Is Budapest Cheap? Cost of Living Budapest, Hungary: How Much Does It Cost?

Is Budapest Cheap? Cost of Living Budapest, Hungary: How Much Does It Cost?

We’ve been in Budapest Hungary for one
month and today we’re gonna share with
you exactly how much it costs us to live
Hey guys I’m Ross and Bek is right
behind the camera. Today I’m gonna tell
you exactly how much it costs to live in
Budapest for one whole month now if you
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We were blown away with the value of
accommodation in Budapest. The street
that we were on was in just like a movie
set it was unbelievable great location
right in the middle of the pest side
near trams and trains it was really easy
to get around fast internet speed as
well. We loved it we actually booked it
through Airbnb and got a massive
discount so look if you haven’t used it
before check out the link below and you
can get a discount off your first
booking so our total cost for
accommodation was two hundred and
twenty-two thousand forint
I love this topic – food. Bek and I are
obsessed with food everywhere we go
we’re always searching for you know
local authentic foods and we spend a bit
more than we probably have to here in
search for the best dish that a country
has to offer and then we share that with
you guys on all those foodie videos that
we do so be sure to check those out as
we go. A typical day for us would be we
would have already got in some fruit and
cereal for to sort of start the day and
then we start to venture out and buy
things in the local cafes and eateries
right across Budapest so that was very
easy and then at night time we’d always
pick a local restaurant somewhere to try
out. Our total cost for the whole month
was a hundred and fifty six thousand
forint which I don’t think is too bad
transport is cheap and transport for us
means you use your feet and catch some
trams especially in Budapest that’s how
you would see 90% of the city if you
need to go somewhere really specific you
can catch a train if it’s not really
working for you with the trams but yeah
trams is where it’s at so to get out a
tram or a train ticket for example
you’re talking about 350 forint
or if you want to buy in bulk you can
get an even cheaper deal. We didn’t have
to catch a taxi or an Uber for the whole
month so our total cost was seven
thousand forint
Bills – the sexy topic everybody loves
the bills! So we travel full-time and we
do work online so you know we have a
bit of a budget that we live by. We have
to keep on on top of our bills one of
the things we pay for is a VPN and that
changes our location
it keeps our internet secure keeps it
private if you’re on a public network
but also it’s a really cool way to get
around geography if you want to do some
banking back in your home country or you
want to watch the sport or whatever it
is that you want to do you can use a VPN
to get around it so if you haven’t used
one before check it out we also pay for
things like travel insurance and Netflix
and a few other bits like SIM cards as
we go our total cost for the whole month
was 32 thousand forint
fun aka beer and wine. It’s a cheap place to
get tipsy very very cheap you can go
into a supermarket and get beer from all
across Europe for 250 forint to maybe
400 forint if you want the higher end
stuff wines maybe that thousand to 1500
forint zone you get some some tidy
Hungarian wine if you go out to the pubs
and the ruined bars you are gonna spend
a little bit more but we’re still
talking 600 forint to maybe a thousand
foreign or just over cocktails
everything we found some spots with
three dollar cocktails and you know some
delicious craft beer for way under
three to four dollars Australian our total
cost for fun
oh yes a little asterisk it was my
birthday in Budapest so there was some
heavy alcohol consumed it was 45
thousand forint.
the drinking water is
just drink it out the tap we will fine
with that and we didn’t grow a third arm
or anything like that
if you like coffee like us and you’re
obsessed with it and you need it to make
it through the day our suggestion in an
air B&B is go to the supermarket and get
the supreme premium coffee that they
have and it’s great value we did that we
also worked out in cafes every day or
every couple of days and would buy a
barista coffee you’re more like the 600
foreign zone for a nice tasty barista
made Coffee our total cost was was only
eight thousand forint
Every good budget needs an other
category like, where do you put these
other things so going into the bath the
local baths and the museums like the
terror museum’s worth checking out
getting a couple of household goods
getting a haircut
that sort of stuff our total cost was
only seventeen thousand forint it’s a
really good value destination
Our total monthly cost was a four hundred and
eighty seven thousand forint. Now we
think a Budapest is a really affordable
place it can be very expensive if you go
high-end on things but there’s lots of
really good value options right across
the city it’s actually one of our
favorite cities that we’ve visited so if
you’ve been there or you’re going there
or you live there put some comments down
below and tell us if we spent too much
or if we didn’t spend enough if you
haven’t already checked out our honest
opinion video on Budapest is it worth
visiting the place and check it out
we’re Ross and Bek and we’re value
travelers if you want to follow us and
see our next destination its Croatia so
make sure you hit subscribe hit like we
have so many videos coming right at you
we’ll see you soon – Bye!

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  2. Hey guys this was a really informative video. Always interested in seeing the prices for different countries and Budapest is definitely on our itinerary thanks to you both. Looks like you can get by for around 2800aud a month living fairly well. Sounds good 👌

  3. You guys did a GREAT job on this!! Hit everything right on the money. We loved budapest and just like you we probably spend a liiiiittle too much on food, but we like it that way! Can’t wait to see all your Croatia vids!!

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  6. The best! Great video Ross and Bek.
    I love the relaxed vibe you give out Ross. Budapest is much cheaper than I thought. All the key details in there – brilliant! 🙌👏👌💖

  7. Hi guys, really really useful vlog, great to understand the costs and how to get around (the trams)…do you stick to a month for each place you visit or do you vary your time from place to place? Cheers both, kind regards, Simon and Elaine 😎👍💕

  8. Sounds like for a 1 bedroom loft it's a bit cheaper then Toronto. I'd say an average spot like that in Toronto is 1400 – 1450. But food in Toronto.. wow. Way to expensive.

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  11. Another great informative video! Great breakdown of costs, definitely helpful to anyone planning a trip to Budapest or even planning to stay for awhile.

  12. It's really reasonable monthly living cost
    Or we'd say more affordable than living in Australia
    Thanks for sharing guys
    We enjoyed watching your video till the end
    Have a great day

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    Love these videos you guys do about the places you stay at, very helpful and informative.

    Sorry we are so late but we had no internet service.

    The VPN sounds great.. it would allow us to see Netflix outside the USA right? Cause right now, it doesn’t allow us to connect from other countries saying it’s connected to a different country

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  20. As a Hungarian, 500k a month is… I'd love to have that kind of paycheck….
    A decently good pay here is like 250-300k / month.

  21. I have watched all your Budapest videos, and this one is more interesting. I can't remember seeing any videos which showed a detailed bill staying a certain time in one city. The amount of money you spent was not enough – a pub, or restaurant owner would say so. Personally, I think you have spent a bit much, yet, Budapest is expensive. When you think of the average income of an average worker in Hungary – they would not be able to afford this life. As a tourist, with some money to spend, you did it alright, the main thing, you had a good time. (I like your humour when you showed some, e.g. the cavity search at the border.) (I had to edit because mistyped several words. Did not change the content, though.)

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