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with all the latest in pro-wrestling coming
up we are talking other latest
information heading into this weekend’s
WWE pay-per-view TLC more expected
matches set to be announced within the
next 48 hours WWE having to scrapped a
whole angle that they had planned big
Royal Rumble plans revealed for one of
the top champions next call up as we
head into a massive view this upcoming
WrestleMania season the latest regarding
Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley even self
admitting the fact that WWE diss screwed
over Jon Moxley Hill turned storyline
and more we’re also talking everything
that went down on Smackdown live to get
the bad and that one hilarious highlight
before getting into it though you guys
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nonetheless let’s dive into it and to
start off at let’s discuss the latest
heading into WWE TLC this Sunday as
reports are indicating that there are
still matches yet to be announced
because as we know this with men like to
announce things last-minute as he feels
like it gets more people to tune in to
wrestling a server noted that AJ Styles
vs. Ryan the UN hasn’t been announced
but Wes underlined up earlier on this
week to happen at the pay-per-view which
of course makes sense considering that
they’ve been feuding and especially what
happened at the main event of Raw this
past week it will be a bit weird for
them to close the show with that field
and then not give us an actual match the
company is also set to announce a match
for of course the pre-show and unless
something changes Intercontinental
Championships kanakam r vs braun
strowman isn’t expected to take place at
the pay-per-view
despite WWE hoping that braun strowman
will be cleared to compete by that time
earlier reports indicated that braun
strowman was dealing with some type of
injury and although it was a minor one
he hasn’t started feuding with shins k
just yet it was also noted early on in
the week that branched from a miss live
events this past weekend due to injury
forcing the
youie to scrapped an angle to set up his
match for this upcoming Sunday of course
the way WWE anything could change so do
keep that in mind
following TLC is of course the Royal
Rumble personally my favorite
pay-per-view of the year cuz it just
books itself you really don’t need much
for it
besides the Royal Rumble though there
are other matches especially for certain
champions and there’s some interesting
report regarding the roe women’s
champions Becky Lynch WWE has a plan for
Becky Lynch and it seems to be pretty
solid at this point Becky Lynch a
recently complain about being left off
of Raw for two weeks ray and the fact
that she hasn’t been able to defend her
championship for quite a while
even before the Survivor Series event
WWE has two WrestleMania options for
Becky Lynch which we ended up discussing
or least touching on and the previous
round up one of them being Ronda Rousey
and the other one being Shayna Baszler
Ronda Rousey is even currently favored
to win the 2020 Royal Rumble match with
Shayna Baszler very high on the odds as
well and now wrestling news reports that
in the meantime WWE will put Becky Lynch
versus osku as they roll into the Royal
Rumble and this is in singles
competition WWE is already heating up a
few between the men and the Empress of
tomorrow and if Becky Lynch can knock
off asked on her way to WrestleMania 36
it could also tell a full-circle story
as a scout retain smackdown woman Saito
over Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble
early on this year but the reports does
not end there because as we know after
Survivor Series Becky Lynch a pushing a
base right through the announce table
so it’s fair to say that Shayna is gonna
be looking for some type of revenge on
this upcoming year there have been
multiple reports indicating that WWE
been planning sheena basically moved to
the main roster
more specifically Monday Night Raw and
they’ve been planning this for quite a
while so that is already a few set up
for Wrestlemania as we discuss and it is
one of the options but the interesting
thing about all of it is that then WWE
is gonna have to be trading Shayna
Baszler to roll in the very near future
and we’re talking about probably
mom from now or even before the Royal
rumber to just build up something for
that event so she is definitely the next
call up if we want to call it that way
considering the fact that NXT is
technically already a third brand but if
WWE really want to have this few setup
between here and Wrestlemania or at
WrestleMania they’re gonna have to have
them in the same brand I need to some
more backstage news regarding the Royal
Brian Alvarez has also been reporting
the fact that WWE seems to be going with
a new rule for this upcoming rumble
involving annex II just a bit more just
like at Survivor Series this reports
indicate that the plan for the men and
women’s Rumble will be 30 spots of
course just like previous years but
split it equally ten spots going to row
ten spots going to SmackDown in 10th
spot to annex C of course there might
end up being some exceptions with
superstars being surprises as returned
or maybe WWE including one or two
legends a surprise entrances but that is
said to be the planets of right now and
considering how much the ratings went up
after NXT West part of Survivor Series
this year and it’s certainly obvious to
expect the same thing for them to
continue to be involved in the big
pay-per-views so it could carry over to
their weekly television show and on some
other news before getting into the
Smackdown recap it’s a quick update
regarding self Rawlinson jon moxley it
is always a question of whether or not
they’re still friends especially after
self wrong says some controversial stuff
a couple of months ago after Moxley
walked out of the WWE and ended up
speaking out against creative and the
company in general in the talk of
Jericho show well it looks like in the
personal life that hasn’t necessarily
been an issue in a recent interview Seth
Rollins indicated that he texted Jon
Moxley on his birthday a couple of days
ago and wish him well he also added the
following I hope that he’s good and he
seems to be doing great at aew and you
Japan I wish nothing but the best for
him and his lovely wife and their great
dog and responds south Rollins said the
Moxley did reply to his tags saying
thanks brother and explained that a John
actually was often sure in his tanks so
doesn’t seems like there is any
real-life heat between both superstars
it’s also worth mentioning that recently
Moxley did indicated that he taxed to
Roman reigns a bit more often so they
all still shield brothers which is a
good thing to hear
Seth didn’t stop there though because he
also admitted to the fact that jon
moxley WWE storyline following his heel
turn was early disappointing he admitted
to the fact that it’s a feud would have
gone differently instead of WWE bookie
Moxley to just go out there and cut
ridiculous promo things would have
certainly gone different and his heel
turn would have actually worked so
perhaps to Seth Rollins for admitting
this because this was one of the reason
why Moxley even quit WWE just riding
super promos for him even that in famous
a doctor appointment that was precisely
when he knew that he was going to quit
sticking with Seth Rollins were tying it
up to TLC he was of course expected to
take on Kevin Owens at the event and
that match is still on the table but
reports are indicating that WWE is
waiting it out a Seth Rollins this
suffer a broken finger taking on
ever-growing last weekend in live events
so that match could very well still
happens so just keep that in mind
there’s a lot of things unannounced so
far including ko vs. this recent heal
Seth Rollins now moving into the recap
for this week’s SmackDown line which was
an average show at best certainly wasn’t
the best and for a go home show of a
pay-per-view WWE did not deliver as much
as they should and it was average at
best mostly because of the good tactic
matches that they ended up having which
is a shocker to say the least when it
comes to the WWE anyways the show
started off with Baron Corbin so you
know that’s not gonna end well right the
new day interrupted we had Kofi Kingston
slapping Baron Corbin so that leads into
the main event singles action between
these two superstars the first match of
the night we got Alexa bliss and Nikki
cross defeating Mandy rose and Sonya
Deville after this we got the revive
with defeating Mustafa Ali and shorty G
this was a very good match almost made
me feel like Mustafa
and shortages should be added to the
ladder match this upcoming Sunday for
the smackdown Tag Team Championship
because he has the stipulation was
changed to a ladder match we have Baily
defeating Dana Brooke and what was
probably a 2 minute match but hey at
least Dana Brooke pay homage to Batista
eyes she ended up doing it but he’s the
powerbomb or sort of then we got the
Miss doing an interview with Renee young
in his house
so you know this wasn’t gonna lead into
anything good so of course the fee
showed up or at least his puppet showed
up and those who are seen as Maryse and
Miss a daughter was playing with it so
everyone freaked out in the segment
ended I think it was well produced WWE
did something different and it actually
worked in a way don’t worry a bit of
inconsistency but I mean we see that in
the WWE every single week right
reactions can occur Mora and Cesaro
defeating heavy machinery this match was
set up after audits gave Sami Zayn a
fool hem as a Christmas gift of course a
bit controversial not just because Sami
Zayn is vegan but also because of his
religion and out of all the meat that
they could have grabbed from catering
the ended up picking pork so leave it up
to the WWE to do something like this
then we got the main event Kofi Kingston
versus King Corbin but this ended in a
no contest so we’re leading to a tactic
match the new day taking on King Corbin
and Dolph Ziggler this and thereby
disqualification as the new they picked
up the victory with Corbin and Dolph
Ziggler humiliating Kofi Kingston and
Big E just like they did to Roman reigns
last week but to end the show Roman
reigns came for the save he was the last
man standing getting the best out of
Dolph Ziggler and King Corvin heading
into this on this pay-per-view
highlight of the night though happened
during one of the tag-team matches when
the revival was making their entrance we
got – Wilder tripping falling and
landing into a sitting position he
looked at Scott Dawson and was like
Dawson look I just fell of course trying
to play it off he also went on Twitter
and told everyone that that was enough
because so many people were just sharing
a bunch of videos and clips of him
barching the entrance the
reply from all of this though came from
the young bucks Matt Jackson
that’s instead of saying f the revival
he got a new nickname for them and that
is a for the revival certainly the best
reply of the night anyways guys that is
what I got for you in this video if you
enjoy the coverage don’t forget to alibi
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