Incredibly CRAZY Bets People Have Ever MADE!

Incredibly CRAZY Bets People Have Ever MADE!

– [Narrator] It’s not enough
to be the best at something or on the right side of an argument. It’s not enough to
support the winning team or play a game for the fun of it. It matters more if there’s a bet involved. Most of the time it’s money, but sometimes, ideas for bets
can get a little out of hand. Here’s our Top 10 Most
Outrageous Bets Ever Made. I bet you can’t guess what’s Number One. – [Voice Over] Amazing! – [Narrator] Number 10,
99 Character Name. Poker players will be a
recurring theme in this video. There’s something about the guys, and it is usually guys, who play poker that leads to silliness. In 2010, a player in New Zealand lost a bet at the poker table, meaning he had to legally
change his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy
N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes
Combined With Frostnova. This name is 99 characters long, one fewer than New Zealand’s name character limit of 100. The man filled in the necessary forms and promptly forgot about it, thinking the name would
probably be rejected by the government. He only found out that his name had been legally changed five years later when his passport expired,
and the new one came back with his new mega name on there. Legally, Full Metal, as I’ll call him has to now change his name
on his driving license and all other legal documents. Alternatively, he could pay the 127 New Zealand
dollars to change it back to whatever it used to be. Let’s hope he kept it. Number Nine, Richard Branson
Becomes a Stewardess. When the super rich make
bets with each other, they barely bet with money. I mean, what are they
gonna do if they win? Throw their winnings on the
pile with the rest of it? No, the super rich like to make each other do embarrassing things instead. In 2010, Richard Branson
and Tony Fernandez, two pretty well-off friends who both own airlines
and Formula One teams, made a bet while watching
the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Whoever’s team finished behind the other’s at the Grand Prix would
have to become a stewardess for the day on the other’s airline. Richard Branson’s team lost, so he donned Air Asia’s red uniform, slapped on some makeup, and duly serviced the drinks on Air Asia’s flight from
Perth to Kuala Lumpur. Branson even shaved his
leg for the occasion, but not his trademark beard. He also managed to spill a tray of drinks over Tony Fernandez. Number Eight, Tattoo Bets. Nothing beats a tattoo bet. A permanent reminder of when you should have kept your mouth shut while watching a game or playing cards. Here are some of my favorites. While the UK is a tennis-crazy country, we haven’t had many world-beating players. British tennis fan Will Hirons probably felt safe tweeting that if new sensation Andy
Murray every won Wimbledon, he’d have Andy’s face
tattooed on his left buttock. Unfortunately for Will,
Andy triumphed in 2013, and had to make the trip
to the tattoo parlor. Here are some more. Bernie Sanders voter, Zach Robert, bet a friend that Donald Trump would never be president of the US, and if he was wrong, he’d get Trump’s face
tattooed on his back. You can guess the rest. Another guy didn’t believe that a narwhal was actually an animal, and if they were, he’d get
one tattooed on himself. Perhaps he should have
gone double or nothing with the Tooth Fairy. This guy didn’t love himself when he came bottom of his
Fantasy Football League and was forced to get at
tattoo of Justin Bieber. Finally, never make a
bet with a tattoo artist. This poor guy did over
a game of beer pong. The result, black nipples forever. Number Seven, Hot Dogs. When you’re a student, money is tight. Sometimes you’ll do
anything to make some money. When McMaster University
student Colin Moffatt bet his roommate, Jim Harrison, $1,500 that he couldn’t eat
450 hot dogs in a month, Jim had no choice but to
take him up on the bet. To put this into perspective, that’s 15 hot dogs every single day. Despite many attempts by
Colin to sabotage his friend, such as buying him pizza or
offering him a bit less money to stop eating the dogs,
Jim smashed his target. What’s more, Jim polished
off most of the hot dogs on a webcam so everyone
could see he wasn’t cheating. Jim became an internet
sensation over the bet, with other gamblers placing wagers on whether or not he could do it. I wonder what Jim spent his $1,500 on. Vegetables, I imagine. Number Six, Taser Bet. When you support a team, but your significant other
supports their rivals, it can make for a messy relationship. At least twice a season,
your teams will meet, and your alliances will be tested. Chicago Bears fan, John Grant, and his Green Bay
Packers-supporting wife, Nicole, were watching their teams play each other in a bar in Wisconsin when
things got a little out of hand. The Grants decided to make a
bet where whoever’s team won would get to shoot the loser with a taser. The Bears won 27-20, and the couple went to a nearby alleyway to settle the bet. A camera was there to film the results. Nicole seems to think the
first shot is pretty funny, but falls to the ground
after the second shot. After the third shot, a joke is a joke, and she calls the police. John was arrested for carrying
a taser without a license. I’m guessing they don’t
watch Bears/Packers games together anymore. Number Five, Breast Implants. Magician and professional
gambler, Brian Zembic, had a reputation as a guy who would do anything to win a bet. In 1996, one of his
fellow pro poker players decided to put this
reputation to the test. He bet Brian $100,000
to get breast implants and keep them for an entire year. Brian happily agreed to the bet. He found a surgeon who would do it and played backgammon with him to get his $4,500 fee down to zero. After a year, Brian won the money, but did he go and get
the 38C implants removed? No, he did not. Brian said he got used to his new breasts and wanted to keep them. He said his wife got used to them, too, and he’d look even sillier without them. 21 years later, he still has them. Other bets Brian has taken include living in a bathroom
for a week for $7,000 and living in a box for
a week to win $25,000. If you ever meet Brian,
don’t make a bet with him. You will lose. Number Four, Drunk Steals Plane, Twice. Licensed pilot Thomas Fitzpatrick, Tommy Fitz to his friends, is another man never to make a bet with. In 1956, after a night out in Manhattan, a friend challenged Tommy’s assertion that you could fly from
New Jersey to Manhattan in only 15 minutes. Tommy, not liking to be doubted, promptly left the bar and drove to an airfield in New Jersey, where he stole a single-engined airplane. He then flew the plane
back towards Manhattan, landing it in the street outside the bar and walking in for last orders. How he didn’t hit anything
during the drive or the flight is anyone’s guess. When the police inevitably arrived, Fitz was fined a laughable $100. Two years later, Fitz was in the same bar, telling the same story to a new patron. The guy thought Fitz was winding him up, so Fitz left the bar, drove to New Jersey, stole a plane, and did
exactly the same thing. This time, the police didn’t think it was quite as funny. Fitz was jailed for six months. Number Three, You Bet Your Wife. We’re back to poker again, and the story of Russia’s Andrei Karpov. In 2007, Karpov was playing
poker with Sergey Brodov. Karpov had run out of money, but, desperate to stay in the game, actually offered his wife
Tatiana as collateral. He must have thought he
had a really great hand. Unfortunately, he did not. He lost the game and his wife. When Brodov turned up to claim his prize, Tatiana was not best pleased. She filed for a divorce. This story has a happy ending, however. Tatiana and Brodov started
a proper relationship and have since married. Tatiana said, “Sergey was a
very handsome, charming man “and I am very happy with him, “even if he did ‘win’
me in a game of poker.” Number Two, Dan Bilzerian. Self-styled king of
Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, is a man that loves a bet. He’s made and lost fortunes playing poker and rarely says no to a dare
when there’s money involved. Those private jets and yachts
don’t pay for themselves. In 2016, Dan’s poker buddy
and venture capitalist, Bill Perkins bet Dan $600,000 that he couldn’t cycle
from his Hollywood mansion to the Las Vegas sign
in less than 48 hours. That’s around 600 miles. Challenge accepted. Dan enlisted Lance Armstrong to coach him and set off on his ride. Amazingly, Dan not only
completed the challenge, he did it in 33 hours. Handing over the money, Perkins claimed that while he lost, it was Dan who was the real loser. “He looks like the Grinch,” said Perkins. “His skin is green.” This wasn’t Dan
Bilzerian’s first mega bet. In 2011, he bet his friend,
attorney Tom Goldstein, $400,000 that his 1960
Shelby Cobra muscle car would beat Goldstein’s Ferrari 458 across the Las Vegas Speedway track. Much to people’s surprise, Dan won the race and the cash. Number One, I Bet Everything. We’ve seen some crazy bets in this list, but none have bet literally
everything they own until now. Ashley Revell, from England, decided he wanted to bet everything he had on one spin of the roulette
wheel, red or black. He sold everything he had. His home, his clothes, everything, making a total of around $135,000. He then went to The Plaza in Las Vegas to make his potentially life-changing bet, followed by British TV cameras. He put it all on black, but as the wheel was spinning, changed his mind and moved it to red. The ball landed on 7 Red,
and Ashley was a winner. With his winnings, he started
an online poker company. Ashley wasn’t the first
person to do this, however. In 1980, Texan William Lee Bergstrom walked into the Binion’s
Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with two suitcases. One was empty. The other contained his
life savings, $777,000. He then staked it all
on one throw of the dice at the craps table. At the time, it was the
largest bet in history. William won the bet, doubling his money. He left the casino with
two suitcases full of money and disappeared. In 1984, William resurfaced
to try the same trick again. Unfortunately, he lost $1 million and committed suicide the year after. Moral of the story, don’t be greedy. Finally, how about this guy? Brazilian businessman,
Pedro Grendene Bartelle put $35,000 on one number
at roulette, number 32. Can you guess what number
the ball landed on? That’s right, Pedro was
suddenly $3.5 million richer. Have you ever struck an outrageous gamble with your buddies? Let me know in the comments
section down below. Thanks for watching.

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  1. how does $35K on the roulette single bet (1X36) can make you $3.5 million?! Please explain!!! It's only pays $35K multiply by 35 numbers, plus your own bet that you bet in the beginning.

  2. 9:52 TIL $35,000 X 35 = $3.5million. It also appears like a portion of his bet wasn't directly on the 32. He probably won closer to 900k-1mill.

  3. Dude from Hollywood Ca to Las Vegas sign is not 600 miles, please double check. By car which I travel lot to Vegas is 252 miles from Los Angeles and by bicycle is 310 miles. No way is 600 miles.

  4. You should look into Bill Perkins bet with the Staples brothers. One brother started at 305 lbs and the other 134 lbs. They have one year to be within 1 lb of each other. If so, Perkins will pay them 150K. If not, the Staples owe 3k. Weigh in day is in a month, and they are currently 20 lbs apart. #ultimatesweat

  5. Correction. 35,000 on the roulette wheel wins 35:1. That's just over a million dollar win. It don't pay 100:1 lol. You don't know anything about gambling whoever made this video

  6. The Russian betting his wife on poker (6:55) is shown at a BLACKJACK table. NBD but thanks for showing the pretty wife. I would have liked to have heard what the winning and losing hands were.

  7. I'm sure somewhere deep in the comments somebody else must've mentioned this …. but the trek from LA to Las Vegas is only about 290 miles (maybe 600 round-trip) so depending on how many breaks you take, if you do an average of 10 miles an hour – fairly easy on a bicycle if you're pretty fit – is feasible in 33 hours.

  8. This is garbage even without the inaccuracies. Lots of views and subs though. Just like prime time tv!

  9. $3,500,000 from $35,000 means odds of 100 to 1. as the max odds u get on a roulette wheel is 35 to 1, then the most u can win is $1,225,000. GET IT RIGHT!

  10. When I was about 12 I bet my best friend 100 bucks that he wouldn't pick up some dog shit! Lol he picked it up, needless to say I didn't have 100 bucks and we are no longer friends in fact he married my high school sweet heart now 32 years later I'm still bitter.

  11. Largest bet I ever made and lost is my friend wasnt allowed to bet money at the time. So I bet him one of us would have to do 1000000 sit ups on a Superbowl. I lost and it took me a total of a year and a half to finish my end of the bargain

  12. I bet my V-Card in a poker game one time and my girlfriend won the bet. Unfortunately she never redeemed it. Feelsbadman

  13. The roulette guy isn't the brightest bulb in the box. He could of asked for one green number only, and the house would of agreed. His bet of 135k had a house edge of about 6k, but with one green number, it would of only been 3k. Lucky though he didn't have to pay taxes on his winnings, as vegas has tax free laws for even odds bets.

  14. Betting and gambling is bullshit just put effort into your work instead of relying on mass fortunes and ultimately loosing

  15. #1 is truly #1. Most other bets were essentially 50/50 or something not much worse. 1 in 38 is 2.6% chance of winning. $3.5 mil is a life-changing amount.

  16. @ 10:00 "Pedro was suddenly 3.5 million dollars richer" — idiot, $35,000 on a roulette number pays 36-1 (and THATS on a European single-zero wheel, other versions can be only 35-1) : that is ONLY 1.2 million… so where the fuck did you pull the 3.5 million dollar result from ? your ass?

  17. The father of a friend of mine retired from the FBI and his wife passed away. We took him to Vegas months later, just to get him out of DC and have some fun. He did not gamble and had never been to Vegas before. As we walked through the casino he told me he had a dream about his wife and she told him a number. He asked me what he could bet on where the number might be relevant. It wasn't a craps number or a blackjack number, it was a number in the 30s so I said roulette. I don't play roulette because it sucks you dry overtime. He placed a $20 bet on the number and won. It paid 36 to one. He took his winnings and we played slot machines.

  18. Not outrageous but I have bet $125 on the weather.. It was at a local bar and the bet was as follows: If the weather was above 59 degrees on the outside, a day a couple months away, I would lose the bet. I won the bet by a mere degree. This is in Michigan I must say lol

  19. My friend spent 2 weeks learning to ride a unicycle for a stage role. I bet him that I could teach myself to ride a unicycle in one hour. It took me 43 minutes to get the hang of it. Winnings? One bottle of whiskey.

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  21. I was on that flight when Branson dressed up as a stewardess. XD
    It was really funny to see as well. He came and said hello to me and my family. Really nice guy as well.

  22. I put a 100 euro yankee 1100 in total got 3 out of four won 19 grand wouldve won a hella lot more if the 4th won it was 8/1 i also put 500 bucks on finland to win the eurovision when lordi won @ 50s totally nuts

  23. The chick lost her bet and had to be tazed. She squirmed away and didn't take her hit. So took another until she ended up on the ground… called the cops… bitch u are supposed to end up on the ground!!

  24. Im 12, and I bet my friend 30 dollars I could get the girl he was dating ( by that I mean they went to movies and whatnot together ) to flirt back with me. Not only am I 30 dollars richer, I have a girlfriend now.

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  26. Actually the British dude put 1 chip on the 3rd 12 so the dealer could start the spin, and then he put the rest of his chips on red and 7 red came up

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