I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis

I tried to go to Canada but got stuck in Minneapolis

I made some new merch designs (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ
Do you like ’em?
I don’t know, I think they’re pretty cool. -3-
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Hey, friends who live in Canada!
What do you think of…
What do I think of Canada hmm…
Let’s see…
when the snow melts,
you get to witness
the minefield of dog poop that people didn’t pick up.>:0
It’s cold,
but I like the cold
because you can keep layering until you’re warm,
but in the heat you can only get so naked.
And then-
and then you just have a sunburn
on your butt. 🙁
Every summer I leave Arizona
to visit my family in Canada
because we like seeing them
and they’re really great and
yeah, we also don’t like to live in a
We normally have a non-stop flight,
but this one particular trip
we decided to do a layover to save some money.
I think it was July 2012, so I was like…
A couple days before our flight,
my mom realized
that my brother Jax and my passports were EXPIRED.
this is either gonna go over well,
or it isn’t.
ah it was SO MUCH WORSE.
We got to the flight check-in
and they said,
these passports are expired.”
But it was only by a little bit
so the guy was nice and said,
I’m gonna let you all through and inform your layover about what’s happening, but get those renewed soon.”
So we were like yay crisis averted!
There’s still 95% of the video left!
That’s because we were WRONG.
We landed in Minneapolis, and the people said “Hey, these passports are expired.”
“Oh yeah, we’re sorry about that, the man at the Phoenix Airport
let us off with a warning and said he contacted you about everything and-“
“Well, crap, I think we’re actually stuck in Minneapolis.”
“I guess this is our new home now, get used to it kids.”
So it was my scared mom and her two EXPIRED children
stranded in this obscure city.
We went to a pharmacy which for some reason also takes passport photos
But we had to wait until the passport place opened the next morning.
Mom was having an aneurysm panic attack
But didn’t want us to worry so she was like:
“Hey kiddos time for an adventure!”
She took us to the Mall of America which is the biggest, craziest mall in America with 4 floors of shops,
entertainment, a mirror maze, bowling, roller coasters, aquarium
I’ve never seen anything like it. There were so many things to do; how could we choose what to do first?
Roller coasters in a mall, four floors, a kid’s paradise?
We ate at the food court for 20 minutes and left because it was closing for the night…
We found a hotel and slept in our clothes even though we had our luggage. I remember on the light rail
I said to mom “You know.. I really like it here!” like the oblivious child I was not knowing the weight of the actual circumstances
Having a grand old time listening to a High School Musical playlist on an iPod and playing with my stuffed animals.
I frickin’ loved stuffed animals. As a kid I COULDN’T sleep without them
My favorites were Raoole the Mouse and Ringo the Raccoon.
I’ve had ’em for years.
Anyway, luckily, Minneapolis is one of the few places that has one day turnaround for passports.
For the cost of an arm, a leg and your entire savings……
So in the morning we had to check out of the hotel, run to the passport place, and make it to the airport in time for our new flight. It’s gonna be a tight schedule…
but it was doable.
We were on our way to get the passports when in the middle of transit I realized…
“I forgot my stuffed animals in the hotel.”
[Another Aneurysm]
“But- but- no, it’s alright, I don’t- I don’t need ’em; it’s okay, really, it’s not a big deal!”
I left Raoole and Ringo in the hotel and Mom was already having a mental stress breakdown and I was not at all wanting to
contribute to any more of that, but mom, being the kick-butt awesome parent she is, defeatedly pulled out her phone.
“Hello, yes, we just checked out this morning. Would you check Room 421 to see if there’s two stuffed animals in there?”
“Um, ma’am, there’s someone currently occupying that room… ?”
And that was super weird to hear because we literally just left the hotel; how did someone already fill up the room?
Turns out we just called the wrong hotel, so we got transferred to the right one and they said they’d hold them for us to quickly pick up. So now the schedule was:
Arrive at the passport place right as it opens at 8:00 a.m.,
Get passports,
Run back to the hotel to grab Raoole and Ringo, rush to the airport before our 1:00 p.m.
flight, and I’d also like to point out that the last shuttle to the airport leaves at 12 p.m.
so if we miss that shuttle, we’re screwed! Remember, things were different back in the days of 2012 B.U.
“Before Uber.” Back then, the idea of paying to jump in a car with an
unlicensed stranger wasn’t very popular… {(Duh…)}
At the passport place, we walked up to the desk and the first thing they said was:
“So both parents are present, correct?”
“Uh, actually, he’s 1,645 miles away… “
[Aneurysm Count: 3 ]
There was a solution! We could get in contact with dad, send him a form to fill out, get it notarized,
which means to legalize by a notary, which means a person licensed by the government approves it, which-
Okay, we don’t have time for this!!
We had to prove the paper is legal, but there’s a problem to that solution.
It’s 8 a.m. in Minneapolis but 6 a.m. in Arizona, which means notarizing places…
…aren’t open.
Now, my mom knows a lot of people and one of her best friends is actually an accountant,
which means she can get it notarized when she goes into work and get it sent back super quickly.
Which what are the odds of that?
“Mom, we should buy a lottery ticket if we actually get to Canada.”
So, quick!! Woke dad, got the form filled, called the friend,
did the thing, got the thing back, and somehow, everything was accepted!
And we weren’t expired children anymore! And off we were running down the city to get back to the hotel to grab Raoole and Ringo.
m’kay, I’m gonna insert a tiny story detail; we left our luggage at the hotel
so we wouldn’t have to be dragging it everywhere, which means we would have had to get back to the hotel anyway,
but it’s much more intense to think that grabbing the stuffed animals was an extra step
we didn’t have time for so, shhh we’re gonna continue!
We were sprinting to catch the light rail,
Jax and I were running ahead, and for some reason, mom’s knee started hurting and she started slowing down
“Are you okay?!” and she was just like “Go, go, I’ll catch up, just get to the train! Go, go without me!!”
We made it.
We Sonic’d into the hotel, grabbed Raoole and Ringo (and the luggage we were already coming back for), reached the shuttle before it left,
and finally fell into the airport!
(Underwhelmed) yaayaaaay yay…..
Sitting at our gate, waiting for the plane to swoop us off to Canadaland with their moose and their poutine and Niagara Falls
Canada Nerd: Well technically, Niagara Falls is made up of three different waterfalls and the U.S.
actually owns two of them.
But I guess Horseshoe Falls is the biggest and most popular so-
Mom suddenly realized that she forgot my dad’s letter at the passport
showing that both parents consent to us, the innocent helpless pathetic children, crossing the border.
In the past, security always asks as to show that consent paper,
so mom couldn’t even have a relaxing plane ride,
being stressed out of her mind that we would land and still couldn’t pass the border. After all that!!
She didn’t tell us she was worried because she was already doing a frickin’ dang
good job of hiding the weight of what was going on, so she held it in the entire flight.
But she told us afterwards and we gave her a slow clap.
She deserved more, but we were kids.
(That’s all we had.)
We approached the security, booth gave him our shiny new passports;
they looked at my mom, my brother, and me…
“Have a fun time in Canada!”
They didn’t ask that time!!!!
My mom, every time she tells this story always, says “They always ask, they always ask; they didn’t ask this time!”
“How the frick even-“
And that was that; we got to Canada. That’s it.
Ginger Pale: Wow that was a lot of effort to come here.
Dom: Yeah, I mean Canada is all right, but you guys have that Mall of America.
Ginger Pale: Okay, yeah, sure, cool, but I mean we have West Edmonton Mall, which has an indoor waterpark and a theme park!!
Dom: Wait, really, tha- that exists?
[Smacks lips]
Dom: Well, I guess that automatically puts us on top then.
Ginger Pale: We were always on top, Dom. We are America’s hat.
Woo, yeah! Canada!
I had to ask my mom the timeline of events
during the whole thing because I was young and don’t remember anything but eating in Mall of America and forgetting my stuffed animals.
Big thanks to Domics and Ginger Pale for being Canadian and also helping with lines. They’re great buds!
This is hopefully the last time I mention this in an end card, but I’m still interested in finding other animators.
I talked about it in the apples video, but this is the last time I’m bringing it up, I promise (I think).
I’m still looking for animators to help me with scenes because I want the videos to be more animated.
The videos I did in the past on my own are pretty bland looking…
And I want to be able to have more quality animation in videos without taking six months to finish something.
I know people are against me…
asking for help on videos because my channel has that homemade
“It’s just a normal person doing YouTube for fun” feeling. I’m not professional at anything
But a normal person can’t make
seven-minute fully animated videos every couple of weeks on their own. Some people might prefer one or two videos a year that are done only by me
and I get that, but I like posting videos more frequently not only because it helps the channel and me stay alive,
but a lot of people enjoy more videos, and I’m able to support really talented animators
I’m working with. That’s my take on this situation, and you don’t have to agree with me at all.
But I’m really trying my best to think of you and me and everyone.
Kay thanks, send a portfolio to [email protected] if you’re interested, info in the description,
have a good rest of your week, and here’s Ginger Pale being Canadian.
Ginger Pale: Moose, maple syrup, eh, health care…

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