfriend would be given money so he can buy my sister a beautiful ring, my sister would have a fairy tale wedding, and my younger brothers would be guaranteed a full college education. Family First – Always.

  6. all i would do i buy a mansion an put a safe in my house so i can put my money in thete instead of putting it on the bank

  7. Remember when the lotto went up to $640 million dollars? If I won that money, here's what I would have done with it.

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