Is it Time to Destroy the Internet?

Is it Time to Destroy the Internet?

Today we live in the age of instant information
and instant gratification, and many people
feel they cannot live without the internet.
However, for the longest time humanity did
just fine without it in their lives, and we
could do so again.
In fact, the truth is that at this point,
the internet is probably doing more harm than
good to humanity, and it would be better if
it just went away for a while.
While that may sound radical to some, we have
our reasons for saying so, which we will explain
in today’s article.
The Internet Can Connect People, But It Can
Also Isolate You To The World Close To You
Many people like to talk about how it is such
a great positive that the internet connects
people from all over the world on sites like
However, when you really stop to think about
it, while it seems like it is keeping us all
connected, it can also keep us isolated without
us even realizing it.
The problem is that when we see the little
status updates, and get that dopamine high,
especially when we are already busy with real
life; it fulfills this part of our mind that
believes we need to stay in touch with people
and spend time with them.
That psychological fulfillment makes us think
we are being connected, but unless we are
actually at least having conversations and
talking to them through messenger, we are
more alone than ever, despite being able to
see pictures of their children and leave a
like or two.
We may be more connected, but we are also
more isolated than ever.
The Internet Has Almost All Knowledge, But
It Lacks A Filter To Help You Evaluate It
The internet is often praised because it is
a repository of pretty much the sum total
of all human knowledge (minus certain things
that are secret of classified).
However, while this may sound like one of
the greatest things ever, it is a double-edged
sword and comes at a great cost.
We were always able to get to the vast majority
of humanity’s non-secret knowledge through
libraries or other sources, but it took us
longer to do so, and required us to go through
more trusted sources first.
Now, through the internet, we can find thousands
or even millions of results about the same
thing, and there is no guarantee they are
going to agree on any given bit of information.
In fact, more often than not, they don’t.
When researching anything online, you have
to be careful about who is and isn’t a legitimate
This can be tricky because the internet has
made us all think we are experts on everything
when we really aren’t.
Evaluating information when you don’t know
a subject well already is extra hard, and
if someone wants to build a foundation first
to understand the information they found on
the internet, they usually try to build that
foundation of knowledge… on the internet.
Facebook Has Become So Omnipresent It Is Sui
Generis In Terms Of Power
Sui generis means “in a class of its own”
and that is basically what has happened with
the social media site Facebook.
It has become so dominant and so powerful
that its influence can practically be compared
to that of many governments, and there is
little in the way of real regulation to control
how or why they do business the way they do.
Some countries have occasionally turned Facebook
off for a bit in times of crisis, but the
backlash is usually so fierce that it quickly
This brings up the question about what to
do with something like Facebook in the long
As a single company, without taking any of
our money, they have managed an insane amount
of influence over our daily lives, and no
social network, or social habits, seem currently
capable of breaking people of that influence
(or addiction, as the case may be with some,
due to the constant dopamine high we get from
scrolling through).
The truth is that something like Facebook
is simply unprecedented in known human history,
and it could have unknown ramifications decades
from now — it is already hard to quantify
just how much it is changing the way we interact,
and removing the internet entirely may be
the only way to stop it.
No Bad Idea Cannot Be Found With Detailed
Instructions And Advocates For Its Use
The internet is a place where you can find
information about pretty much anything — and
sometimes you don’t even have to look that
Unfortunately, this isn’t limited to just
the good stuff.
If you want instructions for how to 3D print
a gun, or make bombs or other dangerous things,
you just need to hop online, and that’s
really only the start.
If it’s illegal and you can think of it,
its online.
And the internet just isn’t policed that
well, as people are uploading things constantly
and creating new web pages all the time, and
there is little oversight.
The FBI and other international organizations
are constantly looking for things like child
pornography and some of the worst, most illegal
things that are being shown, sold, or given
instructions on how to do, but it’s like
trying to remove all the water out of the
ocean with a bucket.
And, to make matters worse, a lot of legal
gray areas make the information hard to take
down as long as the person says they aren’t
actually using it, and that it’s just for
educational purposes.
The Internet Has Normalized All Kinds Of Bizarre
Fetishes Into The Mainstream
Now, don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying
we are prudishly against pornography or that
there is anything wrong with something that
consenting people do in their own bedrooms.
However, the proliferation of pornography
on the internet, as satirized by South Park,
has often made it harder and harder for a
lot of people to get off simply by watching,
reading, or thinking about normal, vanilla
It’s practically boring now to some people
(you can find dozens of articles online about
whether or not you should “shame” people
for liking vanilla sex), and almost every
piece of sexual media now has some kind of
strange fetish, or some special element to
it to make it more interesting.
In a way this is not surprising, as the internet
has led to a renaissance in terms of high
quality entertainment, but it has also led
to a situation where many young people start
getting into sex and expect things that may
not necessarily be reality.
And also, while it may be easy enough to find
people into the stranger fetishes online,
it may be a lot harder to find a partner who
is also into it, and the internet is full
of people talking about how they are struggling
either to get their partner to accept their
fetish, or deal with their partner’s strangeness.
This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to have a
harmless but weird fetish, but it has made
a lot of young people have unrealistic expectations
about sex, and maybe given them an inaccurate
view of how easy it is to find a compatible
partner that shares a rarer fetish.
Child Pornography Has Proliferated Like Never
In the age of the internet, child porn has
become a huge problem, and it isn’t showing
signs of stopping anytime soon.
The problem is that the internet is worldwide
and people can upload things from any corner
of the globe, which makes it hard to actually
punish or get to a lot of people even when
you do realize who is the one perpetrating
the wrongdoing.
You may have to refer things to their country’s
law enforcement and wait, while children are
And of course, that is if you can track them
to begin with, as evil child pornographers
are constantly using new tools in an attempt
to stay anonymous with the authorities.
And for webmasters, you cannot just ban people
in most cases from posting pictures at all
(you would have no one left using your websites),
so instead, with a combination of automated
programs, and often traumatized humans, we
as a species play a grim game of child porn
But as long as the internet exists, especially
as the mostly unregulated international entity
that it is, it is unlikely we will ever be
able to eradicate it from the worldwide web
Bullying Has Now Been Taken To An Entirely
New Level In The Modern Age
Back in the day, if you wanted to bully someone
you had to at least have the courage to face
them in person, or maybe call their house,
which required a little more nerve than a
quick message on Facebook.
Now, people feel emboldened to simply be mean,
and to constantly attack others all day on
social media, even when they know full well
if they pulled that in person they would probably
get a very real punch in the face.
Now, whole gangs of kids can easily harass
one person without leaving the comfort of
their homes, and drive them to suicide.
And it’s rather hard to properly punish
them for it.
Unless they are actually demonstrably encouraging
someone to commit suicide, that kind of intent
can be hard to prove, and punishments are
much less harsh for minors anyway, from a
legal standpoint.
The truth is that as long as the internet
exists, at least as such an unregulated entity,
it is going to be a hotbed for bullying, whether
it is just an individual or an entire group
ganging up on other kids, and it is going
to be very hard to stop.
It gives bullies a feeling of power, and it
causes the victims to feel like they never
have a place they can go to escape the pain.
Some would say just go offline, but with the
youth of today, that pretty much involves
social isolation, so it isn’t really an
effective or long term escape from the bullying.
No Matter How Bad What You Believe Is, You
Will Find Friends Online
Before the dawn of the internet, if you had
really awful ideas, such as racism, it would
be really hard to find that many people who
agreed with you that vociferously, especially
depending on where you live.
However, with the help of the internet you
can find people who will agree with any bad
idea you have.
You could believe that young boys should be
able to consent to sex like NAMBLA, the very
real organization satirized on South Park,
or that sex with animals is okay, or whatever
bad idea you can imagine.
You will find friends on the internet.
And it has gotten bad enough that you will
find people who not only think it isn’t
so bad, but will defend it (and you) to the
ends of the earth.
This allows bad ideas that were on the fringe,
and dying out, to see a sudden resurgence
in popularity, and infect an entirely new
generation with some of the same old bad ideas
and behaviors we once thought we had eliminated.
With the help of such mass communication,
it is all too easy to ensure that no bad idea
ever truly dies, and sometimes even returns
stronger than ever.
It Is No Longer A Bastion Of Free Communication,
And Its Usefulness Is Ending Quickly
Net neutrality has officially ended in the
USA, and despite efforts to curtail the inevitable,
the telecoms are winning the battle, and their
money is winning the day.
However, after all that spending, all they
really may end up doing is killing the internet
once and for all, and as such foolishly killing
their own business off like the greedy idiots
they are.
The truth is that the free enterprise and
fairness and ability of anyone to do anything
on the internet was what made it useful, despite
the double-edged sword aspects, and with that
gone it will slowly become more like a slightly
interactive form of cable television.
When the big telecoms start to control more
and more corners of the internet, and independent
and burgeoning websites begin to die off,
people will find it less and less useful,
and perhaps spend more time interacting with
each other in person for a change, or at least
reach out through telephone chatting more,
instead of just “liking” or “retweeting”
The fact of the matter is that when something
that was all about free communication becomes…
well, not that, it’s hard to expect it to
exist much longer, at least in anything close
to its current form.
It Has Almost Become “Too Big Too Fail”
and The Consequences Could Be Dire
Now, the argument by some when we talk about
moving on from the internet is that it’s
almost too integral a part of daily life,
and “too big to fail.”
However, the argument against this is the
same one many made against bailing out certain
banks after financial collapses.
The idea is that if something is too big too
fail, then we need to let it fail anyway and
fix the mess regardless of the pain, because
something that we can live without, but that
is “too big too fail,” is overall a detriment
to society that will eventually collapse on
its own.
If we control the collapse, we can at least
mitigate the damage.
However, if we wait until too late, until
the internet really starts to fall apart on
its own, the damage to our social and other
physical infrastructure is going to be much
harder to contain, as it will not really be
a “controlled dive” off of our dependency
on the internet.
However, the good news is that we have lived
without it before, and we can live without
it again.
And if we could end our dependence on the
internet, we could still be technologically
advanced and have quick communication, but
go back to a better, more thoughtful society
that spent more time on real life, personal,
meaningful interaction, and was happier and
better for it.

100 thoughts on “Is it Time to Destroy the Internet?”

  1. Finally someone confirms that NAMBLA is real and not just a hilarious bit on southpark. Been wondering for years

  2. Shouldn't the title be "Is it time to destroy Social Media?" because most of the other complaints here have to do with very specific things that do not negate any of the massive benefits the internet brings.

    I have to say this is a disappointing video, specially considering it even uses a "Think of the children!" argument to advocate destroying the internet, yet I've seen no video in this channel about something as basic as Rotherham's very real shitshow. Unless you are also going to blame something like that on the internet too. It's the same stupid argument boomers use to try and blame shootings on video games, because everyone knows no one killed another person until pong appeared right?

    PS > Oh, and let's not forget that the exact same arguments about how the internet is bad, how it spreads "bad ideas" and how it alienates people from those around them etc. were also used once upon a time to criticize printed books being freely available.

  3. I like being isolated with all my gadgets and internet. (I don't do Facebook, Insta something something, or Snap this). Most people depending on where you live are just unwelcoming and horrid individuals that make not wanting to be out in the world, other than going to work.

  4. Nope. I learned so much from the Internet. I learned to code on the internet.

    FaceBook and other social medua addiction is your fault. These are tools. You are still in control.

  5. Number six?? Hello?? Mentioning fetishism is correct, but the web is responsible for standardizing violence as well, where is that on your list?

  6. From my experience with my high school and college peers fetishes exist in people from the start. I was reading some books about psychology and the a certain crazy psychologist. Anyone who has studied psychology probably knows where this is going. My teacher told us fetishes are strange but teach you a lot about yourself. The worse you react to descriptions of fetishes leads to a better understanding of your own personal morals and uniqueness. We were told to split up into groups and find 3 fetishes in urban dictionary or wikipedia that we thought were strange, interesting, or funny. I joined 2 of my female friends in a group because they felt uncomfortable talking about the subject matter with people they didn't trust. I decided to present the "door knob" fetish in class because I thought it was hilarious and weird. *Note I don't have this fetish I just wanted to share this hilarious memory with others.
    The girls in my group (not being named for obvious reasons) decided on fujoshi fetish and masochist. I had never heard of these types of people but my mind set was everyone in class was trying to find the funniest thing to present. Boy was I wrong. That day I learned my friend was a fujoshi which translates to "rotten girl". Apparantly these girls are infatuated with gay men doing gay things. Which isn't that weird until you find out they don't stop there. They imagine males around them doing gay things to each other and use them for material in fan fictions they write. For example, they imagined the young handsome student teacher getting boned by the old janitor a few days before class.

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  12. I have been saying this for years and before I say this I will add while i try to be mindful of it am guilty of the same so not passing judgment on any single individual.

    The internet was never intended for what it is now. We have become dependent on everything being connected and that is a scary thought more so when you think about how dependent your every day life literally depends on it. I am not a fan of censorship however the inaccuracy and bias of online news sources feeds ignorance, Facebook is no longer of use as social media like many other online sources it is a greedy business that feeds you information they want you to see and believe over fact. Racism is easily accessible as online people have no face or real consequences and literally anyone can post any opinion as fact and watch it spread like wildfire.

    While I do my best to avoid sharing lies or false/partial truths and not spread ignorance what I am guilty of is having a smart phone. Like everything else connected to the web we as a species have made it not only poor sources of truth but to accessible at all times. We depend on access and have breeded children and school systems who do everything on a screen.

    We need to go back to using it as a tool and for knowledge not as the solution for everything unknown. I miss big home computers as the primary source… But let's not revert to dial up I mean I want more real human interaction but we aren't cave people.

  13. I 🥰 your speculative videos. I spent years in a 2nd hand book warehouse in recent times. It was impossible to have anyone interested in the tons of books, think end scene of Indiana Jones? I saw trends in publication. When I began climate science was one box then quickly tables of titles. Every great library on earth did go up in flame once.

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  16. Welp, it's official, "bad" ideas (i.e. ideas Simon doesn't like and doesn't agree with) are stronger than the truth.
    Thanks for clearing that up, Simon.


  17. @1:29 Exactly true. I satisfied my cravings as an information junkie by going to the college library before the internet. The internet at first was a quicker and decent substitute. Now there's too many hoops to jump through with scads of spurious info, so I go back to the library now….but I found out they got rid of the Dewey file catalogs.

  18. @8:21 Before internet, whack-jobs, degenerates and social pariahs were kept in check on a local level because they were mostly isolated.. With the internet, now they can bond and have a common voice thereby emboldening them.

  19. This truly shows the decline of the human species when temporarily shutting off Facebook causes a "huge backlash." The priorities of people nowadays are pathetic AF! I deleted Facebook years ago and even without the obvious things pointed out in this video, I think everyone else should do the same. Exactly how long are you going to allow that wanna be human who looks and acts like an Android control your lives?!? I think it would make for an interesting social experiment if the entire internet Was shut off, not just Facebook, for an unspecified amount of time, just to see what would happen. It's not like we need it to survive like water. I mean we went all the way up until the advent of the internet without it, so we know it's possible. I think it would be amazing if there was some kind of threat (so long as it turned out to be fake) that required the US to temporarily shut down the internet. It would be amazing just to see how people would react to not having it, but also it would be really interesting to see how long it would take for people to get used to not having it anymore. As sad as it would be, I feel like it might actually start some kind of war, just because we didn't have the internet. Of course this is assuming that we knew what would happen in the future and if it Was the case that it would start a war then obviously I would not want the experiment to proceed. But if it for sure wasn't going to then i definitely would like to see it happen.
    Edit: Holy crap, I didn't even consider politics. Now I for sure wasn't too see it happen. I would love to see how the political landscape changed, for the So much better, with the death of the internet. Even just ending Twitter would be such a breath of fresh air thanks to the end of Twittering by the biggest Twit of them all. Omg it's such a beautiful thought. It's bringing literal tears to my eyes just imagining it.

  20. I wouldn't be able to watch your videos and learn without the internet. It's social media that is bad, most of these are explicitly about facebook, twitter, etc. Stay anonymous, pirate anime, watch youtube. Stay safe.

  21. I like this idea, internet is mostly junk and has some that shouldn’t exist on it. but if/when we go destroy it, how will stuff like e-mail, databases and important medical, financial, and other VIP stuff could still work?

  22. Love the internet but yea it probably needs to go but I'm sure they will sling some nukes or emp weapon befor to long so yea prolly inevitable

  23. The world was better before computers, the internet and cell phones. I spent my entire career in DP -> MIS -> IMS -> IT. The one thing I would un-invent if I could, would be computers.

    Without fire, our diet would be less efficient and our brains wouldn't have developed as much. We would probably still be hunter-gathers.

    Without the lathe, we wouldn't have precision tools to provide large scale mechanization.

    Without fossil fuels, our population wouldn't have exploded because there wouldn't be expanded food production.

    We'd also have fewer plastics.

    Without nuclear bombs we would have one less method of global annihilation.

    Capitalism inevitably lead to extremely unequal distribution of resources. That was somewhat remedied by the Great Depression and especially the remedies to recover. But the wealthy learned from that experience. They are prepared for a revolution this time. They have total surveillance and a strong and willing police state. They control enough of the voting machines. Computers and the internet makes it easy to control the masses.

  24. The only problem with getting rid of the internet would be not being able to watch this and it’s sister channels 😅

  25. Social media is evolution… Yes, I am isolated when I look at pictures of peoples kids, thats the whole point, who wants to be in proximity of those horrible obnoxious germ creatures in real life?

  26. Facebook is great – there, I've said it. The only problem with facebook is the stupidity of some people who use it for negative or trivial purposes. These days every charity, every village, every interest group etc etc has its own facebook page. Only through a charity page on facebook did I learn of the incomprehensible and horrific American habit of mutilating their cats paws, the so-called declawing and lend support to getting it made illegal (as it is in most developed countries most of which have never done it anyway) or learned of the man in Aleppo, Syria who has stayed behind to rescue animals (he's recently featured in national media). Through facebook he has managed to raise funds internationally to feed the animals, employ a vet and obtain medicine. He does a lot for children too. Perhaps though, one of the most important benefits of the internet in these days of biased and propaganda spouting news channels, is being able to access the truth directly from the people.

  27. If internet is shut down for 10 seconds,the economic loses will be very big.for example,YouTube,Google search,Facebook,Twitter and many others. Employees will also lose jobs.shuting down net will have massive impact.

  28. The internet is brilliant and so much more than social media and porn. All these points are about people not coping with the internet so perhaps they should be banned and the internet should be allowed to thrive.

  29. No it's time to destroy social media. The internet was just fine when we were all anonymously known as BigDikSpartan420 & TiddyFart69, it's when we lost that anonymity when things took a turn.

  30. unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately ) the Internet is SOOO much more than just social media and believe me it ain't going nowhere

  31. Well what happens when the "legitimate" sources end up being the very ones that are lying to you? I absolutely despise politics but even I can't help but notice there seems to be a somewhat agreed upon agenda amongst most tech companies and mainstream news sources about what kind of information is "legitimate". When the power to control the flow of information is in too few hands the temptation to guide public opinion and discourse seems to be far too great for people to resist. It doesn't matter what your political inclanations may be, it should scare you to realize these facts. It may not always be the case that those in power agree with you. Voices of dissension should always be given a platform whether I agree with them or not.

  32. I don't know why, but I wish the internet never existed. I might've even been doing things outside, with friends. Now both me and my friends just sit inside, playing video games. Ah, if just the internet actually shut down for a week. Would've been pretty cool to see what it's like.

  33. I wish it would go maybe just a device you can look up certain things but people shouldn't be able to talk over it and people shouldn't be able to post there opinions on it just facts like a electronic encyclopedia

  34. I’ve totally deleted wiped my hands of the likes of Facebook, Twitter and social media. Ok to a point YouTube can be seen as social media but I’ve learnt so much about DIY which has helped me doing home projects. I have found so many interesting and funny stuff on YouTube. I do believe that the internet really needs a rethink and to be redesigned.

  35. I got rid of social media years ago due to reasons I won't post here and I can only really say I highly recommend it. As an adult your true friends shine through You look at the world around more clearly. There is a withdrawal period where you think of comment's to post to only remember there's no where to post it but in the end it's like ditching a heavy coat.

  36. Hey if you are having issues finding a partner for your weird fetish,join the Furry Fandom!! I guarantee you will find someone you love thats into your Fetish (or is ok with you having non-romantic relationship with another). NO YIFFING REQUIRED!!.

  37. #11 corrupt governments and corporations hate it because it gives people a way to share information and organize against them.

  38. Dude u just gave very legit reasons to shutdown the internet and u use the internet to make money to live on u just blanked ur self

  39. Going to the library? Yes, I do that, online. Before internet I stopped using the library, because I always forget to hand in the books in time. It was cheaper to buy books.
    I’m 66, and I know quite well how live was without internet, it is definitely way better with it.
    Oh and for serious information I google for scientific papers.

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  42. #4. If you would punch them for saying it to your face, you should have no problem punching them the next time you see them for posting it.

  43. Hmm – ok Simon — say we shut down the Internet tomorrow. You'd be out of a very profitable job, have you considered that?

  44. What about job search? Pretty much all big employers nowadays recruit solely online – either via Recruitment Agencies, or via their own web-based recruitment platforms.

    The loss of the internet will just make the task of finding employment even more difficult than it is now – this is especially so for people who have extra barriers towards being accepted by employers: people with disabilities or other "protected characteristics"; people with criminal records; people coming close to retirement; people with skills that are no longer in demand.

    They days of employers accepting speculative applications and retaining CVs/Resumes on file are pretty much gone – very few employers do that nowadays. So the most effective method of finding employment will be via Recruitment Agencies – despite the cost of Commission to employers – which can be very much "hit-and-miss" for the job seeker, due to the Agencies' own prejudices.

    Employers could also go back to recruiting via the Job Centre (which have nowadays pretty much given up on securing jobs); or via newspaper adverts or job boards outside their own buildings.

  45. Great question, the problem with the internet is. To much information for to little of mind. You have to 16 to drive,18 to vote and 21 to drink. But you can be 2/any age to get on line. Sad that all I can say.

  46. No internet. No Simon, no Dave, no Shell???? How would we get Top tenz, TIFO, Highlight history, and Biografics??? I mean you guys can do Blu-ray right??? You could just mail those out daily right??? HOW WOULD I GET MY DAILY FIX!!!! This is an apocalypse you speak of!

    Edit: On a serious note I agree with several of these points. The people that self diagnose their “problems” have become a source of uncontrollable out lash from me. (Just a disgusted face or eye roll) I usually end these conversations quickly or ask if they have talked to a professional.

  47. One of the main reasons to why bad ideas are on the rise, is because of internet censorship . If you censor a flat earth conspiracy theorist, he will just more to the darker side of the internet were people share his same bad ideas and it will go unchallenged by the rest of the world. This may even lead them to adopting more radical ideas as the human heart lens too the extremes.

  48. I don't need it personally. I currently need it for my business, but we could go back to non-internet operations in about one operating cycle. Bring it down.

  49. 4. Point – Cyberbullying
    Im 17 atm and im quite "lonely" irl and not the most likeable person. Despite that i dont get bullied irl and not online eather. I also dont know enyone who gets bullied there. When people do get bullyed tho and go toward suicide its kinda their own fault as well as they can help rlly easily from online and irl if they just talk about the matters. Also there's a reason behind bullying and it wont stop after the demise of the internet. It would likely just get more fiscal.
    Its just my opinion pls dont take offence.

  50. I, for one, would miss the TopTenz lists if we shuttered the Internet…although, perhaps you could just snail mail the lists to followers or even take on a world tour

  51. Though you touched on most of the issues I have with the internet, there's one you missed (probably more, but the following is something I've dealt with frequently): searching for anything online is like seeking a single unique needle in a haystack full of needles that are similar but not quite the one you want. Instead you get bombarded by ads that claim to give you what you want but are really just click bait for more ads, thereby leading you farther away from the thing you are seeking.

  52. I wish there was no Internet or cell phones anymore… Even for a brief time period, Imagine no social media! Just saying that would be great! I think I was born in the wrong decade, I should have probably been alive during the 1940s….. I wonder if that's a thing you could make a video about? people feeling like they were born in the wrong decade .

  53. The internet as a whole is useful beyond comprehension, what needs to be destroyed is corporate influence on it. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, and I dare say even Google need to be stopped. The amount of information they collect and possess about people is terrifying. The internet should be a place of communication, information and entertainment, not a tool by giant corporate conglomerates or the government to find out better and better ways to track you or fill your screens with useless ads and notifications.

  54. I'm watching while on a road trip with my family.

    My great granny is telling us about the depression, but I've already seen the TopTenz video on that.

  55. Big telecom really is not too bright. They fight to control the internet and in the process kill off their host body. They really are just like cancer, killing off what keeps it alive.

  56. Who's to say what damage social media has already done and will do by 2029 – 25 years after it emerged (regarding facebook as the first strong player in 2004).

    We've also got the issue of 'the machines' becoming self-aware in 2029 and they might not opt to murder us where we stand but control us via our access to the internet hahaha!

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