I LOVE SPORTS BALL! | Rec Room (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

I LOVE SPORTS BALL! | Rec Room (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

Top of the morning to ya ladies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to a game called Rec Room For the HTC Vive Its a game where you get in and do basic Rec Room stuff. I can go in and I can play with some balls You can play tennis Different types of things I actually don’t know the full extent of what I can do BUT I can also teleport around! *Is very impressed* OH MY GOD *Continues to be quite impressed* It’s actually picking up me talking! HAHAHA That’s awesome! If I stop talking his mouth stops, watch. *Doesn’t talk* That’s awso- That’s so cool, wait Oh I thought it was picking up my thing before THAT IS REALLY COOL! I’m glad about that, okay. What am I doing? I don’t know. Oooohh we can have different hair! What kind of hair do we want? Ahm- how do I- *picks up beard* Can I have this? Oh I have a beard! NICE OKAY Uh. Glasses. I need glasses What kind of glasses do I need? Why are you all so far away? *starts singing Hey Ya by Outkast* My baby don’t mess around because she loves me so and this I know for sure *starts dancing* *continues singing* But does she really wanna *laughs* I can actually dance this time! *Dancing* Oh… oh… OH! *Michael Jackson shriek* So much fun! You can actually do like *moves from side to side* Swively body! Swively body, swively body! *laughs* Okay! Surprise me! Do I want a tie? No. I want to be surprised. Surprise me! *character randomizes* Oohh! I like this one! Don’t I look pretty?! I think I look sssexy Okay.. what are we doing? Are we going out here? Send to the locker room! I want to play some sports ball! I want to play with some people, get some sports going on! Hey there, Mikey P! Shia Labeouf (JUST DO IT) Are these real people playing? *actual people speaking in the background* “Why do I hear Jacksepticeye?” (you have been blessed sire) (SHOCK) (SHOCK INTENSIFIES) (STILL SHOCKED) *laughs* That’s fuckin’ awesome! *someone dangerously close* JESUS fuckin’ Christ Scared the SHIT out of me Ahm- How do I- How do I do things? Hello? Menu! I didn’t know there was gonna be other people in the game -that could hear me! *laughs* That’s weird! And as soon as I joined he’s like “Why do I hear Jacksepticeye?” Wait- can I actually go *opens menu* No, no. What are they doing? *people doing some nsfw stuffs* NOOO NOOO Jesus christ! “Go play!” Okay I’m going outside to play What can we play? Paintball, 3D, Charades, Paddleball! Do I have to play with other people, or can I just dick around on my own? That was weird! (and inappropriate at times) I didn’t want to speak too much then! Ohh, I can *looking around with amazement* This is a multiplayer thing! Ooohh This could be fun! *sees person* Hi! *laughs* Wait, if he’s gonna record me then I’m gonna record him. Come ‘ere *whispers* I see you *whispers a little louder* I see you (Jack no-) ‘Aye Captain! What do I do? *whispers* I don’t know what’s going on Can I- can I go in? 3, 2, 1! WHAT!? Oh! Okay! Ahm! Ima get my racket here! Serve the ball, bro! He has the ball down there HIT IT! Let’s fuckin’ do this! I will kick the shit out of you, dude Oh! Fuck! That’s a bouncy-ass ball! Here we go *tennis player grunt* Sexy! SEXY MOVES! (More like sexy, sexy you) I got this. I got this. I’m gonna win! I’m gonna fuckin’ win! Who believes in me?! Who believes in Jack?! *more tennis player grunts* YES Still got it, still got those moves! I’m gonna dick him up, I’m gonna dick him up! Bounce it around! Oh god! He’s tryna dick ME up! DON’T DICK ME UP, BRO! Come on, come on! *ball stays on the ground* Oh *Has been dicked up* *laughs* This game is fucking cool! *more cheesy laughing* Get ready for it, DonFale! *sighs* I got this, I got this I’m gonna try to bounce it in a way that’s gonna mess him up HOW ARE you supposed to win in this? It’s too easy to hit the ball back! Maybe I actually have to smack it Oh, god he almost scored on me there! YES! *laughing* The fact that it’s real people is awesome! *tennis grunt* What chu’ got? What chu’ got?! I probably should be using the talky-talk a bit more but, I don’t know it feels weird. I don’t like social interaction NO! NOO! DAMN IT I’m- I’ll get you! I’ll get you! What is this? It looks like a Pewdiepie Brofist on the side. UH! There we go, there we go! there we go there we go hello sports
ball goes for ya Oh, Sports ball! Go, sports ball! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAH! Wassup?! [The sky Jack, the sky] what’s up *Chants ooh-hoo while seductively dancing for all the people out there* oh fuck dude *laughing* Oh fuck dude! Scary bastard! scary posture that yes Yes! Speed is- speed is greater to, or equal to, key! speed is the speed is greater to or
equal to ki go go up it’s like a bitch Go! Go ball! Oh it’s lagging like a *dramatic pause* BITCH! huh HUAH! yes ok they’re going to defeat on fail Yes. You ain’t gonna- you ain’t gonna defeat me DonFale! Is that what- is that what your name is? so it’s so what’s your name is Cameron
what it is but I got it I got it I can’t remember what it is, but I got it. [I’m tied up in Jack’s house and being forced to write these subtitles help me.] I got it [Nothing, just like my life] oh you like those moves dogs fail OOOH, did you like those moves DonFale?! Did you like them?! did you like them you want some more of
them there you go Do you want some more of them?! There ya go! (Umm-) HA! oh all over my body (I feel like he put the wrong audio on) Oh, all over my body! (Probably) All over my [he was totally about to say dick]- This is how I really play sports! I don’t know this is my baby play sports
and you get super involved in this are I just get super involved, and then start touching myself [he must mean masturbating] touching myself FUCK! fuck holy shit on sale racks Holy shit DonFale! Relax! Oh, it is DonFale, I can see it up there. what is our favorite scene up there WOW right no ha ha ha Hey! No! God damn. Ha ha ha ha pepper I watching here who this is cool I’m watchin’ you! *laughs again* THIS IS COOL! this oh god dammit This is- oh god DAMMIT This is what the future is!- I WIN 4 to 3! this is what the future is I wanted for
23 and 0 something that doing ain’t no *tennis player grunt* Ain’t no stoppin that dude- ain’t no stoppin that DonFale stoppin apt on failed Ain’t NO stoppin that bro! ain’t no stopping it bro they win I want Did I win?! I WON! yes oh no where’d he go where’d you go YES! ALL HAIL! (Hitler 2016 exposed) Where’d he go? Where’d he go? DonFale? DonFale? don’t Sam fail I bro sorry Hi, bro! Sorry. [no you aren’t XD] hopefully you can hear me say what I one
can you me and I was really annoying Hopefully he can’t hear me… Cause I was- *DonFale starts speaking* I was really annoying Ahm- DonFale, I’m sorry I’m don’t worry I’m sorry wait let’s
let’s talk to him I’m good game bro Oh wait- let’s talk to him Good game, bro it was well for us It was well fought *whispers* What’s happening? okay then see you later don’t fail Okay then! See you later DonFale! He didn’t want to stay around he didn’t want to say around wait Oh
somebody should have been videotaping my Wait. Ah! Somebody should’ve been videotaping my victory! victory Oh! Awesome! What happens if I pick up 2? oh so that’s been good to me Eh, come ‘ere um can I see myself all god Ahm… Can I see myself? *laughs* haha I why did Jack I’m oh wait Hi! My name Jack! Ahm- oh wait let’s do- go away. but let’s do it going let’s do this yeah
let’s let’s record like a blog Let’s do this. Let’s record like a vlog hey guys just out here in the in the
potty ballroom *starts “vlogging”* Hey guys, just out here in the- the Paddleball room There’s nobody here right now because I’m here first. I’m waiting for another player there’s nobody here right now because
I’m here first I waiting for another player can you guys see ya You guys see? Yeah So- so I’m just out here you know it says
big day I’m just out here, you know, j- big day what else should i do today God invited
plugging in public you wanna play What else did I do today? God! I’m bad at vlogging in public. You wanna play Pokemon Go? pokemon go I don’t have a phone with me. I don’t have a phone with me this is
forked cool i love this This is FUCKIN COOL I love this! What kind of camera is this? we’re going to hear is this this is the
GMB recorder This is the JMV Recorder So what happens when I pick up another one? what happens if you pick up another I
even have shadows Ahm- ah come here! I’m back me for this artist was
different to actually record the video What is this one? Ah this one’s different This one ACTUALLY records a video to your computer? what oh god it’s like he’s all help WHAT *Shocked* Oh god, it’s laggy as all hell oh that’s not work well oh let’s do this
thing Oh, that does not work well! Oh! Let’s do this then! *makes weird Jack noise* the night that record that I better have
recorded that Did I record that? I better have recorded that! Yeah, I think I did. Okay cool Can I drink? [SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS] ah *melodramatic drinking noises* what about oh Jesus Christ not so clubs Who wants a bo- OH JESUS CHRIST NOT SO CLOSE Hi! there you go wait is there no sound now
there’s nobody talking There you go. Why is there no sound now? Is nobody talking? Did everyone give up? never give up ok I don’t look at myself
in the mirror Okay, I’m gonna go and look at myself at the mirror! Hi! Good to see ya’ all right let’s see it oh I am precious Oh! *checking himself out* I am precious! (Yes, yes you are) i I’m so cute i wish i had this outfit
in real life you know ye ha ha ha ha Hi! I’m so cute! I WISH I had this outfit in real life [somebody make it happen] *makes cute faces* Kawaii! fuckin also i right FUCKIN’ AWESOME Right! What else is there to do? what else is there to do dorm room this
is where shits gonna go down Dorm Room. Oooh this is where shit’s gonna go down! So this is what the future’s gonna be like! so this is what the future is going to
be like the future of VR and shit People just hangin’ out in different rooms people just hanging out in different
rooms all this is that yeah okay Oh this is the- yeah, okay Let’s change outfits! Surprise me! the change outfits surprise me I’m
perfect let’s go back out Uhm PERFECT! Let’s go back out! I don’t even know what a weird right I don’t even know what I’m wearin’ Ahm Right. What else is there? what is it we’re upstairs you wanna go
upstairs People are upstairs! I wanna go upstairs! I wanna go upstairs; what’s upstairs? I don’t know sir what’s upstairs oh yeah
your mom Hello! What’re we doin’? BEER PONG [the Irish is comin out] yeah oh well yeah Ooh, give me a ball how does it work oh man I got it I got
it I got it three more guys Aww, it didn’t work! Aww, man! I got it, I got, I got it. Don’t even worry Got it! yes what’s the play maybe your problem Yes! Who else wants to play? Wanna play Beer Pong bro? Come on, let’s play! what that’s like no no not gonna do that Hey, no! No! Not allowed to do that, STOP IT! stop it it started at ya Sons of bitches- FUCKIN *growling in frustration* stop it god dammit oods let’s just be
nice to each other STOP IT! God damn it dudes! Let’s just be nice to each other! I want the frisbee or circular flying
disc that maybe not for the beach I want the frisbee! Or circular flying disk that may be not frisbee. oh oh my god you actually have proper
physics Oh my god they actually have proper physics- that’s cool that’s cool I’m Michael McMasters oh my
customers Can I go back downstairs? Oh I’m back downstairs. Nice! nice way to the game all vending
machines I want to play another game! Ooh vending machines! I like those let’s play some paintball I like those! LET’S PLAY SOME PAINTBALL Ooh! Hopefully there’s people in here oh those people in here so we can
actually play paintball with my nudes That we can actually play paintball with Come on dudes I don’t hear the rat people in here Anybody here? There ARE people in here! I all people Hi! *laughs* This is the coolest! Let’s paintball! I want to paintball! it was good yeah Can I have both guns? YEAH *war cries* oh if only you had real pain receptors
in the game Oh if only they had real pain receptors in the game [you won’t want that in a few minutes] okay i’m going over here get up get up
get up no get me Okay- I’m going over here Get em’, get ’em, get ’em! Oh! Oh, no! You ain’t getting me! You ain’t getting me, bro! I’ma hide over here! they can be broke on the flight over
here sometimes they make this is unfair Ah! Stop chasing me! This is unfair! Where’d he go? *SCREAMS* JESUS haha Jason him out FUCKIN’ HELL that’s scary oh wait what’s happening
you go That’s scary! Oh, wait What’s happening? Where’d he go? Oh I see you all I see you I see you I see you go
wait with me don’t you wave at me bro I see you! I see you, don’t wave at me! Don’t you wave at me bro! Don’t you wave! *laughs* don’t you do with it going over here I’m goin’ over here! See you later! see you later ok let me hide and you
know This is sO MUCH FUN! Okay! Maybe hide in here I wanna hide. No, no no all we’re on the same team fuck my
headphones on *moment of realization* Oh! We’re on the same team! FUCK! My headphones fell, maybe that’s why there’s no sound maybe that’s why there’s no sound God damn it man! I hate this shit oh I have something again that makes
sense people like you say stuff to me Ooh! I have sound again! That makes sense! People were likely saying stuff to me before before I get out my face Ah! Get off my face! Stop it! stop hey hey baby Stop! Hey! He bait me! It was your fault! it was your fault so I’m sharing me with
the same team Stop shooting me! We’re on the same team! I need going I need a gun Give me this gun. No! Hey, you! give you this going No hey you we got to
defeat We gotta defeat- I need to turn on my thingy okay i need to turn on my feet we’re
gonna go to feed the blue guy not each We gotta go defeat the blue guy! Not each other! The blue dude other the blue do let’s go find them that’s
right up here we got this we got to Let’s go find him! Let’s hide up here. We got this, we got this Don’t let those blue bastards win! start with those blue boxes wait got him got him got him throughout hit
you first bench Got em, got em, got em! YOU’RE OUT? I hit you first! SON OF A BITCH it sucks the fuck is over there dancin This sucks- this motherfucker’s dancin’ Okay- let’s use this one to fly around and use the other one to shoot ok let’s use this one to fly around and
I do they want to shoot it doesn’t pick Sometimes it doesn’t pick it up it up where are they I see someone like way in
the distance Where are they? I see someone way in the distance oh god you scared me dude do that Oh god, you SCARED ME dude Don’t do that Can’t do that! The fact that we can teleport kinda makes this game unfair don’t you think? can’t do it the fact that we can
teleport kind of makes this game unfair don’t you think ok here we go here we go perfect perfect Okay, here we go Here we go, perfect! Perfect. Get em, get em, get em! get him get up yeah oh I’ve got a shrimp Oh, oh, OH I HIT A SHRIMP! I got him no my got killed I got him! No! My got killed! okay that’s that’s just right here
what’s up dude we got to shoot these Okay, let’s just try hide here Wassup dude? We gotta shoot these guys! guys remember the air and you’re up for
the task Wherever they are Are you up for the task? Yeah! *laughs* enjoy your birthday but also i was hit
by a shrimp you got me killed do hey not cool ok let’s do this again it’s just fucking awesome look up Oh nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
nope nope where is the first yes I hit the coop the fucking best the rest who are you saying actually paintball in
real life I would love to though it looks like so much fun oh god oh god those fucking body of
shots for your lack men fire hi that’s not fair why I need to talk to this guy you can’t
sneak up behind the guy but I shoot him in the back that’s not fair the shrimp to show me in
the back kill up get up get my damp I believe in you he out good job move map app all right oh you got hit no shrimp let’s check I’m gonna call your mom okay we’re gonna
leave this episode of rec room here is awesome I literally had no idea when you
got into it other people read it as well as you gettin played with like other
humans and that you could hear everything that’s such a cool idea I love that even though i’m a bit
awkward around them is everyone i’m going to say and I don’t people the Jews
be true actually anyway thank you guys so much for
watching this episode if you liked it wait darling but face no pause and my
words around fish fish thanks guys there was your day get this Oh no thanks 30 and only please my severity
just yet leave happy is when people die but tres tres for nothing but net up *laughs* Love all you bosses! bye bye!

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  1. I know that I am commenting three years later, but of you keep using booper dooper as your name, people are gonna figure stuff out sooner on later.

  2. Humans oh god does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does not compute does and death ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  3. Play 2019 jack it has updated so much and before you start recording tell me the day that your gonna be on cause im a HUGE like HUGE fan. PLZ

  4. Does anyone want to do weekly challenges, any week! (eg: jumbotron and or Crimson cauldron), I good at quests but i need others to support me (I can't solo/carry)

    Edit, I’ve finished my weekly challenges, but I’m still willing to do quests,

    My name on rec room is r/peptol bismol

    Another thing: I just recently lost 3000 tokens because I had a family party and I let my little cousin play and bought something with all of it with me not knowing, but that’s irrelevant…

    I’m looking for people that are really good at the rise of jumboton, I’ve been working really hard for S rank gear, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, add me and message me


  5. I don’t think jack should come back, the game has gone downhill…
    Also if jack did come back he’d spend the whole time opening gifts

  6. I would not be able to keep up with you jack. Lmao XD



    I’m sad this video is 3 years old…he needs to do another one.

  7. You should see how much Rec Room has grown! Now you can make rooms, inventions, pull stunts, and so much more! You'd love the new stuff!

  8. I came across this video when I was watching the Rec Room PS VR trailer. Which was a few minutes ago. I had NO IDEA Jack actually played this. I play it a lot, and I'm gonna friend request him right now. By the way Jack, do you still play this game, or did you delete it?

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