ICE 2018: Darwyn Palenzuela, Extreme Live Gaming

ICE 2018: Darwyn Palenzuela, Extreme Live Gaming

Hi, I’m Darwyn Palenzuela, CEO of Extreme Live Gaming,
part of the NOVOMATIC Group of Companies
We specialise in Live Dealer and this is one
of our new flagship products, called 360 Roulette.
It’s augmented reality, that’s available
on both mobile and desktop.
It’s HTML5.
It’s the first out there that allows the
player to take full control of the environment,
move it around, and get the feel of the roulette
One of the appeals of this 360 is the branding opportunities that you can have on the land
base or online.
You can put your brand here or wherever it is.
You can also link-in other games, this can
just be slots interface as well.
We can launch any slots game within the game,
so it allows you to play roulette plus any
other side games.
And we’ll be extending this soon to the
full 360 studio environment, which it won’t
be just Roulette, it’ll be Blackjack and
Baccarat and other table games.
Thank you.

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  1. Nice. When and where (which casinos) can players find your new 360 Roulette game? Will they need special Extreme Live Gaming VR goggles?

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