I Bought $290 Worth of Gaming eBay Mystery Boxes

I Bought $290 Worth of Gaming eBay Mystery Boxes

– Welcome back to another episode of “What’s in the Mystery Box?” Basically if you guys are new here and you haven’t seen episode one, I’ll leave it linked
right up in the iCard. Check that out right
after this video ends. But, there’s this thing
called, mystery boxes, on the internet. I’m sure you guys have
heard of them before. You basically spend money and hope you don’t get absolute crap. In the last video, we
actually got some dope stuff. We got a Google Home Mini from $100 box. And then $250 box, they actually sent us two Samsung Galaxy Note 4s. What is this? Yo! What is? (hard ball bouncing on table) Is this a bouncy ball? Some headphones with tin foil on the side. I get why it’s a $15 mystery box. Like I can’t even get mad. So, I’m pretty optimistic and I’m gonna keep the series going. Drop a like if you guys
want me to keep it going. So, we are gonna fire up eBay and see which three mystery boxes we find at which prices and just see if they’re legit. (electric hip hop music) – So let’s fire eBay
up and see what’s good. So, I got three mystery
boxes that I’m watching just so we can make this easier. The first box that I
kind of want to pick up and has caught my eye a little
bit is a $40 mystery box. So in the last video,
we checked out a $15, $100, and $250 mystery box. You guys probably have seen it by now. This video we are gonna
kind of switch it up. It’s actually getting really hard to find mystery boxes on eBay. EBay’s banning them and in the last video, they actually took one of
the boxes’ listings down after I bought it if that makes sense and you guys are picking
up what I’m putting down. So, we are gonna try to grab these and hopefully eBay doesn’t pull them. So, the first box is a $40 box. It says it’s a mystery
electronic surprise box with free shipping. And all these have “Buy it Now” or “Make an Offer”. But, we’re just gonna
“Buy it Now” for 40 bucks. The picture looks interesting. I don’t think that’s what we’re gonna get. It looks like there’s a
motherboard for a computer. I don’t know what’s in that white box. I doubt this is exactly
what we are getting. The item description is,
“All kinds of stuff.” Specific. I love it that we’re really specific here. It’s gonna ship. 144 feedback. 100% The guy seems legit like there’s no way we’re getting scammed here. Alright, let’s go ahead
and put that in the cart. Add to cart. The next mystery box I had to grab. Why? Because when you click it, it says “We Support Content Creators”. It’s literally made for YouTube videos. So, this one’s going for $50 Mystery (Varies: Electronics,
Home, Toys, Makeup, and Car) I’m gonna write in the notes
that we need an electronic box. Don’t be sending me any makeup. It’s just not gonna get put to use. YouTube content creators with
at least 10,000 subscribers please contact us for additional offers. Well, we’re at 9,000 subscribers. So, we don’t qualify, one day fam, make sure you subscribe
so we can get there. The $50 eBay mystery box sure. How’s the feedback? Alright, 97% good feedback. 89 transactions like
we’re gonna take the risk and see what’s good. Okay So, the third box is
the most expensive here. You guys know I got to
ball at least on one box. It’s a $200 mystery
electronics surprise box. Not even mystery box. Surprise box. So, we’ll see what’s good. Item description, “Video game “systems and games mystery box.” If we get like a GameCube, I can’t be mad like, that’s worth $200 to me. This is tough. This is tough. Like this time around, we have much better feedback than the last video. So, I’m feeling pretty confident. Let’s add this to cart. So, we’re in cart right now and
quickly vote up in the iCard which mystery box you guys think is gonna be the most worth it. Is it the $200 one? Is it the $50 one? Or is it the $40 one? I got them all in cart here. So, let’s just hit check out. And just like that we
ordered three mystery boxes. So in the last few, they
took about a week to come. Hopefully, just judging
by our shipping estimate, that’s what we can expect here. I know it doesn’t really matter
now that these are ordered But, hopefully we don’t get crap. Like I really would
like to not get makeup. We’ll just have to wait and see. (pages turning) So, it took about a month. But, all the mystery boxes did arrive. Kind of surprised, one got lost on eBay. We didn’t even get tracking for it. It was this $50 box right here. So, it somehow showed up. I didn’t know FedEx was
taking care of this one. But, they took care of the boys. So if you guys want to send
anything to our P.O. Box, I might start up a new series soon. There’s the address right there. But yeah, let’s just jump on into it. So, we’re gonna check
out the $40 box first. Then, we will get to the
50 and the big 200 one. The 200 one is a little hefty. It is a little hefty. ♪ Hefty, Hefty, Hefty ♪ So, let’s just jump on
into this $40 box one. Now in the original
video, things turned out pretty good in the end. I’m actually excited to
continue doing more of these. Drop a like if you guys want another one. I’m hopeful, we spent $290 total. Okay, Wow! This box is falling apart. Okay, alright. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. So, $40 got us this sort of retro-ey Oh wow! Whoa! What is that? It’s not the game console
that I’m curious about. It’s the webcam. I think this is like a $100 webcam. The Logitech 1080p HD webcam. Yo, I got to get a model number on this. Hold Up! Wow! I’m really shocked. But, this webcam is $52. So, on to the main event. We all know how a webcam works. We have this Atari game console. Now, I’ve checked something out like this at the Impulse by WalMart. If you missed that video,
I’ll leave it linked right up there in the iCard. It’s interesting. So, it plugs in retro style. Oh wait, Is there HDMI? I don’t think there’s HDMI over there. So, it just plugs in with VGA cables. So honestly, the Atari flashback. You’re gonna have tons of fun. The webcam, I think, is the real star of this particular mystery box. I mean $52 webcam in a $40 mystery box. This console costs a minimum of $30. So if you really want to
get down to the technicals, you’re coming out on top. So, solid box. So, $40 box not too bad. Let’s check out the $50 one. Let me know in the comments right now how you are feeling. If you think the $50 one is
gonna be as good as the $40, I don’t know. Some of these boxes, the more you spend doesn’t always mean the
better stuff you’re gonna get. So, let’s pop this guy open. I just hit my tile. No, I hate when that happens. Alright. We have a lot of items in here. So, looks like we got some PSP games. If they didn’t even give us a PSP, that’s gonna suck. Oh wow! Not today, today is a good day! What is, what did they use for packing? Yo, is this a blanket? Is it a blanket of shredded cardboard? Really strange. No way! We got a PSP. Check this out. Looks like it’s in solid condition. I’m gonna have to power it on. I’ll let you guys know. And we got a bunch of games So, Dissidia, Naruto. Oh, this person was a anime fan for sure. Pangya, Silent Hills,
Resistance Retribution, that’s probably gonna
be the game I’ll play Little Big Planet, and then P3P. I haven’t heard of any of
these games, besides like two. Wow, that is awesome! Alright, let’s charge this
up and then we will play. – Now, let’s Play – So, the PSP just came off the charger. I’m hopeful that it will work. Power on button is on the side. I remember seeing my friends have this when I was growing up, I always
wanted one, now I got one. Yeah, That’s a PSP. That is a PSP. Do we have a game in here too? I can hear it moving around. UMD, here we go PlayStation Portable. We’re entering in. This feels great. I don’t know if this
works, this joystick here. I’ll have to find that out in
a second, but solid console. Mini USB to charge at the top, screen, I’m guessing it gets brighter. Man, these were so great back in the day. These things, I’m bringing them back. Yeah, I’m bringing them back. Quickly vote up in the iCard which mystery box you guys think is gonna be the most worth it. The $50 one right now, whatever is in the $200 one, maybe that beats this. But, well done. Resistance Retribution, Okay. Wow, We are in the middle
of a parachute jump. I think we just sky dove, sky divded. We’re going right in it. I didn’t get a warning,
no memo, no training. Alright, Now let me fight. I’ve seen enough demos and
trailers, I just want to play. Oh, I got a kill. Bam! Oh and the joystick works, yeah. Bam, completed a level just like that. PSP works, got a lot of games, I’m stoked. Drop a like on this video if you guys want me to do a $500 mystery box challenge in the next episode. I feel like I got to step it up. Here is the $200 box. $50 box turned out great,
$40 was great, let’s try it. You guys dictate the
show, you’re in control. You want that $500 box,
you know what to do. Wow! Geez! Who packs these things? Could we just talk about real quick like how good these
mystery boxes have been? I haven’t got a box of rocks yet. Like every item has been really solid. Okay, what did we get? Interesting, a North Face Hat, an Xbox 360 controller, Oh no way! And Xbox 360 Slim. Check that out. Power adaptor, Oh wow! What else? These packing peanuts love that Always fun to clean up,
don’t know why they exist. – Why do those exist? – Alright, so to review, we got an Xbox 360 Slim, a controller, let’s see if the controller
has any batteries. This guy might have just gone that extra mile and not taken them out. Wow, We have extra batteries. That’s nice. Alright, I’m gonna plug
this in to the gaming room in there and in a sec, see if it works. We have a 3DS XL screen protector. Okay, and then a screen protector kit the Nintendo Switch official. Gotta love that for the Nintendo Switch. And then an old Xbox game, not even 360. Breakdown, we do have the disk. Might have to try that out. And then a really nice North Face hat. Oh dude, This is gonna
keep me nice and warm. Wow, nice hat, definitely
worth more than $200. Let’s try the Xbox out. So, I’m just in my office now. We got the Xbox 360 all plugged in. I’m not joking when I
do these mystery boxes I don’t think half the stuff is gonna work like nobody gives away an
Xbox in a $200 mystery box. But, today is our lucky day. So, the 360 works, I’m stoked. Add me on Xbox Live and
just type TECHSMARTT. I’ll take any of you guys
out in World War two. Like let’s see of the controller connects. Dude, it just popped up it works, okay. Will it read the only
Xbox 360 game we got? Madden 11, Drew Brees,
it was your year, man! Come on, don’t let me down! If this works, I’m going on Xbox Live as soon as this video drops. It just says it’s reading. How long is it reading for, come on. Get better comprehension,
your comprehension’s trash! Unrecognized disk. Really? Alright, I’m gonna go to GameStop. I’m getting Modern Warfare
2, it’s about to go down. So, you guys that’s it for
this mystery box episode. Make sure you vote up in the iCard which mystery box you guys thought was the most worth it. Get subscribed if you’re new. Drop a like and follow
us on the InstaStory. It’s popping over there. And I’ll see you guys next time, Peace!

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  2. I pay my Xbox one for 120€, used of course but in perfect shape, so X360 for 200 and u excited, I would cry, but yet again this is video where he makes more money and there's 1.5 million idiots that watch this including me as well 🤣

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