I stayed in a WOODEN BEACH HUT in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (eventually). ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

I stayed in a WOODEN BEACH HUT in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (eventually). ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

Well today’s Sri Lankan breakfast is the hoppers.
I’m gonna get that in my belly, check out
and then make my way to Trincomalee.
Okay and give this to the boys who brought the food to my room.
Okay, you can give me a tuk tuk for the bus station?
Can I call now?
Yes, call now please. Thank you.
This bus, it’s the one with 3 and 2 or it’s the one with 2 and 2, seats?
It’s the red bus or the private bus?
I think both are same convenience?
Really, uh?
3 seats and 2 seats?
Because some have 2 and 2 and others have 3 and 2.
I try to always try the one with 2 and 2 because there’s more space.
But I don’t know. It’s something.
Two. Thousand.
It’s there, I think all short distance.
No any 3 seater buses, only 2 seats.
Only 2 seats? Okay, good.
Okay, great, thank you.
Thank you.
Trinco bus.
Ah, I can sit in here? Ah, good.
Oh, thank you.
Very hot.
Here? Okay.
Show me your body!
[inaudible] your body.
[laughter] Too white.
Too white.
You have the six packs?
No, no, no.
Eating too much pizza for this.
Next time, also you, you put a my your YouTube also.
[laughter] Put you on YouTube?
Yes, you put, I want to see.
Next year.
Okay, good.
Next day. Okay.
Okay, thank you.
[laughter] No worries.
Well after six hours and six army checkpoints,
it looks like we’ve finally made it to the coastal town of Trincomalee.
Lovely looking place, isn’t it?
What the heck is this? Hello.
What are you? Are you a deer?
What are you? Ah, you must be a deer or something?
That’s strange.
Oh wait, there’s more of them.
Where are they coming from? [laughter]
Are these wild or do they belong to somebody or what? Hello.
Right, look at these deers.
Look at the crows just resting on the deers.
Look, thug life. Thug life.
Just, just sitting on the back of this deer, chillin’.
Look at him.
The deer not even flinching as well.
The crow like “that’s where I live now.”
Jesus. They’re fighting over that one.
Right, get away from these before I catch Lyme Disease.
Well they’re saying “If you can’t clean your surrounding, then don’t make it dirty.”
That’s what you end up with.
Some deer. I guess this place must be famous for deer.
I haven’t seen deer anywhere else in Sri Lanka.
I just get off at some beach area and they’re there.
What’s this saying here?
“Save Trincomalee Deer – A Project by the Rotary Club.”
So I guess this must be a place where they feed the deer.
So these deer are wild.
And, some project has been set up by the Rotary Club
to feed them. They’ve given them all this food.
I’m not gonna steal your pumpkin mate. I’m just having a wee look.
Aye, so I guess people must donate money or
people who are in the Rotary Club must contribute some funds and
they buy all this food for the deers to keep them well fed.
So they don’t need to go eating through all the garbage.
Like those ones over there.
Right, let’s go and find this fort.
Oh look at this.
Nice wee beach.
A load of litter on it though. That’s unfortunate to see.
I guess this is a public beach in the main Trincomalee town.
It’s just all locals there. You don’t see any tourists.
The water’s nice and clean though, isn’t it? It’s beautiful.
Nice and clear. It’s just a pity about all this garbage lying around.
Anyway, go and find this fort.
I wonder if I’m allowed to just go through here.
It’s got 2nd Battalion Gajaba Regiment.
Good afternoon. I can go through?
Okay, thank you.
Okay, off to see the fort.
And I guess this is the walls of the fort, right here.
Oh brilliant.
Certainly not as big as Galle Fort but oh
it’s smashing isn’t it. Have a look at this.
Oh ho ho, lovely.
Okay, so I was going to go straight to my hotel from the bus but
considering I’m already a bit sweaty,
I might as well go have a wander around this area,
considering the fort was close to it as well.
Look at this. Some cannons here. Nice.
And, eh, aye,
the hotel I’m going to stay at, it’s going to be this wee wooden cabana.
Which should be pretty nice.
Okay, just wander through the gates
of the fort. Awwhhh.
This reminds me of Galle, when I walked through the gates.
And I was like “oh, a respite from the sun!”
“Some shade at last!”
Here we go.
So what’s going on inside this fort?
The fort that I see in Batticaloa, it was all like government office and stuff.
This one, guardroom,
looks like there’s army in here.
So I guess maybe, aye look, army guys here.
So, Batticaloa Fort for the government
and Trincomalee Fredrick Fort for the army I guess.
Aye, look, there’s an army regiment
barracks or something right there.
Over here, Gajaba.
Ah, good afternoon.
Right, what have they written on the wall here.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
The infantry man has pride and morale.
2nd Battalion, the Gajaba Regiment.
Right, I wonder if there’s actually anything for me to see in this place
or if it’s all just locked down bits for the army.
Good afternoon, good afternoon.
Gymnasium. I guess that, again, for the army,
not for people like me who just want to go and have a workout.
It’s quite a big area inside this fort
and now it’s saying an arrow to this temple.
Well I seen something that resembled a temple with a massive statue
when I was coming, look even inside the fort there’s deer.
Deer everywhere.
And these ones sectioned off, I guess
owned by these army guys.
They keep them as pets or something? I dunno.
Maybe they eat them. I dunno.
Haven’t seen deer on any of the menu here.
Maybe they don’t eat deer here.
Maybe they just like them roaming around
because they’re cute.
Look at the size of this bloody hill.
Me, with all my luggage, already pissing with sweat.
The bloody state of me.
Already pissing with sweat,
and I have to tackle this
massive hill.
Right, I reckon I’m gonna go see this temple.
See if I can get onto the walls of the fort.
And then I’ll be hailing a tuk tuk
and negotiating a fair price
to get to my hotel.
And then I’ll probably be hiring a bike
to get around this city for a day or two.
Oh what’s this saying? No Entry.
I’ve just came all the way up here.
How do I get in there if it’s no entry?
Is this no entry for cars or for people as well?
I can go in?
Go? Oh okay, good.
What through here? What?
[inaudible] 200 metres.
200 metres? Ahh okay. Okay.
Something 200 metres. I guess it’s going to be this temple.
It looks like we’re near to the sea.
It’ll be nice if I could stand up on the walls
like I did in Galle.
Ah, that was fantastic. That was a good day, wasn’t it?
I’d like to do that again here,
in Trincomalee.
It’d be nice.
All the tuk tuk guys sitting waiting, like vultures.
More cute deer. Huh.
There’s bloody loads of them, aren’t there?
And all these stalls closed.
Down here as well.
Wonder if that’s due to the recent lack of tourism or what, but just
you’d think these would all be selling like
maybe food and snacks.
It looks like these are all places selling like bric-a-brac and
souvenirs and stuff like that and
they’re all closed apart from that one right there.
Aye, that one was probably serving food.
Oh right, get a wee view down here.
Wonder why they’re all closed. It’s like
it’s only like 10 minutes to 4 pm.
You’d think they would still be getting tourists and stuff coming up here.
So, that’s where I’m staying.
Up there somewhere.
Way past those boats.
So, not really walking distance
but I’d rather walk than overpay for a tuk tuk. I’ll tell you that much.
I’ll be getting a fair price or I will be walking up there.
Okay, put them here.
Okay, thank you my friend.
I need to give you 20 rupees for this?
After? Okay, good.
Okay, so,
had to take my shoes off there,
so I’m traipsing through the dirt.
So I’m just going to be traipsing dirt through into the temple
from this dirty ground.
So I don’t really understand that,
why you don’t just take your shoes off actually at the outside of the temple, but
nevertheless, here I go.
Thankfully this is shaded.
I remember going to a temple in Yangon
in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the summer
and it was like a marble floor.
And oh my god,
it was like walking on hot coals, so it was.
Aye this is not bad. Some sand there as well.
Right, let’s have a look.
Look at this size of it.
Very, pretty isn’t it?
Please do not use mobile phones inside the temple.
Right, I guess that includes GoPros.
So, I won’t be taking this inside.
Well I’ll be putting it in my pocket. I won’t be leaving it outside.
Does that mean inside the temple there?
Or does this include inside the temple?
I think this is still the path.
Hi, how are you?
I think they mean just inside there.
What’s this? Is this where people who are in love
tie like padlocks to things with their name on it?
Or is this something else? Hmm.
Don’t know if I’m allowed to touch it.
That looks pretty scary actually.
Looks like something out of a horror movie like Annabelle or Chucky or something.
Dunno why that’s randomly,
it’s the only doll that’s there.
Don’t really understand why that would be there.
This guy collecting the money.
People must throw their donations, their coins and notes.
I’m sure some of them, some of the notes must flutter away down into the sea and
if you look down there, a load of people have missed.
Looks like an easy throw, that, right?
Loads of people have missed. Look how much they’ve missed by, right there.
That’s not even a good attempt.
There, right by the,
smacked my side of my face off this.
Well that’s bloody sharp so it is.
I guess this is to stop people going and helping themselves to that money. Right,
so I’ve been in the temple.
I was just in for a minute or so.
It’s just like the same as any Hindu temple you’ve been to,
so I’ve been to plenty before so it wasn’t
that interesting for me.
And I’m just gonna
get out of here and make my way to the hotel.
That’s impressive though, isn’t it?
Wonder what it’s made of.
How are you?
Good. You tuk tuk?
How much your tuk tuk cost?
Yes, but where are going?
How much Al Fresco Hotel? It’s near Trinco Blue. You know?
Yeah, Trinco Blue, yeah.
Eh, how much your tuk tuk?
Ah, too much.
450 last you.
250 I want to pay.
For one way.
What’s your name hotel?
Al Fresco Hotel. It’s near Trinco Blue.
Trinco Blue, last 400 okay?
Last 400? Nah, okay, I walk a little bit
[inaudible] to 400 sir, this one Fort Fredrick, I know place.
Okay, I walk a little bit and then ask someone to stop, okay? See you, bye.
Last price how much?
Eh 250.
250, last price.
It’s not too far.
350, okay.
No I cannot.
I long place sir.
Long place.
250, 250, really. I can get for 250 if I ask there.
Okay, last 300, okay?
Okay, 300, okay.
I take another tuk tuk, yes?
I take another tuk tuk.
Oh, wait.
Wait here.
Okay, the one here I take. Okay?
This, I take another.
Uh? He’s coming? He stop? He have parts?
Oh yeah, I stop.
You are taking me, yes?
Where you are from sir?
I’m from Scotland.
Oh, looks like it’s gonna rain, right?
It’s gonna be, ehhh, reception here. Okay, good.
Okay, 300 he said. Okay, thank you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You think there’s going to be a storm?
Yeah? [laughter]
Well at least it maybe cool me down a little bit. Not too hot.
Lovely beach holiday, huh?
Look how black that cloud is.
Storm is a brewing.
Luggage for a luggage?
Yeah, only this, yeah. It’s enough.
No need to take everything with me when I travel.
[laughter] yeah.
Just a few changes of clothes and some stuff like that.
Enough, yeah, finished.
Some people they take everything they own, they bring with them.
Some people, they have backpack same size as them.
Yeah, walking like this. This is stupid.
Especially girls, they need so much things.
For man, all he need is change some clothes. That’s it.
This my place. Okay, I ordered this wooden beach hut.
I ordered the beach hut.
You booking beach hut?
Yeah, yeah I’m sure.
I can show you my reservation.
I’m sure I booked this one. Yeah.
Let me check. I have airbnb on my phone.
Spacious beach front cabana in Trincomalee.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
This here, spacious beach front cabana.
Uh huh, right, right, right.
This one, huh?
I give you,
Morning 10:30? You night you stay here and morning give you.
A problem?
You don’t have one available or what?
Ah, yeah not available now.
Morning is possible.
Ah, that’s unfortunate.
Oh yeah. One night you stay here. Morning I give you.
Oh, okay.
Charges I.
You going to give me money back or what?
This room cost less, right?
Yeah, okay, no, I will try to less your money.
Give me less money? Okay.
Wah, okay,
I give you.
You give me some money back?
No problem, it’s okay.
Okay, no problem.
Thank you, eh.
Okay, okay, this my remote?
My key inside?
It’s okay. In the morning I talk to you, ah.
Okay, good.
No problem. Thank you sir.
Now power cut.
Now a power cut?
So, okay. Ah, I understand.
And you stay here.
Okay, I’m gonna go for a walk.
Okay, but this is my room.
Okay, thank you sir.
And my key where? Oh it’s.
You have me key?
Yeah, it’s okay.
Okay, when the power cut stops I come back.
I just leave here. Okay, I go for a walk.
You can take key, yeah.
Okay, I go for a walk just now.
You put your bag.
What? Oh, no. I’d rather walk around with it. Just in case.
Eh, I lock.
Uh? Lock the door? Do you want me to?
Sometimes gets dusty.
Crocodile come in or monkey come in or deer or?
No, no, not coming sir. [laughter]
No monkeys here in Trinco?
Hi. How are you?
Strong. Strong, uh?
Okay, I guess this is what I’m supposed to be getting. One of these.
Not one of these wee ones. I seen them. They look tiny.
Didn’t fancy them. I booked one of these ones.
So it looks like they’ve only got three of them.
There’s somebody else I my bloody room, right now.
Loving their little beach front cabana.
While I stay in my pissy little room with no electricity.
Look at them. Been sipping beer on my porch.
That’s my bloody porch.
Ah, chancers.
Oh look. Free coconuts. Brilliant.
Okay, so today’s plan’s kinda ruined.
I was expecting to get here two hours earlier than I did
but there was like 6 or 7 or maybe 8 army checkpoints along the way on the bus.
That was annoying and then
I was expecting to check in to one of these nice little wooden cabanas
where that guy’s sitting with his beer on my porch
and then I was gonna get changed and go for a swim in the sea.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the beautiful beach
and it has not worked out as planned.
Unfortunately, that’s just the way things go, sometimes.
Don’t think I’m getting across here, am I?
Okay, give these guys a hand.
A big help, right? [laughter]
No, not really.
Where you from?
Me, from Scotland.
Yeah, you from Trinco?
All your life in Trinco, yeah?
Oh, good.
What is it you are doing?
Fish catching.
Oh, this for the fish catching?
So from here to all the way over there, the fish are coming?
This center net.
How many fish this one big net can get?
I dunno, maybe five thousand.
Thousands probably.
Maybe two thousand five hundred, like this.
One thousand, two thousands, ah?
And who do the fish belong to once you catch?
You share the fish, or?
Yeah, sharing this.
Ah, so you are all fishermen?
Yeah all fish men.
And everything you catch, you share between you?
And take to the market in the morning, yes?
Yeah, one thousand coming after
three percent give my boss.
Three percent give your boss?
Seven percent take old people.
Ah, okay. Okay, good.
This a good job for someone in Trinco, yeah?
The fisherman.
Very hard job.
Morning time no more fish.
Hard work but you can earn good money for this type of job in Trinco?
Oh, good.
Morning time very bad. This fish no come morning time.
Not come in the morning time? That’s why you do now?
Ah, good.
Good luck, bad luck, I don’t know.
Ah, you only know once you pull in
and then you can check if it’s one thousand, five hundred,
one thousand five hundred?
Maybe one hundred, maybe.
Sometimes only one hundred?
And other times more than one thousand?
Yeah, yeah.
Ah, okay, so.
One thousand, one hundred, fifty came, fifty KG, like this.
A lot of variance. It’s like, eh,
Morning time only 10 KG.
Ah, okay.
Too much long.
This very near now. Morning time too much long.
Same, same group, eleven.
Ah, okay.
Same, same group.
Now only [inaudible].
How many fishermen? One, two, three, four, five, six,
This twenty people now.
Twenty people, huh?
Last week sixteen people.
Sixteen, ah?
Morning time fifteen are one people come.
What’s your name?
Oh me? I’m Dale.
And you?
I am Robin.
This an English name, right?
Christian? You’re a Christian? Ah, okay.
How many Christians are there in Trinco?
Only one.
Only one? You are the only Christian?
This area only one.
And you don’t have a church here then, no?
Church there, yeah.
Here there’s one church? Ah, good.
This very bad now morning, this.
Like, sometimes good, sometimes no good, like this.
Ah, okay.
Sometimes big fish.
Sometimes big fish? Yes? And another time none?
None. [inaudible]
Ah, okay.
You think today it’s going to be raining, right?
Yeah raining.
Yeah, I see.
Maybe next time coming a lot of fish.
Ah, okay. Oh, the rain is bringing more fish?
Oh, so he wants it to rain?
But the tourists, they don’t want it to rain
but the fisherman, they want the rain? Ah okay.
I don’t like it to raining.
You don’t like it to raining? But it’s good for the fishermen,
they can make more money? Oh, good.
You sit down sir.
Ah okay, thank you. What are you doing here?
I am business sir.
You are business for what?
My top.
I am, making this.
You are making the top?
Yeah top, ladies.
This for ladies, uh?
Yes, you want, like a man, yes, sometimes man take.
You are making from cotton?
Cotton, yes.
Ah, I see.
Ah, I understand.
Oh, very nice.
This is [inaudible]
Ah okay, this traditional wear for Sri Lanka lady?
You want elephant? Elephant sarong.
Elephant sarong.
Ah, I see many of these. [laughter]
Yeah, a bit too hippyish for me.
Ah, okay. Very nice.
You want help, buy one you take.
You want help business, no?
Oh, I don’t need this. For woman, for woman.
This is man, take.
This is man? Ah, I don’t need.
[inaudible] elephant.
For me, I don’t need and also you can see how full my luggage is.
Yes, it really is full.
Oh, so that woman was nice but
her friend kinda trying to push me into the direction of buying some woman’s sarong.
[laughter] Which I really don’t want.
And then when I say I don’t want them, she’s trying to sell me elephant pants.
Anybody who knows me, knows that I hate elephant pants.
More than anything. [laughter]
Well, if I wanted pretty much a whole beach resort to myself,
I’ve pretty much got it. I mean,
look around.
It’s just the fishermen there and then everything else is dead.
It looks like it’s coming towards night time but it’s not
there’s still like a good hour and a half of daylight left at least. Maybe two hours.
It’s just these black clouds.
So, it looks like there’s just not many tourists here and the ones that are here are
probably inside by now, but
there’s a power cut, so
I’m just wandering about out here without much of a plan.
This is nice.
Cool breeze.
Ah, good.
Wish I wasn’t carrying all this luggage, though.
Wait a minute. Why am I carrying all this luggage?
The guy gave me the keys, right?
What the hell am I doing? Why didn’t I leave this in my room?
Carrying this stupid bag.
Right, I’m gonna get rid of this bloody bag first and then I’m gonna go for a wee walk.
Aye, in fact, now that I can lock my stuff away
Uh, see I got confused by the whole check in process.
I didn’t know what was going on.
He had the door left open, and then
was I getting the key? Was I not getting the key?
And then, aye,
right, huh, I’m putting this bag away.
I’m putting this bag away and then I’m going, maybe even go for a wee swim.
Let me test how, if this water is warm or not.
Oh, it’s a wee bit cold.
It is a wee bit cold.
Okay, so that’s one of the wooden cabanas that I’m supposed to be staying in.
These ones right here, these are the wee Eco Cabanas.
Maybe have a wee peer though somebody’s window.
That’s one of the ones I was thinking about getting.
They were only about $20 a night.
But, eh, they’re tiny, aren’t they?
I think you just get a wee cube.
It’s just basically the bed fits in
the whole thing and then you’ve just got this wee cube for your shower / toilet
that you actually have to cross over, into.
Eh, I dunno.
A bit capsule hotel-ish. [laughter]
And that’s one of the ones I’m gonna be getting.
I think also, a double cube for your bathroom.
Instead. Aye.
Maybe I can have a wee peer, through the window, considering
it’s supposed to be mine anyway.
Nah, got their curtains shut.
Ah, these are the guys. Stolen.
Stolen my bloody beach cabana.
Here we go.
Well, the room is bigger than the wooden cabana.
But, not as cool, is it?
What’s the bathroom like?
How do I even get into this thing?
Really? That doesn’t pull in either direction?
That’s, woah oh. What’s going on here?
Flickering light, Jesus, oh actually.
What is going on? The air conditioning’s got a mind of its own.
How do I get through here?
Well that’s nice innit?
Bathroom’s actually decent.
Where’s the light?
There we go.
Ah, the bathroom’s actually decent. Look at the size of this shower area.
They could have just turned that into a bath.
They’ve got enough space for it.
It’s just a waste of space that, innit?
And then the mirror,
can’t even see myself in the mirror there, gonna have to duck down.
Right, in my trunks. Let’s go for a wee swim.
I’m getting that dip in the sea after all.
It hasn’t started raining yet.
It looks like those fishermen have got their catch.
Wonder how much they got today.
Doesn’t look very much.
He was talking like a thousand fish.
Doesn’t look like a thousand fish to me.
Doesn’t look like a lot of fish for the amount of effort they’ve put in.
He was talking like a thousand fish, that looks like
Well, I guess I’m at the wrong part of the beach
if I want to see some fish under the water because
those guy’s have just taken all the fish that were under there.
So I guess I’m gonna have to go maybe further up a bit
if I want to see some fishes under here.
The water is quite clear,
as you can see.
Right, I’m gonna go put the GoPro away so I can do some proper swimming for half and hour or so.
The waves are pretty big.
Your man doesn’t know how to surf.
It would be nice if somebody could teach me, somebody.
There’s a diving school there. I don’t see any surfing school
but maybe that’s what I’ll do tomorrow.
See if I can get somebody to teach me how to surf.
These look like beginner waves.
Don’t they just? I can just imagine learning to surf on these.
Looks about perfect, doesn’t it?
Look at that.
And 70, okay.
410, yes?
Bro, I take this?
Oh, what is it? How much?
Eh, I dunno.
50? You want?
Okay, I buy for you, 50 no problem.
Okay, yeah no problem, I buy for you.
Oh, this for him. 50.
Okay, no problem. Okay,
460, okay.
Enjoy, enjoy these peanuts.
Yeah, and you like?
Ah, you give me some? Okay, good.
Okay, thank you.
You need?
Ah, give me a few.
It’s okay. This enough. Enough, enough, enough, okay.
Enough, enough. Finished, finished.
Oh, finished, finished.
Finish, finish, finish, finish.
[laughter] Okay, thank you.
See you my friend, I go back to my room.
See you. Bye bye.
Hi, room ready or not?
Room ready.
Ready? Okay, I give you this one.
You’ve got the AC on?
Okay, you got the key in the door?
I just walk? Which one? 1, 2 or 3?
101? Okay, I go now.
Okay, thank you. See you guys.
Apparently now my beachfront wooden cabana is ready.
I just have to walk over there.
Let’s go have a wee look shall we?
He says it’s number 101, the first one.
That is the one, where I said yesterday
that the guys were sitting on my porch.
I seen those ones checking out today.
Let’s see what we’ve got.
This whole beach area, pretty much to myself.
And here is my cabana.
Number 301.
With the room, the key in the door.
Okay, let’s have a look. Oh, very nice.
Look at this.
Would you look at this?
Let’s turn the light on.
And there we go. Enough bedding for three people, or one of me.
Stepping right out
onto my porch
and right on the beach. That’ll be nice.
Just run straight from the room
into the sea. Fantastic.
Hi, good morning.
Okay, the bathroom. Just the basic setup.
There, you’ve got like the shower over the toilet area and
pretty basic which is what I was expecting.
This is kinda connected to the wooden hut.
Which is good.
I’d rather that than having to share like a communal bathroom or something.
This is very nice, look. High ceiling.
Oh, I can just imagine chillin’ on that bed
with the fan whirring around.
and then stepping out of here
and just running straight into the sea.
And then back again.
Okay, so things turned out not bad in the end.
I got my beach hut.
I got my sunny nice day.
And I’m gonna go for a wee swim now
and that’s going to be the video guys, so please do give it a thumbs up.
Hope you enjoyed this adventure,
getting to Trincomalee and getting the beach hut
and getting a sunny nice day, and
I’ll see you on the next video.

100 thoughts on “I stayed in a WOODEN BEACH HUT in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka (eventually). ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ”

  1. Sorry it took so long to upload this. I'm currently travelling and recording more content for the channel and haven't had decent internet in a long time. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more updates: https://www.instagram.com/daleroxxu/

  2. Yo… you back again… i thought you left .. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  3. Were you stalking those two guys who stole your Cabana? Talking bout you seen them check out early in the day. Lol looks awesome. Haven't been to Sri Lanka in 22 years now. Haven't been to that part of Sri Lanka in my life because I used to live in Colombo when the civil war was on so couldn't really go there or Jaffna. It's so nice to see it through your eyes… at least. I'm sure to make a trip back home in the future though.

  4. Waiting eagerly for your videos after work. They r lovely โคโคโค. Like your Scottish accent. Recommend you to visit Anuradhapura ancient city. Love from Srilanka๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

  5. 12:40 that guy is using curse words when negotiating for rs 300 . Absolute disgrace for our country.And karma paid him well XD.

  6. 14:14 No Burka / Niqab sign on the Tuktuk. Sad signs of the current climate in Sri Lanka after the Easter Sunday tragedies.

  7. 29:14. If any one noticed the Swastika sign on the wall then don't be alarmed. Nazis have not taken over Trinco, it is a Hindu sign which represents the Sun. Hindus had Swastika as a sign long before Hitler stole it!

  8. @Dalephilip

    lol that tuk tuk driver said fuck your mum he was sooo pissed you got him down to R.s 300 funnest thing i ever seen love it keep this up

  9. Great Vlog yet again Dale, your subscribers are growing by the day, you deserve that.

    I love it when you chat with the Sri Lanken guys and your accent changes to Scottish / Sri Lanken๐Ÿ˜‚

    Keep the Vlogs coming Dale, Iโ€™ll be watching them for sure๐Ÿ‘

  10. Trinco has great beaches and good food as well. Glad you finally got there… well, your videos there are finally getting out LOL The East Coast is the better place to be in SL during June-September.

    Hopefully see more new adventures in Trinco as probably Jaffna and Mannar as well.

  11. Good on you Dale.
    Going to do a bit of armchair travel with you. Really enjoying your down to earth narration and your spontaneous reaction to things. I have been to those places you are visiting a few years ago. Things have changed a lot. Thanks for showing the new face of these Sri Lankan town in detail with so much passion. Congratulations to to your travel.
    Very good content.
    Tuk tuk driver swore at you in Sinhalese in a bad way after fare negotiation failed. Funny.

  12. Hi dale looks like the tuk tuk driver did not like you but every body else does keep the good work up me and my wife are in sri lanka 18/12/19 for a month cant wait keep that go pro rolling thanks sam.

  13. Thanks Dale. Seeing through your eyes. As always I was laughing so much cos I was wondering why you didnt leave the bag in the hotel room with a lockable front door. To be fare, I would have got so confused with the checking-in procedure too. Question – was the cabana comfortable to sleep in? Anyway…shared in my Facebook page ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. DALE, THE TUK TUK FELLA WASN'T A HAPPY BUNNY WITH YOUR BARGAINING AS YOU MIGHT ALREADY KNOW! I'm not going to translate what was said but I hope you get the gist! Great video by the way! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  15. Perfect vlog, brother. Discovering, chatting, bargaining, swimming, culture, food, and everything in between. You, my friend, know how to travel vlog.

  16. I thought you were already to left ๐Ÿ˜”
    But you're not ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    Mind you're language people of 3 wheels ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

    The fish man talking English and women .even I can't ๐Ÿ˜‘..I feel proud of this people ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    Thnx dale for this video ..hv never been trinco๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  17. Maybe try and take a fish from the fisher then cook it also that was funny he was like don't leave your room unlocked and I was like then give dale the bloody key haha cant wait to follow your story ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. 1 like = 1 subscribe
    Help us grow helpless youtubers
    Subscribe me. I will subscribe u back ๐Ÿ™โคโค

  19. Keep it up dale! That temple is quite famous in that area. Since the attacks took place it's only couple of tourists as it seems

  20. no point of blaming the two tourists – they are innocent. It is the beach hut owner who had sold the cabana to two groups (yourself included), at the same time.

    on a different point – your bargainng skills are incredible!

  21. Good one bro waiting for next vedio dnt take long to upload next and where ever u wanted to go download pick me app for tuk tuk

  22. Dale as usualy this is Amazing โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿค—,

    Iโ€™ll check this place out when i go to Trinco ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

    Oh man just on the beach

  23. @Dale Philip,
    The abusive language of the Tuk Tuk driver (13:04–13:07) made your video 18+
    One Tuk-Tuk driver (QQ-2815) spoiled the entire industry and bought the country to its knees!

  24. Deers reminds me of Japan. Japan has an area full of dears. They believe itโ€™s a goddes whoโ€™s reincarnated as a deer and saved the world or so… Anyways, rural area like these are full of desperate people, it seems…But, am glad you got your beach hut n had a nice time in the beach.

  25. @13:06 the tuk tuk dudes were cursing at you, saying all sort of bad words and stuff, Just because they couldn't get a higher price.

  26. Dale please visit Sri Lanka in December to experience the X mas vibes and to visit Nuwara Eliya to (Little England of Asia) the climate will drop down to 2 c. Its the most beautiful city in Sri Lanka

  27. Deity punished the tuc tuc guy who used bad words to curse bargaining visitor. The deity may not satisfied with breaking the tuc tuc . Some more punishments might waiting for him.

  28. ๐ŸฆŒ on the street ๐Ÿ˜‰ and sorry for the insults on behalf of those tuk tuk drivers ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‚

  29. This made my day. Great Video Dale. I was so hooked to the video that I didn't even notice 30 minutes fly past.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  30. He scolded u in filth before the trip by tuk tuk. Serves him rite . His pathetic vehicle is pathetic like him

  31. This man is doing an enormous service to the broken tourism industry in Sri Lanka.. Just go through these comments.. How many change of plans for holiday season do you see?? It's all because of this man.. I think you deserve a toll free tour in Sri Lanka ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ..Dale.. Love your humanity โค๏ธ

  32. Dale, just as you entered the fort, you mightโ€™ve seen an emblem of sorts on the wall, in the shape of two fish. This emblem belonged to the Pandya Empire, who used to rule South India about 1500 years ago. The actual stone upon which the emblem is carved comes from the temple you saw at the top of the hill. The ancient temple was built by the Pandya, and was razed to the ground by the Portuguese in 1622. They used the temple debris to build the fort which still stands to this day.

  33. In the end of the Tuk Tuk negotiation, Tuk Tuk drivers were blaming at you like saying, 'Rs.300 is ok, come you fu.king motherfu..ker'. Most of these Tuk Tuk drivers are scammers and waiting to take your money. Always double the price for tourists. Be careful if you are a foreigner. Always negotiate the price as Dale did before get into that thing.

  34. LMAO. you being confused with yourself about why you brought your bag when you can just put it away .Thats honestly me everyday . Amazing vlog . Hope you enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka

  35. You made me go and visit trinco again …. The last time I went was during war. Looks so calm and quiet now… ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐Ÿ‡ฐ

  36. Dale the took took guy called you a stingy mother f*** when he lost the bartering game….you were right to call them vultures…and he deserved what he got when his bloody crap heap broke down. Most people in sri lanka are decent human beings, but by god you get an awful lot of third rate punks, who feel entitled to take anything they want from others, specially tourists. Its not poverty that does that, because in rural villages, people who have next to nothing and live off the land are so generous and hospitable. Thereโ€™s something wrong with the mentality of some sri lankans, who are a moral. Very sad. Its a beautiful country. I speak singhalese, but i donโ€™t let on that i do, itโ€™s made some people very redfaced when i reply to them in singhaleese, having listened to their crude comments about me, just like the took took driver did to you.

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