(INSANE ACTION!) HUGE $5/5/10/20 Cash Game with Chris Moneymaker!

(INSANE ACTION!) HUGE $5/5/10/20 Cash Game with Chris Moneymaker!

if all else fails I’ll be playing in the
big No Limit game with Chris Moneymaker
tonight it’s a five five ten with big
bomb pots 50 to $100 straddles allegedly
Mike post Ali is the host of the game
local crusher and a bunch of from what I
can hear action players so the swings
are gonna be big you’re not gonna want
to miss this one yeah more chips being
delivered to the table it seems yes
that’s gonna be I feel like a common
theme like all night so Jeff Bosque has
entered the table seat one so i okay so
the Challenger arrives so after seven
hours of play in the $600 stones main
event I bagged up ninety two thousand
and hop right in the postal impales game
the blinds are five five ten with a
twenty five straddle and I looked out at
aces damn I love aces at first I think
they’re trolling me what are the odds I
get aces first hand first to act gotta
make it
eighty-five to go we get a call from
Brian Jason B’s contemplating 5’4 off
for some reason he puts in the call on
the button sits down gets aces for Jeff
ez game yeah you kind of always want to
be like these guys at stream or you know
just crush these games like are they on
just the a little bit of the good side
of variance right yeah just a little bit
and he raises 85 means like wait a
minute how many of you guys are calling
flop stop set with a flush draw
brian has a flush draw there for 35 in
the pot looks like Bosque started with
about a thousand Brian’s flush draw
probably the only thing that can stick
around after this street yeah so 180 is
that 180 180 is going to be his bet
oh yeah embraces I said imma imma
welcome you to Sacramento rook boesky
saying I knew I should have started with
more and Jason is thinking about this
he’s like Candido and pasal is like oh
yeah I’m folding and at this point
well three minutes yeah this is yet this
is the well I guess I shove and of
course Brian’s gonna call at this point
now the again the conversation leads to
how many times do you want to run it
oh he’s got the straight outs too we
decided to run it three times to
increase our chances of hitting the bad
beat jackpot hoping for quads versus
straight flush and so they’re still
talking three times
looks like three times there we go
somebody’s getting hurt somebody’s
getting there they’re stacked trimmed
just a little bit queen bus both vote
wins it the first one I guess he could
hit that – two of spades
Wow Queen again on the turn Bosque gets
two of them and it also burns one of the
shouts and boskie it gets them all Wow
and Brian is stacked again how’s that
for a first another person up all right
most keys ready to play unbelievable
first hand aces top set holds three
times let’s gamble a few hands go by the
tables very loose and talkative people
are drinking wine having a good time we
have a raise to 55 from moneymaker Queen
9 off couple calls of course I’m gonna
defend the East 5 suit it could
three-bed but I’d rather play a
multi-way pot try to flop the flush draw
wheel trips stuff like that ace 5 suited
is the new aces of course we’re gonna
check around to the original RAZR Chris
Moneymaker we got the nut flush draw
checks to moneymaker who bets 100 good
check raise but the jack 10 flop is very
sticky people are gonna hit this with a
ton of their range especially their
preflop raising range I just put in the
call that’s fine
see what the other players behind me do
want to keep it all worse flush draws
even straight draws we have good equity
versus that we’re looking to cool or
somebody a deuce on the turret is not
what we’re looking for my options are
check call check raise or lead out I
think money maker views me is very tight
and kind of scared money in this big of
a game so I’m gonna use my image and bet
out let’s go big let’s deny equity from
hands like Ace King ace Queen King Queen
maybe even some 10x combos and I bet 400
dollars making my own price to see a
river taking the lead and money quickly
folds we take it down with ace high a
great start to the session we now have
$2,500 in front of us from our original
$1,000 minimum buy it we can always add
on if needed or rebuy we’re feeling
great let’s keep the momentum going
Jason B looks down at the 9 8 off suit
raises it to 40 Chris moneymakers having
none of that makes it 150 in the cutoff
with the 9 deuce off this is an action
game folds back to me and I looked out
at a ski I can’t believe my eyes am I
about to put 2500 in the middle it seems
like a good spot
flatting seems a little bit weak let’s
put in the 4×4 bet East King off suit
out of position 600 dollars to go we’re
gonna ride the momentum let them know
we’re here to gamble Jason B not loving
it with the 9 8 off not much to think
about there like someone comments that
I’m playing like a crazy man that’s good
I want them to think I have that image
Jason folds and Chris laughs talks to
jackass shows the 9 deuce said he 3 bet
it for him and folds we pick up another
200 uncontested and we now have 2.7 K I
love stones live stream what a great
action game
about an orbit later the $20 straddle
still on there’s a bunch of limb pores
and it’s back to me with pocket queens
of course we’re gonna bump this up the
question is how much up to 200 is
reasonably 10x but I just make it 175
looking just to get one call or take it
down pretty that’s fine the table is
pretty crazy so who knows what can
happen here I don’t think anybody’s
trapping let’s get that value
Jason beam quickly calls with pocket
sixes of a reasonable set mine with
stacks being so deep money maker folds
jackasses in 420 what’s another 155 with
the ten seven off he’s playing 80% of
hands he is action for three ways to a
no way sir King please there’s the ace
two clubs we don’t have the queen of
clubs which is a bad thing if we were to
turn a queen 50% chance it’s gonna make
the flush so we check it over to see
what happens
Jason quickly goes for chips he’s happy
about it the worst hand he could have in
this spot is a flush draw more likely he
has an ace pocket fives pocket sixes
maybe even five six suited quickly bets
265 not loving this might check hall but
then jackass comes in with a call he can
have any ace he can have any random two
pair combo flush draws facing this
action just not loving it with Queens I
take my time to try to get some reads
maybe they’ll give away something to ask
a few questions don’t think I want to
turn my hand into a bluff and I don’t
want to over call Queens three-way try
to liven up the game laugh at the
unfortunate flop and we lose 175 dollars
with pocket queens we got away cheap
because Jason flopped a set
you would work there is no $20 straddle
this time only one person bear hat
refuses to straddle a real big knit I
parade him later and he eventually
leaves the game everyone limps for 10 I
looked down at pocket kings in the big
blind pump it up to 75 in retrospect I
should go a lot bigger because these
people don’t really care and we got a
five-way flop and there’s the ace
I love Kings especially when an ace
flops two spades don’t have a spade
don’t see much reason to bet into four
people on this flop so we check it to
see what happens
action checks around to Chris Moneymaker
on the button what’s he gonna do he’s
got the straight draw he’s got the flush
draw I’m guessing he’s gonna put in the
bet he bets 175 not loving this spot
with pocket kings and we lay it down
odds are someone has a nice
I’m guessing moneymaker has an ace Naga
is not a believer not gonna fold this
time and route as you can see I’m now
enjoying my massage counting my profits
is only one dollar per minute in
California for tableside massages
compared to the two dollars per minute
in Las Vegas much better value here’s
the vpip stats that’s right voluntarily
put money in pot jackass with 82% and
I’m somehow the NIT at the table with
26% eight handed pretty crazy action
let’s play a $50 bomb pot $400 in the
middle pretty high stakes not used to
playing cash games this big but you just
gotta treat it like a game treat it like
play money object is to win all the
chips get the high score don’t let the
money affect you when you’re playing any
bigger in normal
so what’s going on here like tournaments
you like poker come see some raw
unedited or poorly edited on my iPhone
no equipment let’s keep it raw alright
so this is a bomb pot 973 on the flop
yeah and we got bear hat with nothing so
you have a pair of threes and a dream a
dream and it checks through step one of
the dream away and look at this two pair
for you yeah it seems good and straight
for Naga seems not good for me seems
less good but again in what you draw for
spots because everybody has uncapped
ranges you have to be worried about one
just better to pair but also the
straights are out there there is no
unlikely hand yeah so I want to bet for
protection and value get from my two
pair here so I think around half pot 200
should be good and play rivers
accordingly hopefully hoping for a brick
river yeah Jason : with this flush draw
here yeah and also gut shot to the jack
go to yeah the interesting to see if
Naga just calls looks like he’s so he’s
gonna raise to about 700 that’s true
and you have a decision yeah I don’t
beat really any value of only worse
two pairs with seven three and I think I
bet he was gonna bet that on the flop so
unless you semi bluffing with Jack X of
spades I think I’m just beat by a jack
ten or even five six yeah the question
really you have to ask yourself at that
point is am I looking to boat is my boat
gonna be good you know the majority
islands when I do vote and then can I
get his stack and I just couldn’t
justify calling another 500 out of
position to the track find out where I’m
at right deep enough and he could still
possibly bluffed me off it on various
rivers so it hurt but I felt pretty
proud of myself for folding two pair I
never would bomb pots goddamn they’re
hard to win in guys it’s so important to
win though it was when just keeps
getting bigger and bigger there’s 400 in
the middle this is the only one that’s
not working right Jason calls the $45
what the nine six offs you Bear hat
calls with the suited ten eight and Naga
waking up with Ace King gonna make it
what 245 and moneymaker right behind him
one with Ace King as well we can
definitely get a three bet going on and
it’ll probably be like 600 bucks 700
Wow and jackass right behind it with
king queen
I think jackass got gamble but I don’t
even know if he’s got this much gamble
no doesn’t make fold pasal is thinking
thoughts with the five four and he
thinks for sure that Naga would not be
likely to fold here so he’s gonna get at
least two to one on his money
pasal does call nicely yeah he does rip
I think moneymaker is gonna call here
and what does pasal do Oh God
set it’s just the I think this is the
one I think this is crazy
apostle called as well 11.2 k-pot
three-way all in a sting ace king 5-4
is hoping to channel his the power of
he’s like oh yeah I gotta get high
livestream ends and I prompt it about
of course I ran pretty hot at the
beginning a few big pairs got cracked by
bad flops but I lost the minimum and was
kind of card dead at the end overall a
great time at stones let’s continue the
party and play off stream we still got a
jackass could start Tilton he’s playing
80% of hands moneymakers been drinking
heavily he’s getting a little out of
let’s see what happens with blinds X 5 5
10 25
I think we’re 7 handed jackass limps the
button hostile limps small blind I
complete the big blind with Queen
and the other two guys call plop comes
Jack Jack nine rainbow no clubs I have
between 10 of clubs so I bet out $60
should give me some credit everyone
folds but jackass on the button the turn
is a five complete rainbow board
hopefully we can get him to fold space
highs maybe even call with worse 10:8
type drawers so I bet 175 and he calls
the river is the river of dreams it’s a
king if he has a jack he’s always gonna
bet this he has a nine
he’s never I wouldn’t say never but he’s
less likely to call a big butt for me so
let’s go for the check raise I check and
he quickly bets 315 I don’t think
there’s many boats in his range because
I think he’s gonna raise Jack nine King
Jack pocket fives all these hands pocket
jacks so when he makes it 3:15 I have
about 1,300 behind so I just check
raised to 815 make it an easy 500 more
from the call and he puts in the call
cursing the river so that’s great he’s a
real wild man as you’ve seen on the
stream and he shows Jack five offsuit
the Jackson 5 the Motown
he’s got the boat he didn’t put me all
in I would have called off the last 500
and we lose a huge pot but blinds s 5 5
10 25
I haven’t reloaded yet a few hands later
and I’m under the gun effectively 7
handed with ace-queen I definitely could
raise it to 75 or 100 here but that’s
going to get three maybe four calls
I think our better play is going for the
limp Jam with a effective 20 blind stack
I limp 2 more limps
and Chris Moneymaker after someone says
let’s play a family pot makes it 125
jackass splat calls and it’s back to me
I’m all-in everything’s going to plan
$490 folds back to moneymaker make it
twelve hundred
I don’t know if you want to get a side
pop no I don’t know
thank you you made it the perfect amount
if somebody could just give me ten bucks
anybody out there
can I show one card like equity share
you’ll see one card
oh no I’ll show you one no you can pick
it you look at it it’s all in it I can’t
look right now cuz it doesn’t matter to
Jabbar long it would bother him if you
turn it like it seven over I’m like a
fucking I call that snapping yeah yeah
yeah you’re right I mean that’s yeah
yeah yeah cuz your money could be part
yeah I’ve got pocket eights he shows
Nate right now I’m fucking I’m probably
that’s very cold a man wears the full
just hold the fucking hand you’re here
to the work you and Mike possible why
can’t you do it this Mike knows he’s hit
that’s one he says I’m but I know but
that’s all when I feel like I’m gonna
they say you got a feeling right can’t
see it before I don’t feel anything if
you’ll know can’t feel nothing
that’s not good for me started guys one
no you’re here just sick sick individual
how much we put on the side here puts up
on say oh yeah $20 you want some by hand
you have 3000 of you up on that side you
can bet up to 30 160 I can bet up to
them up to that so fucking nice of you
how about $880 3160 you got a van over
here that’s not good for me no that’s
good for me please Wow that’s good for
me okay screen con man oh yeah it’s
clean that’s good okay screen yeah I run
my initial $1,000 buying up to $2,700
and after a few unfortunate hands we get
felted all the way down to 0 a 1 a
thousand dollar loss

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