I Unlocked the Red Zone Arcade Machine!

I Unlocked the Red Zone Arcade Machine!

We’re going to go inside and finally
Get that ball look at that look at this, look at this folks.

Matt three seven five six seven
What’s up goobers, Matt three seven five six years today? I’m a replay effect
We’re going to be doing an awesome special video because I have inside access literally
To Red Zone guys I’m going to show you guys
insides of the game
Take that ball out of there
And show you
What it feels like I’m going to show you what it feels like
That does not make sense, but it you guys know what I mean, so check it out guys
Red Zone is unlocked we’re going to go inside and finally
Get that ball look at it
Look at this folks
There it is now this doesn’t actually come out
Just as a lift the Plexi a little bit that’s where the ball doesn’t fly out during the game
Did you get seeing your check us out? Here’s the easy way to play Red Zone?
So once we’ve got a hit the dip center is how it knows that the balls in the home position?
So watch I’m going to shoot it up ready
Will not shoot it. I’m going to cheat going to go up and look at at your bang
And then when it goes down here and hit that center again
We’ll just not enough to give you the next round should be not good
I’m gonna use my finger ready?
Oh My God look at my finger
See if I can get four out of four guys, right?
here ready
this is called Fingers zone boing
No, no, you don’t that’s how you don’t you freakin red ball you
We’re getting four out of four guys here we go
We are inside red zone it goes down to one check it out. Let’s see if I can do it with my finger.
Oh, no, no
No, no no no no no no it doesn’t register until it rests on the sensor
It’s just why I was able to kind of drag it down there. Look at that four out of four
We’re not going to choose the prize because you cheated
So now guys since we are inside Red Zone. We’re here. We’re going to
I’m going to take the ball out and try to give you guys a sense of how heavy it is
And what’s like the materials? Oh?
Comment right now guys let me know in the comments you guys think this ball
Isn’t like a rubber bouncy ball, or is it more solid?
Comment Hashtag rubber
if you think it’s like a more of like a bouncy ball or like or like a
What’s that game slam a winter bouncy ball comment hashtag
sorry I don’t what I’m saying if you think it’s more of like a solid ball here we go
I’m going to take it out of the machine and then we’re going to bounce it on the ground. We’re not bouncing
like to break it, but we’re take it out, and then you guys will get a sense of what is the material is like
see if you guys can tell with it. Just being in the light here. It’s a little tough to tell
I’ll tell you what it is. Heavy
It is heavy all right so the fun the test here is now. What is this ball actually made out of
and it is
Here that it almost sounds like a full ball. So if this is solid guy, this is not like a bouncy ball
It’s got some weight to it it
Hear that sound it’s making
this ball almost reminds me of
Like one of those croquet balls and stuff. That’s that the exact thing kind of material is made out of and it’s
such like if they’ve got some weight to it, so
Next time you play a red zone. Keep that in mind guys
we got
these are just regular counters you got to coin mechs here some of these cap dollars Bill acceptors the
replacement plate for the Dollar Bill Acceptor
and then here you have
You can clear the credits that are on the machine?
The alarm goes off which it’s not that the tilt sensor guys
I’ll try to show you later, and then there’s a setup, but I wasn’t sure I get to the setup mode
But I don’t have the manual alright guys so to look inside the back of the machine. This is the main cpU
Pcb board that
Runs it
speaker back there, that’s the power supply and
the Tube sensor
As you can see it is way back there. I put a piece of cardboard
I put one of my business cards on it because it was a little too sensitive
It’s a little bobber. That’s like on
Pinball machines and coin pushers, and when that moves if you shake the machine it will it alarm will go off?
It’s very loud. That’s why I’ve kind of disabled it
if you look above here
That’s where all the little switches and everything are see there’s the actual black switch that you see on the top of the game
right here
You get see that there and then this is the prize doors
It’s actually what it looks like so they got this in you when your prize bends off
it here actually goes down this little shoot, and then this is the swinging prize door here is a
Pretty ingenious, I must say this game is made by awesome Bay-Tek
I love their games that they make if they’re awesome people
Know this is one of them. I can’t remember if this was before or after Dizzy Chicken
Let me know you guys think in the comments
Once again here. I wanted to do this for a long time
cheating at Red Zone
look at that
with the finger oh
the finger
Without even cheating almost had it I was one short
Little cheat gets it up there. Don’t cheat guys. It’s no fun. Oh
There it is guys that was an inside look at Red Zone
All right, you goobers. Thanks for watching it
Inside exclusive access look at Red Zone guys here replay effect
2017 they were kind enough to let me have this red zone at my booth here. This is my booth here that is some people playing claw machine
They’re kind enough to let me have it and I was able to tinker with us
I wanted to give you guys some inside access because I normally
Am not able to do this in the arcade to actually go inside
And it was cool to like feel the way to the ball and stuff it kind of gives you an idea
Maybe how to launch it when you play next time, so if you enjoyed the video guys thumb it up
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