Improving Basketball Skills : How to Dunk a Basketball

Hi I’m Travis Corpening and here we are at
Kellina Beach recreation center and I’m about
to show you just how to dunk a basketball.
First of all you have different people with
different styles. Some people choose to jump
off of two feet, some people choose to jump
off of one. And you also have people that
choose to dunk, their favorite dunk is a one
handed slam. Other people’s favorite dunk,
they like to come in with two handed. Whichever
one you choose, you want to make sure you
execute and actually make the dunk because
if you are in high school; I remember those
first days in high school when I tried to
dunk. The first couple of times you try you
don’t, you might not make it. And you won’t
make the coach too happy. So you want to practice
first to make sure you have confidence in
it. Ok what you want to do is if you are trying
a one handed, one leg, a one handed dunk off
one leg, what you want to do is if you are
right handed you want to plant with the left
leg and take off after you get a running start.
So your footwork is really just running towards
the basket and while you still have, give
yourself some room to actually elevate. So
don’t jump right when you get under the basket
unless your vertical leap is that advanced.
But what you want to do is, you want to give
yourself maybe I’d say four feet away from
the basket, four feet away from the basket,
maybe five. And you want to take off from
there. And once you take off you plant and
you rise and do not try to slam it, and actually
slam it until you can actually see the ball.
Or imagine the ball getting above the rim.
And the hardest thing about this is a lot
of, a lot of first time dunkers what to slam
it so hard and that’s not what it’s about
when you are first trying to dunk. What it’s
about is actually making it. So until you
actually get confidence in it, and your vertical
leap up high enough to where you can slam
it with authority, what you want to do is
when you are first starting out is just put
it in.Just put it in, and just put it in,
is just continually practice putting it in
the basket maybe grabbing the rim. So there
you have it. Learning to dunk.

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