Indecent Proposal (2/8) Movie CLIP – John’s Indecent Proposal (1993) HD

Indecent Proposal (2/8) Movie CLIP – John’s Indecent Proposal (1993) HD

I guess there’s limits
to what money can buy.
Not many.
Well, some things
aren’t for sale.
Such as?
Well, you
can’t buy people.
That’s naive,
I buy people
every day.
In business, maybe,
but not when real
emotions are involved.
So what are you saying,
you can’t buy love?
That’s a bit of a cliche,
don’t you think?
It’s absolutely
Is it?
What do you think?
I agree with diana.
You do?
Well, let’s
test the cliche.
I were to offer you
$1 million…
For one night
with your wife?
I’d assume
you’re kidding.
Let’s pretend I’m not.
What would you say?
He’d tell you
to go to hell.
I didn’t hear him.
I’d tell you
to go to hell.
That’s a reflex answer
Because you view it
as hypothetical.
But let’s say there
were real money behind it.
I’m not kidding.
A million dollars.
Now, the night
would come and go,
But the money
could last a lifetime.
Think of it–
A million dollars.
A lifetime of security,
For one night.
Don’t answer right away,
But consider it–

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  1. They should have gone with the sequel, where John runs for president while David and Diana ask for 10mil to not expose him.

  2. The billionaire is smooth .. one night with your wife sure sounds nicer than “I will f*ck her brains out in all conceivable positions and dump a load in all her orifices” .. the night would come and go but the money would last a lifetime sure sounds better than “the night would come and go although the Herpes would required a lifetime of treatment”. What a stupid movie. At least counter with $25Million (half in advance guaranteed just to show up, half on completion) plus medical expenses and you get her for the weekend.

  3. Those two people were desperate and down on their luck. This rich man could have helped them but he chose to exploit them instead. What a scumbag. "I don't want to keep you from your next billion," was the best comeback the character played by the husband could have said.

  4. I was gonna make an indecent proposal to one of my employees. 3 days vacation and a free meal in the company cafeteria for a crack at his wife

  5. There are a few basic problems with the monetary transaction. How would that million not be subject to federal and state taxes….and then they'd be left with far less than a million. At least ask for 2 million like their lawyer suggested….then you'll get about 1.2 after.

  6. I think the million dollars was because who she was even in character she was young, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous. To a man his age he probably figured she’s happily married to this young hunk the only way I can compete is my money. And it worked he had to offer something that not only she would go for but her husband would too. So I can understand his offer. I also understand their initial reticent. And look he got her to leave hubby for a little while.

  7. Even if a man agrees to share his woman so what if she doesn't agree
    Like she's his property
    Give that money to her instead she the one doing job

  8. I thought movies of today SUCKED.

    Now, I see the pattern of suckiness.



    However, a notable, I always thought of Demi as an out-loud-proud-feminist. This role makes women property to be bartered, sold, rented, disposed of.

    “I guess we all do what we gotta do.”

  9. A million dollars is not a lifetime of security , especially in today’s times ! If I was married, I would refuse the offer
    because I know when I love someone
    I could never share her with anyone !
    And if my wife accepted the offer, I would leave her and never look back

  10. Increible Robert Redford haciendo la propuesta en ésta escena, tan frio y al mismo tiempo tan elegante.

  11. Heck you can have my wife for a month for half a million…….and i'll even get her to cook for you for freee

  12. So technically he pays the hubby 1 million to sleep with his wife…..why is he asking the hubby????? As if the guy was her pimp. why not go up to her straight and say ….hey baby how about 1 million $ for a one night stand and your hubby doesn't need to know nothing

  13. The guilt, the remorse, the shame would last an eternity far more than the million would. Then again if you don't have these emotions, you're just not human!

  14. To think Molly Ringwald and Charlie Sheen were supposed to be the couple in this movie , and both turned this movie down hahahaha . Woody Harrelson wouldn't even have a damn movie career if it weren't for Charlie Sheen turning down parts Woody took , like this one , and Natural Born Killers I believe 🤣🤔🙄😐😶😮😯😛😜😝😏🙃🤑😲😨😬😰😱😳😵🤠🤓💀

  15. She could just divorce him and THEN sleep with the guy for the million so she doesn’t have to give him any

  16. Im ok with it, my husband also ok with it..once done go home shower with dettol and i smell brand new again

  17. Hold up do he give me the mill or her cause i need that tax free in my name and im outtttttt 😂😂😂

  18. Indecent proposal 2: ‘A million dollars for 1 night with your husband, don’t answer right away but….’

    WIFE: ‘Done! How about 2 nights for double the money?’

  19. If I were Woody's character, the film would've ended quite boringly right there. I'd have whooped his ass at pool before leaving, and he'd use his million dollars as kleenex. Roll credits.

  20. Lady Demi Moore good luck behind Meryl Streep . White dog Demi Moore you don’t tell me how to say your name . Police

  21. I can't believe this movie didn't stand as strong as the idea behind it did. A billionaire offers an average joe 1 MILLION DOLLARS to spend a night with his wife, he accepts, and she ends up falling in love with the billionaire and leaving the man heartbroken.

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