Ignite Pride Through Tax Credits – North Canyon High School Basketball

(music) I love basketball because it’s a
challenge. (music) I love playing basketball because it’s a
passion of mine. It keeps me going. (music) Basketball means, a sport that you just
enjoy to play, watch, and it’s way of life. (music) The benefits of basketball for students,
that question could go on for hours. It teaches us some discipline. Teaching them
how to work in a team atmosphere. I also think the biggest thing is it teaches
them a sense of pride, because whether winning or losing, they’re involved with others
and just that camaraderie, you can’t replace it. (Maddie) What motivates me about
playing basketball is my team, because we are like a family. (Aidyn) what motivates me is
just the will to win. Being a competitor. I just love competing to the high level,
all times. (Michael) As a head coach, you want as many resources as you can and nothing
comes for free. The tax credits go a long way in allowing these student-athletes
to benefit from the training, from the equipment, from the uniforms. I think it’s
important everybody realizes those tax credit donations go directly to student-athletes, which improves their experience in high school, which improves their
experience with their sport of choice. And more importantly, it just provides us
an opportunity as coaches to be able to focus on a student-athlete. To develop
them and compete at their highest level. And also provide them a sense of pride
when they leave the campus. (music)

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