Introducing Opera GX – first GAMING BROWSER!

Hi guys, I’m Maciek with Opera, and I’ve got something really exciting to share with you.
We are so thrilled to announce Opera GX, the first ever gaming browser.
You are probably asking, what is a gaming browser?
Well, I can’t blame you, because before now, there was no such thing.
Opera GX is a web browser built specifically to complement gaming.
Opera is a browser company.
We’ve been making browsers for desktop computers and mobile devices for quite some time,
but this is something that we’ve never done before.
We saw when it comes to gaming,
there is a different set of needs
that go beyond what a traditional browser can offer.
Rather than gamers having to reshape an ordinary browser,
weighing it down with lots of extensions,
we wanted our browser to work out of the box.
Lean and clean.
We went all in with this browser.
Every feature in Opera GX is built around gaming.
You have GX Control,
where you can limit how much memory and CPU your browser will use.
Whether you are someone who has a dedicated gaming machine or not,
no matter what computer you are using,
Opera GX will help you get the most out of it.
You also have Twitch integrated in the sidebar.
You can see the channels you follow,
who’s online right now,
and you will get notifications whenever a new stream starts.
You have GX Corner,
where we bring together all kinds of gaming news from all over the web into one place.
Features aside, we wanted to give it a look and feel that makes it really special.
For instance,
you’ve got these beautiful LED inspired highlights around the frame,
and you can easily select any color for this.
Moreover, we have added some exclusive wallpapers that we have prepared specially for Opera GX.
Opera GX is something we’re looking forward to experimenting with, and having some fun.
It’s available right now.
Download it from, and try the first ever gaming browser yourself.

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