what is that very welcome back to the
channel today we’re doing an all sport trickshot challenge and aya I brought a
few friends over look at this squad right here we’ve got David Kalb hello the
Randall twins Mia Moore Jenna bandy and Austin Jae Millz
on each card is a sport so each round we will choose one card or one sport and
then the last place of that round is out for the rest of the video
who’s winning who wants to choose the first card pick a card pick a card any
card football oh yeah football okay here’s
the football competition is there another way up yeah that you want take
the stairs you want to be first Jenna okay Jin is up first we’re throwing from
behind this tube pipe water or something I don’t know and you have to make it
into that trash bin the last person to make it in is out that was close Oh guys
it’s clear we have a group of basketball players here 1999 first team all-sec
quarterback Oh so David and Jenna are safe whomp-whomp oh my gosh I think you should be making
your own house I should be you definitely practice this where you wake
up and I definitely do not okay you are safe back to Austin guys one of
us is not going on to the next round Oh twin number two oh my gosh
miss please miss Josh please miss Josh green mighty green 18 yeah do me one
maybe something if I lost first round of my own video yeah I’m sorry you know
some some some videos I do real good and some videos I lose first round on my own
channel it’s not a big deal I’m not worried about it
you shouldn’t be worried about it cameraman slash host Josh that’s fine
here we go round number 2 I know you guys love me and you you probably I
think these other guys are lame but make sure you watch even though I’m out I
promise I’ll be in the rest of the video it’s gonna be a lot of fun Jenna you hit
it first right pick a card any card soccer whose guys who’s got soccer
skills too bad Caleb isn’t here cuz he’s pretty decent at soccer
everyone you have to kick the soccer ball from right here into the plastic
goal it’s not a buck it’s a goal across the
yard if you make it you’re safe same thing as before let’s see it miss yeah nonetheless soccer players we got
we got a lot of Hooper’s no booth ballers I can see Mia being a soccer
player ding-ding-ding d is safe Mia it’s safe Jake Randall’s
up ding-ding-ding get going didn’t even anything okay who’s going
home joining me as co-host / camera person
hey diamonds are made under pressure okay it comes down to jenna Pandey
Austin Mills oh oh you’re out brick yep now we are the we are other commentators
so now we can talk smack and say all sorts of drinks Mia you made the goal
first select our next sport / card / round basketball basketball welcome back
to the competition everyone next up is the basketball event free throws who’s
your favorite for this um I might have to go with Austin with this one Wow I’m
just being honest yeah now the real question who do you think is going home
I think one of the twins okay so we’re doing guys we’re shooting
free throws until people start missing we’ll see how it goes okay if someone
else misses oh yeah oh she said one of the twins okay
if Jake if Jake makes this Pete is out he what happened it was a competition I
maybe you’ve done better oh definitely Wow okay Austin have you picked one yet
oh my gosh baseball nice your favorite sport yeah
or this the baseball / wiffle ball round you have to bat from here and you have
to hit your wiffle ball over the mountain if it comes back down it does
not count last person do so is out send it and you want to be on a pitch I got
it okay let’s go Jake who’s up first Austin knows better than I thought oh
the miss huh no not out you’re just you’re you’re on the chopping block I said I don’t know Mia I said if it
comes back down it doesn’t count that was a great hit though if I hadn’t said
that would have allowed it but I specifically said that okay David is
safe okay guys the last card is cornhole but we’re gonna make a little bit more
interesting dinner show show the fans what I just got from Cassie the big
reveal Wow who authenticated it okay and then there’s the other one yes oh thank
you Cassie for these and let’s let’s put them in the first video
everyone’s getting it for tosses one point on the board three points in the
hole and that’s how we’ll determine Luther see it here we go yeah points point suffocating that thing bag 1.4 David if one of you get in the hole
be great for the video but no pressure oh oh – okay you’re safe you’re safe
you’re moving on to the finals let’s go yeah over/under no bounces all right no
nope nope no no we have a throw-up three is doable no points no bounce no no bounds oh and uh okay we have our two finalists
okay for the finals we’re getting a change of scenery
here we go all right our finals we have five five types of sports one two three
four five that’s five attempts you can shoot a layup for one point a free throw
over two points a three-pointer for three points or a half-court for five
points you can choose where you want to shoot all those for a possible I’m not
gonna do the math but you get the idea oh yeah 25 Wow so yeah if you make it
more complicated then so yeah possible 25 points if you make
everything from half-court or you can do a guaranteed five points if you do all
lamps it’s up to you okay you want to do a paper Rock scissor for a choice what
do you say rock paper scissors paper Rock okay let’s do it
Austin you’re out okay so you go second you a second okay I’m done this okay
first up going frisbee okay nice all right one point for Jake okay oh just short should’ve dumped it right
haha risky retha okay two points oh you got it okay
Jake’s total is at 3/4 full stuff unless you’re Jenna bandy play the clip three-pointer okay oh that was so close
I don’t know I got what three three points yeah I’m just like this okay wow
that’s a four point total for Jake do you guys think David’s gonna beat that yeah Jake if you just dumped everything
you had five four points what are you doing with the frisbee nothing okay
cornhole free-throw think that’s I think that’s amiss
what do you jumpers when I get that and yep I’ll go free-throw soccer ball
Oh Oh one last frisbee is no joke don’t
underestimate the lay-up frisbee whoa okay so I need a three-pointer yeah
a three-pointer to tie the tie right you got four yeah yeah so I got one
okay all right here we go okay horsemanship look at that thanks so
much for watching everyone Gina’s like out of cook 25 thanks for
watching everyone everyone’s links in description there’s two people to shout
out here but I appreciate everyone coming out there’s a lot of fun thank
you thumbs up if you want to see more videos
like this with all sorts of sports influencers from Los Angeles and I do in
champ chats every single video here they are and follow all of us on Instagram
it’s a good time just follow us all and subscribers all on YouTube goodbye see
you guys later fight even though again these guys there’s got lucky there

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