If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (Playstation X-Box Gamer Video Games Parody)

If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (Playstation X-Box Gamer Video Games Parody)

hi I’m Roger and I’d like to offer you a respite from your life do you like video games or failing that are you psychologically addicted to video games because we manufactured them with built-in reward systems designed to activate the pleasure centers in your brains great then you’ll love our new game there’s generally where I’d cut to some really impressive footage but we both know that any clips I show you won’t actually be in the game the video game footage we show in trailers and at gaming convention is in no way representative of the actual gameplay in the game itself it’s just an expensive little movie that you will never be able to play footage from the actual game is worse how worse buy the game and find out but before you do there’s something else I’d require you to buy you’re going to need a new video game system not just any video game system but a video game system that’s more or less like any video game system there’s Hortens reality escaping electric brick I know what you really want is the game I just talked about and I know you probably have a version of whorton’s reality escaping electric brand but you need the current one unless you’re fine playing five-year-old games that were designed specifically to fail after a certain amount of time will of course have a new electric brick coming out but that’s at least two years away so just buy this one now when it comes to graphics the ones on Hortons reality escaping electric brick sure are subjectively comparable to what you’d expect for whatever year it is it’s got a good amount of the major games you’d want plus some of our own some of the games are great most of them are alright but in general they’re all just mostly identical installments and one of the three types of video games that exists now but you know it’s still a perfectly acceptable way to escape the crushing truths of reality and hey if you don’t like games we got Netflix on this thing but you probably do like gay so here try this one it’s a zombie munching bloody things I’m told it’s exactly fine you can get it on your Playstation your Xbox or hey you why not try it on Orton’s brand electric break I’d show you some footage of people playing a game but I can’t because the games not ready yet it won’t be ready when you preorder it either and heck or hell if you prefer it won’t even be ready when you play it you see we learned a long time ago that we can make lots of new games or we can just keep charging you to download more of the same game assuming we call it bonus material or the DLC and we chose the latter option the option that requires less work on our part the only real innovation happening in games now is centered around sales we’ve got a team of dedicated researchers and scientists working round the clock to come up with new and exciting ways to take your money video games with subscriptions oh somebody thought of that early access that’s another one we found that we can take a game that is unfinished and you’ll still pay the full price for it so long as we call it early access you’re paying for the privilege of playing a broken game hello keep it up oh and you you too you also keep it uh keep on buying our video games and video game systems even though they’re all mostly identical because you pretty much have to and if you don’t know now you know I’m Roger I’m Roger like and subscribe to this channel what he’s still doing here it’s over

100 thoughts on “If Video Game Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads (Playstation X-Box Gamer Video Games Parody)”

  1. Download via torrents to punish gaming industry. (Use Russian web pages)
    Europa Universalis 4 (Paradox Interactive) is an astonishing game, then Paradox adds DLCs for astonishing prices. I used to play pirate version for 5-6 years. BUT, I bought them all recently. Just to appreciate the efforts of the developers.

  2. Welp the thing about how the game looks like in trailers and how it actually looks like is the same because of how good graphics are now

  3. I wonder how many people are still ignoring this fact and still buying DLCs anyway.
    I personally prefer the complete and physical editions when possible (eg. Hellblade).

  4. So much wrong with this video. Game consoles dont come out every 2 years. Game trailers do show gameplay. Some may not but many do. Only true thing is rehashed games and day 1 patches

  5. Unfortunately 99% of ppl even Adults DONT KNOW they are SO STUPID that ya companies just need to change few words here and there and they think its something different man world is Full of Gullible Morons looks like ppl are getting dumber and dumber with every passing years its like someone wants general public to be Complete Idiots hahahaha

  6. don't forget the commercial is supposed to have 2 guys and 2 girls, at least 1 black, sitting on a couch smiling like loons and jumping out of their seats as they move their controllers around in the air as if they have no clue how actual video games are played.

  7. After watching many of the 'honest ad' videos and noting the like/dislike ratios, I notice this one has a higher proportion of dislikes than the others. What's the matter gamer-boys? A bit too close to the truth? Bunch of escape artists.

  8. This shit is gospel, look at all the douchey, butt hurt, gambling addicted, loot box addicts that disliked this amazing true documentary

  9. Dlc, early access, subs, right on point…. Or the ever faithful EA motto, " don't worry guys we'll finish the game later in patches."

  10. But there are significant differences in game systems. They missed on that. If they were too much alike, there would be lawsuits up the yinyang

  11. Sorry to you people that own PlayStation for awhile, but what's the difference between ps3 and ps4 other than the obvious stuff

  12. Moral of the story: Only play Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii.
    If the game doesn't get updates or DLCs you don't have to buy anything stonks

  13. Activision’s flagship game Destiny is basically this whole video. They basically took half the game out and released it in DLC. The trailers too were so way off the actual game. Even remember one of the developers saying “in destiny, if you can see a place, you can go there” not realising that you actually can’t, and it will be released in DLC later.

  14. Most of this can be avoided by just being a smart consumer, also by playing older games that have stood the test of time.

  15. I enjoyed watching these videos but as soon as you start dissing consoles that’s where I stop watching.My Ps4 pro is awesome and I met my wife playing ghost recon 2 on Xbox 360.

  16. And this is why you get a relatively cheap pc and play indie games and games from generations past, generations when games were made with love for the game not love for money.

  17. About a quarter of this stuff is actually true. Some of it is subject to opinion, and the rest is just wrong for jokes

  18. This is so true. Just look at all the dudes who buy the next shooter game even though they have a crap ton of them already played.

  19. I feel like Neo waking up fromt the Matrix. Thank you Roger for waking me up to the truth of what I've been wasting 16 years of my life on 😥

  20. Why did I immediately want a Nintendo switch after watching this lol.. all their games were finished twenty years ago

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