100 thoughts on “I Bought $37 Crossbow on Wish (Thanksgiving Special)”

  1. Seing him waving his arms around this much just makes me think:
    Hi, I'm Al Harrington, President and CEO of Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse!

  2. bro this is pubg in real life. Got gillie suit on from drop, level three backpack, and the crossbow, and last, the winner winner chicken dinner hat of chicken. pew pew oof.

  3. maybe do it on aliexpress. there you have buyer protection. so that means if the item is not as on the picture, you get your money 100% back. so they can't scam you or send you something diferend then on the picture

  4. that backpack is two liters max maybe three, not 40 or 30 liters, get out of boot with a real ruck and tell me how many liters

  5. Dude I was looking for you on Instagram and I saw another account it was techsmartt123 do you know who that is

  6. ىعفعتقاؤهعبثهتبةببةبيةبيةلظوررةمس رمبرفلةرهعرهار

  7. You think the crossbow turning up is crazy, I bought a hunting knife from wish and it showed up and was sharp asf literally couldn’t believe it, unpackaged it looked at it checked how sharp it was then packed it away and stored it… literally could not believe it.

  8. Hey question please. What’s this free stuff. Then u scroll down and it says one free per day and u will be notified if u did not get free one and full refund??

  9. Your head set was missing the adapter I got my kid the same set and it came with the 2to1 audio and mic for the ps4 and xbox plus she says they work great

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