IMG Academy Sports Camp in Florida

IMG Academy Sports Camp in Florida

100 thoughts on “IMG Academy Sports Camp in Florida”

  1. You guys are so awesome and I can't believe that it all started with a second grade science project and now you have 4 million subscribers ,so just keep making videos and keep being awesome

  2. I play golf. My friend goes to the academy in Florida. Lincoln got to go the academy…………my life.

  3. considering it costs 68,000 dollars to be at OMG while boarding, I'll just stick to my $10 a month gym pass

  4. Lincoln did it right with team Mystic…good teammember and same high pokemon with Vaporeon :3

    Look like the USA Life/Buildings/Fields are way bigger as in Europe 😡

  5. that's the city I live in and I just did basketball camp at img and the city is bradenton and you were staying at bradenton beach called Ana Maria island

  6. Instead of going from Bradenton to Tampa, you should’ve went south to sarasota
    You would’ve gotta better drone footage and had enjoyed it more

  7. I live in Florid and my faviert place to eat is CULVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#FLORID LIFE

  8. Gatorade isnt even good for you unless drank during strenuous activity img just has a huge deal with Gatorade to promote it

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