alright Chad let’s play let’s play a gambling best of fire all right or like I’m gonna pick a side and then you guys are gonna cheer for the other side I’m gonna pick red team you guys are blue team right if you guys win five times before I went five times then I give you guys five stuff oh you guys won red okay if you want the team that’s gonna lose all right you guys are now a red team I’m blue team oh that’s my pallet ni right there you see that families hi baby oh haha yo chai you get his body bro Oh red team oh you’re red team coming through okay there so far well one kill apart Oh black hole and make a lazy well that’s a cool person oh that’s college Matt bro heads a firm handshake on this one gentlemen oh okay Ted I’m up one else but it’s the first two five Jeff first the five gambling pick one Chad blue eye I’m gonna be a little Meg then oh now you guys won rent all right I’m gonna give you guys the little mic here you guys were our gift to be Red Team you know this speaker should knows how to play yo I gave you guys the biggest you have first of all the tears I don’t want to hear no complaints all right some there’s nice one Chad nice lunch a very nice toy beeps hi I see some play Chad decent play nice ko punch n [Music] [Applause] Oh Pikachu either you second place or what are you doing Oh dunzo high chance firm handshakes as well one one the chat on the streamer high stage do a poll for blue and red red one I the chat is red hold that now alright I’m blue team and I’m on you check all the chat get a bully burl yeah so you get four try to even it up with the streamers hell yeah these are y’all gotta deal with the consequences yo y’all about to get six of yardage hahahaha damn Chad that’s crazy Chad I don’t think it will come down to this Oh Chad here you go here’s the legendary come back up the King Dedede yo yeah I’m sorry chat but this a chat pre-emptive handshake to one for the streamer alright Chad right or blue alright chad is once again red team alright I’m blue team here I have a spammy ass robbing a kromm – chillin I’m chillin you look at my rub though whole chat Oh check it and jam all the fuck with that Jam he doesn’t even as I be oh that peloton has Dean you’re the chromis fam and I’ll be so far is the winner that crumb is the pro gamer a pro gamers ooh oh nice counter and Z there is of these spamming chroma shit on you guys the electron is a few hundred percent haha look at their spending like you okay yeah whatever it’s places to the face oh he’s dancing he’s there all your blue team is BM yo Oh Chad hold on you offer these kids probably play for night you know they play for me no Chad you got a chat I was in Paris hi this rumor is up 3-1 hi red or blue motherfuckers red team wins again you guys really want to be red team huh okay so fight kind of yeah red team is winning okay it’s even it’s even Oh Chad lucha okay I’d pseudo to that Beach about to die though you know the difference between this match and the other one is actually crazy like the last magic we have like people with no brain and then this match we have like actual gameplay oh I’m give Chad I don’t know what else to say hi I’m 401 so far four two one alright right are blue yeah Chad you know you could just bow blue right all your blue is overwhelmingly winning that I blue wins by the chat is blue now watch red team win dude Matt watch my pack might be super degenerate camper butch at your red team is winning now yo they said it’s all okay sorry sorry sorry yo they said this Pakman is this is making me feel that they’re four top away is zero sake I am pepper hint o yo I’m teabag you know y’all um I got your this back what is so salty Cheddar’s might be a handshake bro this might be a handshake and a halfie oh I’m confident as that oh oh he got the peer of destruction oh he got by the pure of destruction Oh Chad the first match oh oh it’s even dude oh oh you go they don’t even know how to block oh my back man dude [Music] i firm handshakes only firm handshakes on the fine chat you’ve got it for two – I’d shout voted the big – okay now the chatters bread sayad Paulo ten I’m Kim Donkey Kong or getting kicked oh oh Chad all clutching it with the backer I like that I like the way you think Oh get come back down Chen get a Patek kill me dude I’m okay all right all big match dude oh my god Donkey Kong what where you thinking Donkey Kong all right four to three oh you guys won blue now I all the chat is being smart now I’ll take the red team I’ll take the DVD and the projectiles any day of the week of the show oh oh your team comes off though it is easy actually just apiece Oh maggot thank you which is program oh yeah firm handshake bro oh all right four to four doodles all right red or blue chat hi you guys are red you too I’m Luigi eyes oh wait a minute wait a minute oh oh oh Luigi come on dog Luigi what is you doing yo oh my god yo you have about to get reversed five over oh my god oh that was good test was good shadow he’s trying to do something he’s not a pie man okay goddamn do did I really go from four one two four five getting subsidies Oh a gift a hundred nobody fine there you go Chang there you go there you go I lose to run this back let’s run this back you won’t be me handbells dinner I will never gamble with you yeah if I bet with you I’m it’s it’s a dying matter bro alright the chat is red they are gonna be getting I’m pokin first a five where ever loses gives a hundredth of a hundred subs bro 500 bucks amble all that shit terrifying you don’t be out Oh ah hi eyes inner I’ll take you up on the gamble first two five zero zero versus Z nor for a hundred gift is those eyes döner how are we gonna pick the cockers those do I pick first what are we doing all such a you took an L here I’m up to on the chapel hold on we’re gonna postpone the zero versus chat you do zero versus Zener do you know what the fuck you want you want the sonic you want the ROI let’s go Roy I’ll take yes something then from this on his loser picks first is let’s go zero versus dinner gambling I’m quitting you I want this money yes let’s go let’s go let’s go sonic this Roy knows how to play – Oh turn around oh let’s go this sonic is popping off the noodle head kill me dude oh no no no no don’t die effect on fire stick it when I have 500 bucks of this bro don’t get hit by stubby please yeah all right I’m a boy no Zener said Paulo ID I’m crumb that’s fine oh my god crumb don’t let me down bro get this first off bro let’s go all this bingo let’s can go oh he’s dead okay oh no oh no what are you doing bro no oh my god bro he had a stalk and a half of a leaf bro I’m gonna pick a hero I hero do some bullshit bro let’s go okay stop least an MP’s stop just swing at him dude up in 88 oh my god what the fuck are you doing bro he’s literally sitting here like this yeah please throw the projectile dude I should be up three alright now alright I get to pick first I’m gonna go with dark pin this is scary it’s a timed imagine it’s two minutes and thirty seconds bro let’s go do what is this match bro please don’t just jump in the blast don’t like that flip desist they call me the seasick no no no keep pokeball No get out the way get out the way shoot him you idiot he literally was winning the whole game how I’m gonna go with MEC call we got FV okay we got these things why does this King Corey know how to play my little Mick doesn’t know how to play but she knows how to play okay let’s go okay that’s fine yeah oh my God why would you die please get waving your skin dead [Music] dude I literally have lost four games in a row this dude was winning the whole time – oh my god bro what the I’m gonna go with link I already regret much okay it’s somehow working you gotta hit him first to be you motherfucker before he does [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if can happens that the four people I picked were when in the whole time and they lost in last second because their penis size your brain can’t even actually pop the vein am I looking for it oh my god like I popped the bein broke let’s do another one no Zener we’re not gambling we’re never going to gamble ever again clearly you have some voodoo magic can cheating as Reagan as you heal looking as bullshit and I’m not going anywhere near that from a gamble perspective oh but whatever he has going out with with us Vanessa give me some Advil you’re my kid head it can heat it and do it all my guy [Music] [Music]

100 thoughts on “I LOST $500 IN A SMASH BROS GAMBLE…”

  1. That Falco thou, even after those two bullshit f-smashes from Hero he kept it cool and brought it back, and not just that, he ended up disrespecting him with the crouch spam and baited him to throw the neutral b to counter it. What a legend.

  2. yo zero friendly advice, you might need a new mike or place it away from your face a bit more so it dosent peak like that when you scream. you aint gotta but it would improve quality. love you either way

  3. Bruh that link was complete shit 😂😂 dumbass waited till after the dk jumped up off a platform that was already above him to use final smash smh

  4. Can we just talk about how that Falco teabagged, then literally dabbed in his win screen? I'm laughing so hard right now.

  5. 8:35 anyone know how sonic did that aerial spin dash jump? been labbing it and i can only get it a few times by some frame perfect luck

  6. Rosa: sd zero: LETS GO LETS FUCKIN GO 😂 snorlax on field zero: GET OUT THE FUCKIN WAY 😂 that one match made me want to see zero play cancer items and shit more often or even just spectate

  7. Xenor879: "This duel is over Zero, I win. Now hand over your rarest card"
    Zero: hands over 100 gifted subs "You're messing with dark forces you know nothing about! I will avenge my channel… Just not against you…"

  8. Wait, why did Chat get a point when ZeRo won with Little Mac vs. Pikachu?
    EDIT: Nevermind, didn't notice he changed his mind really quickly.

  9. The last three games were all progressively worse decisions. The dank pit over rosaluma. Little mac and cheese over Corrn on the cob. link w/ a 13% win rate vs 40% wifi dk, which was clearly a clone of the very hard dk firmware. All theze evidencesez points to one fact that we all knew: Zero was tanking for the views and for the memez like the pro Tony hawk pro tour sk8t3r he iz. Bles to you 0 and stay focused, stay sharp, always.

  10. Already said Genesis:

    But I remembered the voice from the past;

    "Gambling only pays when you're winning!"

    – I had to thank old Miss Mort for schooling a failure.

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