Impractical Jokers – Charity Gone Wrong (Punishment) | truTV

Impractical Jokers – Charity Gone Wrong (Punishment) | truTV

So, today, we brought you
to a fundraising event
at the Algonquin
Arts Theatre,
which is a nonprofit
theater company
that teaches children
all about the arts.
Okay, so…
You’re gonna be giving them
a full presentation
about how
you spent their money.
I’m guessing
we misallocated funds.
Ah, I mean, it’d be a good bet.
I’ll tell you that much.
Murr: Oh, wow, you got
a lot of people in suits here.
A lot of serious-looking
donors here.
Hi, everyone.
We raised so much money.
Thank you all for
making it possible.
Murr: The Algonquin
has spent the past five months
raising money
to upgrade their theater
and they just raised $125 grand
at their annual gala.
From these people.
They want to know
where their money went.
Man: We’re excited
to introduce two gentlemen
who are putting the money
to great use.
Our new treasurer
and our new secretary.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Get them up here.
-Oh, here we go.
Sal: Hello, everyone.
How are you?
We’re gonna take you through
some of the ways
we’ve been allocating the funds
over the last few months.
coat room.
[ Laughter ]
Motorized coat organization
and delivery system.
Q: Tell them
about the app.
There’s a downloadable app
that lets you check
on the status of your coat
during a performance.
[ Laughter ]
This was $60,000.
$60,000 to do this.
[ Audience murmuring ]
You don’t want
to lose the coat,
because then
your night’s ruined
and you’re literally
out in the cold.
-She’s furious.
How about we have an in-house
choreographer in residence,
Enrico McPartland.
[ Laughter ]
Yeah, and…
Murr: That’s the picture
of Pete McPartland,
our executive producer.
When you have to
outsource choreography,
they really hit you
over the head.
So we decided to bring in
Enrico McPartland,
protégé and ex-lover
of Twyla Tharp.
[ Laughter ]
Q: Sal, get the paper down!
We just got him
for $95,000 a year
and we’re putting him up
for nine months
at the Four Seasons
in Lakewood.
Murr: [ Laughing ]
Nine months?
Do you know
how expensive that is?
Any other thoughts
on Enrico?
-It’s gonna be great.
[ Laughter ]
Sal: How about there’s
a new handicap ramp.
There’s an ornate spiral design.
We hired one of the greatest
local architects
in the tri-state area.
That was about $100k.
How do they get up ramp?
I don’t know.
The way up the ramp is a little
bit harder than the way down.
Look at this woman.
-So stupid.
You wasted
all their money.
Oh, the Legacy Circle,
you are excited.
-[ Chuckles ]
Our goal is to have
all the elderly supporters…
-…make a lasting commitment
to the Algonquin
by making a planned gift
for when they expire.
Yep. A possible donor
that we’ve identified
is Barbara Kellegry…
-Look at Sal.
-…who’s currently
98 years old.
She was recently diagnosed
with pneumonia
and is in hospice.
We’ve reached out, and we’re
waiting on word back.
Barbs will do the right thing.
Here’s what we’re doing, guys.
We’re spending money
to get money.
Yeah. This is the new deal
with the partner theaters.
We’ve teamed up with
a multi-level marketing company
to help theaters
across the region
because just helping us is gonna
help everybody else, right?
So we give unsold tickets
to other theaters,
and then the tickets
are sold from our theater
to other theaters as part
of a two-for-one deal.
We Googled “pyramid scheme”
and went with that.
Don’t be scared
by the shape.
This is just an upside-down
[ Murr laughing ]
Sal: Bottom line, your donations
of $125,000…
Hit next.
[ Laughter ]
Current expenses right now
is $2.4 million,
but we’re working on that.
-We’re working on that.
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughter ]
We need to save the theater.
We’re coming to you right now
saying we’re desperate.
Sal, reveal the thermometer
to your right, it’s covered.
We’re gonna just
show you right here…
So, here’s the goal.
And tonight we’re starting here.
Look at how low.
Look at how low.
Guys, take the collection
baskets out from there.
We want you to go around
the room collecting.
This’ll help us.
We’re gonna go…
We’re gonna go
Sunday-church style.
$2.4 million.
Anything you can give
will be great, thanks.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Laughter ]
Thank you so much.
[ Clears throat ]
Thank you.
Q: Yeah! [ Laughs ]
-[ Clears throat ]
-Have a good night, everybody.

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  1. You really need top dip interviews with the guests….. don't you guys like money, good, because I'd really like to hear from ppl who got pranked, that's monetti you guys are leaving on the table by not interviewing them.

  2. it would be much better if they try not to laugh in between! That totally hints the people that it could be a joke!!

  3. omg you waste their time. that ballsy border with stupidity, since they could actually donate to some good cause

  4. I love it when they give Joe punishments because he holds it together so well. Like the time him and Sal were in that focus group and started listing races and ended with "Puerto Rican and women. It would also be cool to see some winners from the voice there" he said it so calmly that Sal just started dying 😂 and he has no shame I love it

  5. At 2:32, Joe-"Oh the legacy circle, you're excited"
    Says to the crowd of mostly old people.
    And Sal's chuckle, a cherry on top.

  6. It says kellybeg shrimp! NOoo! Hate the shrimp. Doesn't surprise me, this is what happened to charities at main event's after trumps death And hotels too. It's called deep pink and dad changing blue!

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