Is investing gambling? | What difference does it make to own an asset?

Is investing gambling? | What difference does it make to own an asset?

now one thing which I have had a lot
of people ask me about is whether or not
investing is gambling. Now, while the two
things are completely separate;
obviously if you are investing in
something like cryptocurrencies which
isn’t really backed on a tangible asset,
that could very well be considered as
gambling. However, in other general terms,
if you are investing in something which
is a legal asset, then what you’re doing isn’t gambling
because you’re investing
in something which is
tangible, and that has real value which can
improve, and increase over time. So let’s
say for instance that you’re investing in
gold, which I have another video on. Now
if you’re investing on gold then that is
the tangible asset you have. The tangible
value of the actual gold that you
have invested in. Now that may decrease
with time, and it may increase with time,
and that’s why some people might think
it’s kind of a gamble to invest in it
but the actual core value is still there
and that value will stay. It might lose
some value over time but in general
terms it’s different to gambling because
you have that intrinsic value there as
is now obviously with gold there are a
lot of things that come into play and it
doesn’t pay off dividends so it’s not
the same as investing in the stock
market which is even less like gambling
in my mind because if you invest in
something which is a stable profit as
they will return let’s say for instance
you invest in a blue cap company which
is doing really well now that may crash
as well which is why I need you to do
your research however generally speaking
they might pay a certain percentage of
dividends so not only do you have the
actual tangible asset which is this
year’s in that company but that company
might actually start paying your money
as well so the idea of yeah investing in
these companies being
a gamble now I can understand where some
people are coming from from this however
given the amount of asset which you
actually hold in your hands you actually
legally owned this part of this company
and the fact that that company might be
paying you off dividends it really takes
it a fair game away from actually
gambling so look I hope you’ve taken
some value from this video I do have a
couple of links below to a couple of
resources which may help you out in your
journey I definitely recommend that you
also seek financial advice just so that
you can get specifics as to what is
going to work for you given your current
circumstances but other than that leave
a comment below if you have any
questions that you’d like me to cover
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2 thoughts on “Is investing gambling? | What difference does it make to own an asset?”

  1. Yes! Investing is gambling. A good Investment is the other end of gambling, where the odds are on your side. A bad investment, not enough knowledge of the type of investment is the common gambling you see in casinos.

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