Intro to Basic Lottery Strategies and Terms!! Detailed rundown and step by step guide!

Intro to Basic Lottery Strategies and Terms!! Detailed rundown and step by step guide!

Hey everyone, today
I’m doing a video on the basics of lottery. I’ve had some questions lately about what a mirror number is, how to do a rundown
How you get a date and hit sum those kind of things. So
this video is perfect if you are just starting out playing the lottery or if you’ve been playing for awhile and need to brush up
On some of those basic terms or strategies this video is for you
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So I’m going to start with a
317 rundown and if you can do a
317 rundown you can do any of the run downs because they all have the same basic principle, the numbers just change
So the example that I’m using is from
DC’s pick 3 their evening draw January 5th 2018 was 3 1 9
So you’re going to start by writing your 3 1 7 and
Then under it you put your previous draw so if you’re in a different state just use your own state’s previous draw so I’m going
to write 3 1 9 and
then you’re gonna add each of the columns so 3 plus 3 is 6
1 plus 1 is 2 9 plus 7 is 16
But you drop the 1 and just keep the 6 in lottery math you
Don’t carry numbers, so you just drop that first number, and then you’re gonna keep adding
But you always add to the 3 1 7 you. Don’t add to the number right above it so 6 plus 3 would be 9
3 and again here 6 plus 7 is 13, but you drop the 1 just keep that 3 then 2
4 0
5 5 7 8
6 4
795 002
You stop when you get back to this draw number
So once you’ve got your run down setup you’re gonna look for your date sum and the way you get your date
sum is by looking at the month and day so in this case it was 1/5
So I’m adding one plus five which gives me six, so I’m gonna highlight all the sixes in my run down
Then once you do that you’re gonna look for your hit sum. The hit
sum is the previous draw added together so 3 plus 1 plus 9 is 13
So I’m going to drop the 1 keep the 3 and
Highlight all of my threes
The reason you highlight these numbers is it helps you narrow down
What numbers to look for in the rundown so if you didn’t have any numbers highlighted this would be a lot of numbers
To try to just guess what numbers might hit, but by highlighting those numbers. You kind of zero in on what area
You might want to look for numbers so here this cluster would be a good place to start
Like this 9 4 0 stands out to me, but really you’re just looking for any 3 numbers that are touching around your highlighted number
So if you are just starting out
And you just want to do a rundown
This would be all you had to do you just pick some numbers and play those
But I’m also going to show you how you can combine it with another strategy, and how you can use mirror numbers
So the mirror numbers are just a set of numbers that are widely used in the lottery
Various ways. Some people just simply play the mirror number of the previous draw or it’s applied in a lot of different ways with strategies
So I’m going to show you just one way with the tic-tac-toe that you can use the mirror number.
So the mirror number is basically just adding 5 so mirror number of 1 is 6, 2 is 7
3 is 8, 4 is 9, 5 is 0. They’re also sometimes referred to as sister numbers
So if you hear the term sister numbers know that that’s just the same thing as mirror numbers
So the first thing you’re going to do is put your previous draw in diagonally so here
I’m going to put the 3 1 9 and
Then in my second grid I’m going to put the mirror number of 3 1 9 so that mirror of 3 is 8
the mirror of 1 is 6
the mirror of 9 is 4
Once you have that for this strategy, you simply add 1 and go all the way around so from nine
We’d have 10 11 12 13 14
Then from 4 we’d have 5 6 7 8 9
so you would then look for any three numbers that are touching that also are showing up in your rundown and that will kind of
Help you narrow down. What numbers to play so right off the bat
I see the 9 0 4 and like I said before the 9 4 0 is showing up here and your rundown so I think
9 0 4 would be a good one to play if you’re in the DC area these numbers are good for the week
Not just for the next draw
Also, I see
8:05 here and here you’ve got 8 zero five eight five zero a couple different ways
So that could be a good one to play
I’ll just do one more eight six four is showing up two ways in there, and it’s right here
In your rundown so that could be a good one
So that’s just one example of how you can use a rundown with another strategy
If you want to further narrow down your numbers
Also, you can look at the hot numbers for your state and kind of pick and choose based on that
Another thing to keep in mind when you’re trying to pick numbers
If you go back and look at your state’s history. You’ll see that. It’s not very often that a number hits
That’s all even numbers or all odd numbers or all high numbers or all low numbers usually it’s a mix. Now
That’s not to say that all odd are all even or all lower, numbers
Don’t come they do, but it’s just not as often so if you are trying to
Narrow down your numbers. It’s usually good to have a mix of odd-even
High-low numbers in your combination, so let me know if this is helpful if you have any further questions leave them in the comment section
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  1. I tried to do this for PA this past Saturday evening was 162. Add all numbers to the 317, but I never gotten back to the original 162 draw gotten to 161. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Anthony of PA

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