Insane PC & Game finds at RE-PC Store (Seattle)

Insane PC & Game finds at RE-PC Store (Seattle)

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, MetalJesus here and I’m back again with
Drunken Master Paul. – And we’re here at one of my favorite, favorite playground
stores in the whole area. This is RE-PC, it’s in Tuwkila Washington, which is just south of Seattle, and they take care of all
this old computer gear, they recycle it, they bring it in, they rebuild it in other machines as you very well know, don’t you? – I know these guys made my
Windows 98 gaming pc, so cool! – So, so cool and it’s awesome because not only are we
gonna check out the store, but they’re gonna show us some very, very special cool stuff in the backroom. – [MetalJesus] My mind was
blown, let’s take a look! (heavy guitar music) First off guys, I wanna mention that this is not a sponsored video, as a matter of fact I went
to the owners of RE-PC and asked them if I
could shoot a video here and give a tour of their
store on my youtube channel and honestly they were kind of surprised, they were like, “Why would you do that?” But the truth is, I don’t
think a lot of places have something quite like this
in their town, in their city and so, I just want to
show you what we have here and why this place is so damn cool. Dude, a brand new copy of
Windows XP Professional. – [Paul] That’s the last one in captivity. (laughs) That’s the last code you
can get for Windows XP. – Oooh don’t ch, yeah, hmm, hmm. So what is this place? Well it’s basically a store
that sells new, used and refurbished PC parts from
basically the dawn of time. I mean, these guys go back
literally to the sixties but primarily it’s stuff that
you would get in the eighties, nineties, the two
thousands, stuff like that. But it’s amazing how many
different eras they cover, how much stuff that
they’ve actually got here. A working Windows 98 system,
set up and ready to go. This is awesome. So what is it here? So it’s an Intel Pentium three, let’s see, 384 megabytes of ram, that was pretty rocking back in the day, six point four gigabytes hard drive, yeah, four megatybe ATI graphics, it’s got a Sound Blaster in there. This is a pretty awesome machine. I did actually and this is
pretty close to it, yeah. – Yeah so, what you’re saying is that I can either spend
looking through bins, putting consoles together–
– Yes. and everything or I can come down here and they’ve already
got one working for me, I just need to plug it in. – Yeah and it’s a 180 bucks
and the reason why I that is because on mine, I was
telling you earlier, that it’s a challenge to
get the right amount of RAM, the right amount of hard drive space because Windows 98, you
know, it’s a delicate flower. (laughs) To put it lightly. – It’s old, give it a break! – Yeah so you know, because
you would want to put the largest hard drive you can in there but you can’t because it
just won’t even boot it. – It doesn’t even recognize it. – It doesn’t even recognize it, yeah. And it’s not just old computer either, it really depends on what
comes through the door. So it can be something all
the way from the eighties, to something as new just
a couple months ago. It’s at this point that I
want to introduce Chris, the awesome employee that
made this whole video happen. And he gave a tour of some
of the ready-to-go computers and what it takes to get
them ready for the customer. – We bring them in, refurbish
them, put Windows ten on ’em. New parts, running through stress test to make sure they work and
they’re ready to go out the door. Take them home, you don’t
have to download anything, risk or anything. Plug ’em up. Take them up, plug ’em up.
– For 60 bucks? – Yeah. And they’re ready to go. – Wow, that’s pretty
cool. You need one Paul. – [Paul] I need two! – Yeah (laughs). Speaking of things I need,
when was the last time you saw a stack of floppy
disks for 15 cents a piece. Those were the days. Here’s a box of loose graphic cards. Do you need a new CPU? Pick your poison, do
you prefer AMD or Intel? Here are some cheap wired keyboards, starting about two bucks a piece or if you’re like me and you prefer those clicky IBM-style
keyboards from the late eighties or early nineties, yeah,
they got those too. And if you’re like me and you have multiple computer systems, you’re gonna need a KVM switch. – You know something
people really look for and it’s amazing, is the
old Sound Blaster cards with the joystick control in and I still have people
asking me for these. Basic video cards. I saw a
bin of audio cards down here. So basically anything I
want from back in the day to build a computer, they’re here. The thing is I can either
pay these guys to build it or I can take a crack at it myself, probably means they’re gonna
build a computer for me. Or have a great some
test (makes explosion). – [MetalJesus] And yes, they get a smattering of video game consoles, cables and peripherals donated to them and sometimes you can find
some really weird stuff here because it’s not picked
over like other stores. I always forget they have stereos. – Uh uh.
– You know. I mean. – This is like my old school stereos. – [MetalJesus] Yeah so
in addition to computers and peripherals, they also have a bunch vintage audio equipment here. And get a nice little
surprise, it’s fully tested. You can of course get
turntables, receivers, you can get speakers,
headphones, things like that and lately I have been into collecting vintage and old Ipods. Yes, the original Apple Ipods and during this trip I
picked up a couple of ’em. – [Paul] I think you need. – [MetalJesus] I know I need that. – [Paul] I think you need that
in the MetalJesus man cave. – [MetalJesus] Uh. I think
– [Paul] 200 bucks – [MetalJesus] This is
like a Perry Como album or something right there,
like a Slim Whitman. – Nice, there’ll be some politician that doesn’t realize we’ve got his tape. (laughs) – [MetalJesus] It’s at
this point during the tour that we met up with one of the co-owners, his name is Steeve and I
was really curious to know just where the heck does
all of this stuff come from. Is it Craig’s List, I mean,
where do you get this stuff? – So stuff comes from everywhere, we get a lot of recycling,
whether it’s parts and pieces, broken items
that have to go to a place, it’s much more responsible
rather than the dump. As part of the eCycle
program, we collect computers, tablets, TVs, monitors and laptops and they all go to the program. Beyond that, I will accept anything that’s pretty much electronic except maybe a refrigerator or other appliances. – [MetalJesus] It was at this
point in the conversation that Steeve was like, “Hey, do you wanna see
something really cool that only the employees get to see?” Of course I was like, yeah! So what we learned is, the public store is only using of 25% of the floor space, the other 75% of the space in here is used for storage and maintenance. Look at this, this is pallets and pallets as far as you can see here filled, sky-high, taller than
I am, with computers, peripherals, software, it’s amazing. Now the reason why he
even invited us back here, is because unlike a
lot of normal customers that walk in the door, he soon found out that I am a hardcore, retro-game collector and also I just really
appreciate old computers and not a lot of the stuff
is actually out on the floor ’cause they don’t sell
a lot and he’s like, “Oh, well you’ve gotta
check out the backroom.” And I was blown away, I mean, I’ve never seen so many old
Macs, Commodor 64s, TRS-80s, I mean he just had old these old computers in the
boxes with the peripherals just on stacks of pallets, it was crazy. But of course I mentioned
that I played games, and he’s like, “Oh
yeah, we got those too.” He proceeded to show me boxes that are labeled Commodor
64, Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS. They’ve got just boxes and boxes of games, many of them are sealed, brand new. Now I wanna be clear, they’re not just storing this back here
because they’re hoarders, again, they believe in truly
recycling everything so, this is all eventually going to be sold, it’s simply just back there because it either needs sorted
through or priced or tested or something like that but eventually this will all either go on eBay or perhaps just sell it in their store or maybe they’ll go to an expo. – You must be one of the few places that still does repair
work on these old machines. – As far as I know we’re the only ones that’ll work on something
older thank like ten years. – [Paul] Wow! – I don’t know of anyone
else who does but they may. – [MetalJesus] Yeah, did you hear that? RE-PC will repair not just new computers, which they certainly do, and let’s honest, they spend most of their time doing that, which you would expect,
but also your old computers from the eighties and nineties, I just thought that was so cool. – Alright dude, thank you–
– Thank you. – For letting us dig
through your awesome store. – We appreciate you coming by. – So, people wanna find out
more, where can they go? – Probably the easiest is
the website, REPC dot com. – Okay. – No hyphens just the letters R E P C. – Okay, cool, I’ll put it down in the video description below and as always guys, I wanna thank you for watching my channel, thank you for subscribing and take care. It’s funny because when
I first pitched the idea of doing this video at their store, I wasn’t 100% sure of all the things that they actually did there, so, as you can see in this
video as it goes along, I’m kind of blown away by
it, it’s such a cool store. And as we were leaving, they
hinted they may allow us to come back and actually dig
through all of those boxes in the storage area and
do one of the biggest, most awesome pick ups videos ever, so stay tuned to my channel for that.

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  1. Hello guys. Thanks for your visit and cool posting. Very well done.
    Some of your viewers may not be aware that we have two locations. One in Seattle and this one in Tukwila. Our Seattle store is our first location and we are celebrating our 25th year there. In addition to PC’s we sell and repair most of the Macs at our Seattle store. As well that location has a museum representing the hardware and software from the 1960’s through the late 80’s. We have already received many requests from around the globe about shipping equipment. Generally at this time where are not prepared to ship and support equipment, but we do encourage anyone living or visiting the Pacific Northwest to stop by. As we progress with our online store we will post changes to our website.
    Our best,
    Steve & Mark

  2. 4Mb video card was pretty bad back in the days for a Pentium 3. They typically had Matrox or Radeons from 16 to 64Mb with Voodoo accelerators. I already had a 256Mb Asus 9250 card back in 2002 lol

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    I wonder if LGR knows about this place…

  6. As Fred Sanford once said, "It's a world full of junk".

    Speaking of, I have a teac reel to reel like that I found on the curb in front of someone's house on garbage day (next to the garbage) in the original box with a bunch of tapes from the late 60s and early 70s. I took it all. A little lubrication and I had it running perfect. Sounds great. Better than LPs or digital IMO.

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  19. AWESOME! Guys, you made my day! As a retro gamer these computer components remind me of so many rigs I built and the time and money I spent (wasted?) as a kid for this hobby, for example buying my first CD-Rom-drive for Rebel Assault or a Pentium 90 for Wing Commander 3 or the Riva TNT 128 + Vodoo Monster 3D in SLI to play Unreal in 1024*768 pixels. Thank you for bringing back these good memories!

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