INSANE Gaming on 65-inch 4K TV!!!

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what living room gaming a full 5.5 inches tall
that this is 8 inch gaming
oh yeah
fifteen point six inches I didn’t think
it had come down to this let me show you
what real living of gaming is like
gasps enough with an intro already just
do it how they see five inches why would
you bleep me I said 65 hey hello
everyone I’m Dmitry with Hardware Canucks
and my face after unboxing this giant
TV remained the same for the remainder
of the time that I’ve spent with it the
goal was to see how something of this
size in my tiny living room would work
as a daily driver for content but also
explore all types of possibilities for
gaming so the first thing to cover with
the samsung series 8 65-inch 4k Smart TV
is the physical tour and Here I am next
to it for scale it’s like a mini theater
in your living room and notice that it
is a flat panel and if you want to check
out our experience with the curved 55
inch TV it will be linked in the
description below now I’m absolutely
impressed with just how thin these
high-end TVs are net a little bit
thicker closer to the center with this
thin edge effect the brushed aluminum
frame at the front is beautiful that’s
also curved around the bezel and is
completely plain without any unwanted
stamps but a simple Samsung logo at the
bottom Center without any ambient power
lights and that s UHD indication in the
top right the TV stand also falls in
line with a beautiful simple design with
that long front aluminum support that’s
incredibly low profile and the base
extends all the way back because the
front rail is more forward it kind of
helps to sort of visually elevate the TV
so it doesn’t look like it’s right on
the surface
now this suHD indication doesn’t mean
better resolution of UHD the native
resolution here is 3840 by 2160 with
support at 60 Hertz the SUHD format is
Samsung’s way to promote their
higher-end models with this extra
marketing inclusion to say that 4k
content looks more vibrant clear and
just processed better with their suHD
TVs this is an LED backlit TV which
means black and white pixels won’t
compare to all a tee
but Samsung has done plenty to
compensate for proper viewing experience
with UHD dimming that controls
brightness and contrast in multiple
sections of the screen and viewing
content with native color profile
delivered natural colors with perfect
white balance and I can say that because
I made the video that I was watching so
I know exactly what to look for in terms
of connectivity at the back the ports
include a USB 3.0 which is perfect to
playback media off a USB storage below
that is a one connect mini port that is
a super convenient way to connect to the
hub so you don’t need to handle any
connections behind the TV and just plug
and play stuff off this hub furthermore
we have a LAN port if you prefer to
choose that over smart built-in Wi-Fi
and finally components and video in
Jacks with audio out four speakers back
to the one connect mini that is covered
with brushed aluminum nice touch and
this hub is pretty small here is next to
the 1 + 2 4 scale on the side we find a
pair of USB 2.0 ports and on the back or
HDMI 2.0 that are all hdcp 2.2 compliant
then there is the optical audio and mini
connect port for the TV but it was time
to start gaming on this thing and I
hooked up the shield Android TV which is
capable of 4k video streaming and has
got some pretty awesome titles running
off the shield itself like half-life 2
that was a pleasure to play through
although I’m no good with the controller
but here the 1080p signal off the game
was up scaled with no artifacts that I
could see and so for any console players
720p upscale signal will look fairly
sharp from a couch distance but for
optimal detail 1080p or higher is of
course recommended Talos principle just
came out on a shield and getting try
that game up scaled look fantastic and
here the framerate wasn’t so great an
enabling game mode on the TV allows for
slightly smoother picture and it
actually reduces import lag that is
otherwise felt but to experience true 4k
gaming I had to pull out the big guns
my SLI gaming station that you can check
out the review of in the description
below now
want to find out how the TV would handle
itself in a PC environment and enabling
game mode and jumping into gta5 the
world inside the game was truly
beautiful at 4k resolution plus at 60
Hertz it helps to achieve good enough
refresh rate for this game although I
still could feel a little bit of input
lag from the controller so I won’t be
playing any first-person shooters with
this TV in my living room and I’m not
talking about any competitive shooters
but the mouse aim is just not what I’m
used to however racing games on the size
is fantastic letting me enjoy the
large-scale environment and the view
from the cockpit like I’m right there
plus the slight input lag wasn’t much of
an issue here my gaming experience both
on the Nvidia shield and the PC were
satisfactory for the refresh rate vivid
colors and rich contrast and watching
native 4k YouTube content was absolutely
the anti-glare coating on my setting in
my tiny living room that is struggled to
keep off the reflections and in a
brightly lit room the TV brightness was
fine and reflections in the dark areas
of the screen were muted but still
noticeable and so what I wanted to get
out of this experience is whether or not
we are ready to start talking about 4k
gaming in the living room utilizing a
multi-purpose smart TV like this one for
entertainment which i think is the
future of livingroom gaming and while
very demanding still to drive games at
4k the upscale engines in these TVs is
really good with satisfying results and
everything about this model indicates
sort of future proofing your investment
in the way everything is handled from
the convenient mini Kinect hub the
amazing in deformity of such a large
screen remote for ways to handle color
presentation and the Smart Remote that
lets you interact with all the menus
seamlessly plus the built-in Smart Hub
is there auto in my experience it comes
out disappointing with just lack of
content and apps and so the way we’re
noticing these TVs to emerge with
multi-use is fantastic and I thoroughly
enjoyed the series 8 model and I cannot
wait to try out the next
Generation TVs so guys I hope you
enjoyed this video all the relevant
content will be linked in the
description below give us a like if you
want to see more videos like this I’m
Dimitri with how recognise steak so much
for watching we’ll see you in the next

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