Inside the The Drug Flats of Barcelona

Inside the The Drug Flats of Barcelona

dogs barking people fighting hypodermic syringes everybody’s terrified baleia Blanca’s opinion immune diabla didn’t super mercado de la droga [Music] for the past few years criminal gangs have been squatting in flats in Barcelona to sell the news drugs turning them into so-called narco pieces since 2016 more than a hundred flats have been occupied by these banks most of them are in the Ravel area in the heart of Barcelona emitting some of the rival’s residents to find out how the narco pieces impact on their daily lives i peligro de agresión porque sí porque vuela cola kado Elverta alguien t da de el suelo cola Haringey ik lavada peleas bronchus opinion aminos ni s a little piece of a monocot Ravi contains air power adidas no swallowed a casa por el peligro catering again poor detrás de gloire a lo o tiempo de praga oku part appear en de llamado el barrio pero bueno vamos a a harken was lowering el barrio de los vecinos sie Rica is one of the affected residents whose flat was broken into four months ago and occupied by a drug gang so this is my flan yeah so this is where they broke into my doorframe and this is what they put on instead I can hear the in there probably on breakfast or something yeah yeah you’re nervous right now that’s all how just sorry I mean you bought a flat I bought a flat it was one of the cheapest flats I could find I’m a single mother so I bought it as an investment for my daughter my tenant went back to his country back to Sweden for a couple of weeks and then BOOM he came home and he called me we’ve got squatters then what do we do so what would you do I called the police first of all and said what do I do they said you come in and make a formal complaint with your owner documents tomorrow and we will get them out I thought that was job done so I went in they were very nice to me they went round to the apartment and then they called me into the station and said you’re gonna need a judicial order to get them out so I decided I would go and see them as well what happened the first guy was very calm he said no and then a guy got up behind him he had a bottle of mineral water he smashed it against the wall and he just held it there without saying a word to me behind the other guy so I left so then I got myself very quickly to the port’s so the judge has to then give you a court date and order the police to come and throw them out and this can take weeks it can take months it sounds crazy to me that it can take months for the police to throw illegal squatters out so to find out why this process takes I’m meeting Barcelona security commissioner we must study mr. Gondo intervene en lo llamó siendo the recipes of Serrano’s dilemma todo lo que podemos poor demostrar reconciled al moosari fje – OS before the end this responsibility is Milland when the police finally intervenes the gang members they arrest are often released with only minor charges yesterday no con con las personas que para things on posters in leaverton rápida meant a poor delito de menor de ustedes abran d de tiempo que canta interior estos a mr. come on the ritalin importante que encontrar was to Hawaii ahsoka infrastruc ture the distribution the drama saga the minister was intent on a very walk move from Sierra according to the commissioner the issue of the narco pesos is related to property speculation investors of an foreign ones by up flats to ran out to tourists but they often remain empty and easy to occupy today most conjugated hiya business of yours and suitable hunters andrea ballet’ and the stimulus for the sovereign harvester graffia fed up with the situation and disappointed with the authorities slow response in June 2018 the residents took to the streets in protest [Applause] [Music] akshay Rawal is the citizen activist group taking action against the narco pieces sumino sobre el dos mundos de la Chrissy montón de gente de la calle Sierra’s Banco fondo slim version until in the suspicious totalmente Paseos estas mafias encuentran donde donde meters in Clouseau estos piece Osirian para que buen consumer dentro de ellos cuando se quedan en esta situación los países Sutro seis de modo vigil and oh lo lo que teníamos a say beyond trade association freedom n tu n watts of darkness alerta a active are no see Ramos que para hemp rope West Haven ocupado seawall nos presenta Mo’s a us Pontos vecino youngsil owari or wanna muchas o Cassini’s pelo Ramos a Carlos siempre cuando se momento Alafia I want to understand how the narco pieces operate and who the drug gangs are so I meet him with one of their regular customers suppose we don’t have 12 and day be entering asada you know you know Aki luring them Pakistanis dominicanos 2 Americanos you know when a film little money they pay and then I put that you sure though haha it remained a Bulava spirit ever solo roman TI a ghost at his boss plus you are into manure I imported open mana he LP so those dogs kimonos nabiyeen tape for denoting a filmmaking condolence need Oregon Schmidt Oh Sarah 101 enough income in toy poodle so I thought if I drove a second so mentally ill yeah no si delay the Americana let’s go Holly’s Musante Oh God innocent through thick a series on this title to be sure but you know if Fabian empties are you know my name is that all son Raja come on convenient of you have interface the Spanish lo upholds the inviolability of a home meaning it cannot be searched without consent from the owner or a court order these combined with slow bureaucratic processes results in search warrants taking months to reach the police I hear back from Sarika right now so I’m gonna have on my way there we may be there soon as possible thank you after four months of waiting the police are finally entered hi Rica’s flood I arrived just after they left Sarika how are you so you got your flat back what happened so my flat as you can see is an absolute show the furniture that I had most of it is gone I assume it has been sold there’s and blood all over the walls I don’t know people live like this I don’t know where to start we charge you a euro to use the toilet and there was selling drugs here and cooking maybe or the police took away a massive bag of syringes I mean a massive one if you look around the flat you’ll see a strategically placed crack pipe in every corner so they were definitely dealing drugs out of here and that’s why the guys have been arrested I have had people ringing the doorbell all day still still coming and they like zombies it’s Kate I only yeongcheon up with the aura miss Nora you know so then they are Kia and yeah thank you yeah Lorraine a friend of mine is gonna stay here and look after the place I’m gonna give my friend the keys I’m gonna walk out of here and I’m not gonna walk back in for another six months at least [Music] the police operation is over while the situation has improved in a rabble some narco pieces are still active and new ones have appeared in other parts of the city Barcelona’s battle against the drug gangs is not over yet [Music]

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  1. This is Raval, and it's crazy because you are 5 mins walking from the most famous tourist attraction in the country.

  2. So the very vulgar Sairita decides to be a property speculator, and has an empty flat, and squatters move in and sell drugs? WEll, at least the squatters have a home for while. Squat? Why not! Down with property speculation!

  3. Typical Vice video taking a topic and sensationalising what is happening for views online. Squatting unfortunately happens in all but a handful of cities, albeit at varying rates. It is always treated – frustratingly for the owners – as a civil matter rather than a criminal matter and it is not as simple as just arresting the people who are in there as much as I would agree with that because having squatters is very distressing. However, videos like this perpetuate the idea that Raval is a dangerous area of Barcelona when it really is not and if anything it is – in my opinion – a really vibrant area of the city with great atmosphere, restaurants and shops. It gets painted as "dangerous" largely because it has a larger number of immigrants than elsewhere in the city and to people who think immigrants are bad it equals danger when that is not the case. If anything, I have equal problem with the woman whose flat was squatted. She openly says she bought the flat as it was the cheapest one she could find as an investment, and I have little doubt she charged in excess of 500 euros per month for a tenant to rent a room there and many would suggest it is this practice which is ruining the city more than the existence of a few "narco pisos" around the place.

  4. Ive been into one of those "narcopisos" with a friend of mine when I was living in Spain to buy some coke, only that I was in Alicante, not Barcelona.
    The junkies are horrible, the one in Alicante was right beside fucking police station, the cops were outside to arrest people coming out from the apartment, that had just bought drugs, not the ones inside them. I went there 3 times, last time I went some junkie tried to rob me with a machete, never went back to that side of the town again.
    Spain should just kill all those junkies and focus on marijuana, otherwise its a really nice, beautiful country with good people.

  5. Hahahaha vice is so shit, just obsessed with drugs, because they are all on drugs, lol people in Barcelona are mostly ok, they will all try to pick your pocket, but that's just sport for them. Maybe report on the posters asking tourists to jump of the balconies, or the violent action against Barcelona's citizens when they voted for independence from Spain?

  6. Meanwhile, next door in Portugal, drugs have been decriminalized and this issues don't arise. Street crime is way down. Aids and HIV rates are massively reduced. And the use of hard drugs has been reduced. Go figure.

  7. Junkies should be locked up. Heroin, Coke, speed and illegal meds should be an instant 2-3 year instant lockup. Next time double. Third time finito then you probably aint fit for society. However weed and psychadelics should be completly legal.

  8. No siento que esa parte pertenezca a España pero bueno .. no queríais turistas pues toma que os habéis quedado sin barrio y los turistas sois vosotros que ni salís de casa

  9. In this situitaion they should armed the populace and constitute the right to conceal and carry. It'll be interest social experiment.

  10. you don't to show us brutal video clips like you just shows us some photoes the viewer may got some nightmares for that

  11. Send Philippines president deturte he’ll clean up these drug dealers and users in the most simple way.

  12. It's time to spike the drugs with anthrax, atropine or anything to get these druggo's out. See how they drop like fucking flies.

  13. politics are just stupid. you buy an appartment, strangers break in and so much bullshit to get them out? WTFFFFFFFFFFFF

  14. These people need to get together and pay hit man to shoot the gangs and all junkies who use syringes only crime with crime only way before it gets more out of control.

  15. how hard is it to find a couple of armed guys in spain who will kick in the door and shoot every single one of these losers in the face?
    it's the easiest and best solution.

  16. This type of crime would never happen in madrid. Catolonia and the Spanish government is a huge part of history. Look into it.

  17. in my opinion, the blame should be not only on the seller but also on the consumers. Without consumers, no one would be selling drugs, right? why do people even consume that shit to begin with? I know it's not easy to make someone step out of drugs but i think this market will never stop while they have a big demand.

  18. Squatting in a disused building or long abandoned redidency is a grey area, sqattign in someone's home is genuniley fucked

  19. love Barcelona 😍 used to live there but fuck me watch your pockets… your bag… your credit card at cashpoints for being copied its a nightmare lol

  20. This happens in all countries. The lawful tenants should be given secret cameras to show to the court the theft and virtual kidnapping that is taking place. The law should come down hard on these monsters.

  21. U don’t see this much in the United States just about everyone owns a gun or guns we take care of a lot of our problems ourselves.

  22. All that and no guns allowed to protect yourself, you just have to stand there and get cucked while people live in your house

  23. People of Barcelona should arm themselfs, give the intruders one warning and if they don't leave within 5 minutes shoot them and get rid of this scum in a mass grave. After that they should set the law makers under pressure to spend their time improving law for the people instead of spending their time with prostitutes and champaign!

  24. Gee, imagine what it might be if Spain were connected by land to all the countries producing all these drugs.

    "Barcelona's battle with the drug gangs… is not over yet." Take a look across the pond. It's never over.

  25. as a Spanish resident I am just here to say that a) squatters never get kicked out in Spain no matter what you do or who you know. b) the system never works and c) the first fail in the system is as a matter of fact the police because they either don't know how to do their job or they simply don't want to. I feel for these people but in this country rarely logic wins. and I would just like to add that SPANISH people are the ones that sell the drugs and owe these narcopisos. not Moroccan, not Latinos, not other Europeans, not middle easterns nor Asian. literally these gangs are mostly SPANISH born and raised people.

  26. To be honest I saw , better conditions of security in Kiev and other non-european countries , anyway Spain is most stupidest country which I visited , they don't speak english , a nations full of lazy bastards and whores. They don't deserve to be in EU


  28. It seems highly likely that the lack of prosecution is due to corruption. It isn't a coincidence that the flats are mainly owned by foreign investors so the political will to help the homeowners may not be very strong. Then you have civil servants making mediocre salaries and a depressed economy. I am sure there is corruption all over the place. I bet homeowners nearby sell for well below market and those in the know can jump on the deal without worrying about it happening to them.

  29. if you break in my house in the US, Im going to shoot you in the head, twice just for good measure, then throw your infested body out on the streets

  30. Panw apo to papa ke thn astynomia ine o stratos ke sto strato den borun na se kanun apolitos tpt para mono na enhmerwsoun to geniko epiteleio stratou

  31. LMAO they actually think that the drug addicts are smart and only keep small amounts to avoid getting big bust. Dude…Hello… they are squatting they cannot afford big amounts of drugs. These are people who have lost their way and have no means of surviving to live the lifestyle that they've been cast into or chosen.

  32. Europe is so fuking worthless. Just one huge continent of turds to be flushed. I cannot believe they have to find out if drugs are present in order to get trespassers the hell off someone's property. Can you be any weaker, more useless, and waste more skin and oxygen than these people? Don't ever ever have the balls to criticize America again Europe. No wonder we left there to try over again. At least Americans are smart enough to keep our guns so that we can kill motherfukers like this that trespass into our homes.

  33. politcos are just lazy sacks of shit that do nothing but suck up taxpayer money they have zero interest in doing any actual work . its the same in every country around the world . parasites

  34. As soon as you heard they took the house call all your male friends / family members en go beat them out of your casa. That is the only thing that works.

  35. I like what they done to Europe so inspired we need more Merkels in the world I wanna walk out my front door straight into the Calais jungle camp we live in the age of true visonarys macron Merkel may
    Junker they done great things they will go down as legends
    At least all your kids kids will be muslims so don't worry they won't be alcoholics and pork eaters

  36. Here goes Vice once again. All part of the media machine that paints pharmacopeia in a bad light, all for clicks, and ratings. Most drug use is done in a responsible manner, but we will never hear that side from media hounds like Vice.

  37. Even the junkie at about 6:00 is like 'why the fuck doesn't the judge send the cops there to kick them out?' lol

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